Check out Nine Volt Heart for some new aggressive pop punk to start your day off right!

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Band, Entertainment, Indie Pop, Indie Punk, music, New Music, New Release, Pop, Pop Punk, Punk
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Photo Credit: Hamish Irvine

Photo Credit: Hamish Irvine

I have a great band to tell you about for some energetic aggressive pop punk that will get you pumped up and ready to start your day off right. I am talking about Nine Volt Heart from the UK. Nine Volt Heart is Mikey Lord on vocals/guitar, Paul Norfolk on guitar, Ed Truby on bass and Alex Sheldon on drums. These four bring together a fresh new take on punk infused with some melodic pop rock styles.  The perfect combo to get you moving.

Nine Volt Heart currently has their new album, The Miracle Kids out now. You can pick up the 12 track album on their bandcamp page here. You will love it since it features a variety of tracks from the amped up pop punk anthem of the title track, The Miracle Kids to the emotionally driven song of breathe? to the kick ass track of Teenage Fantasy and everything in between. They really remind me of another young pop punk band that I fell in love with many,many years ago; Material Issue. Check out a cool video for one of my favorite songs, The 45_Slow here:


Make sure to check them out on their social media sites and we will see if we can bring you an interview with these fresh young musicians who are definitely making a name for themselves.

~ Marisol

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