Our Tuesdays Travels Band is Cocaine Cowboys from PERU and they are going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

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We return with our Tuesdays Travels where we highlight a band from another country. Tonight we travel all the way to South America to a town where I visited back in 1983 with my parents; Lima, Peru. I am sure when people think of Peru, they think of Machu Picchu or the great food (particularly my famous Causa or Papa a la Huancaina), and not ROCK n ROLL. But Peru has a great history rich in culture/music and if you haven’t read it yet, check out my article, Punk Rock Originated in Peru with Los Saicos in 1964.  Yes, I am proud to say that I am 100% Peruvian so this is quite an honor to find a band that I completely ROCKS and is from the hometown of my parents. I am talking about the bad ass rockers, Cocaine Cowboys.


Cocaine Cowboys is a hard rock band from Lima, Peru that bring to life my love for straight up ROCK n ROLL. They have fierce guitars, gritty powerful vocals and a style that screams Rock! Check out their video here for their song, Leave Me Alone and get hooked:

I just love those vocals, they are almost a blend of Tom Keifer and Sebastian Bach. Love them! The guitars have this dirty, raw edge vibrato similar to a Velvet Revolver style. The spot on precision drumming comes in and set the even tone without being overbearing which can happen so much with today’s music. I am really looking forward to check out more of their music. They are currently working on their debut album.

Band Members:

  • Vitucho – Vocals
  • Diego Daga – Guitar
  • Miki Tay – Guitar
  • Kike Ilave – Bass
  • Carlos Llontop – Drums

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. I will see if I can bring you an interview with these bad ass rockers!

~ Marisol

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