Check out Diamond Lane for some Modern Heavy Metal that ROCKS!

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Bands, Concerts, Entertainment, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Los Angeles, music, New Music, New Release, rock
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Diamond Lane

I love all styles of music but sometimes something new comes along and I just have to secretly scream inside because I am truly excited! That is exactly what happened when I found, or should I say, they found me, with Diamond Lane. Diamond Lane is a bad ass band from Los Angeles and you can describe them as a blend of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock with a modernized style. Diamond Lane is 

  • Brandon Baumann – Lead Vocals
  • Jarret Reis -Lead Guitar
  • Ray Zhang – Lead Bass
  • Frankie Lindia – Lead Guitar Dos
  • Dave Vandigitty –  Lead Drums


They have a new full length album coming out called Terrorizer set to release in May and it is fierce from start to finish! You are going to LOVE THIS! The first song I played was The Enemy and it just came in strong and full of energy. Brandon’s vocals remind me of early Sebastian Bach amid blazing guitars that feed your need for shred and riffs, and top it off with sweet basslines. The precision drumming is prominent without being overbearing, just the perfect amount of everything to come together and deliver their Hard Rock Edge.

The album continues on with smoking song after song. It is hard to pick a standout one since they each are just as incredible. Kiss the Ring highlights Dave’s drumming on the intro and then takes you into a cool backing vocal chant that will have you with your fist in the air, then you get a steamy guitar solo. Definitely one of my favorites!

Hopeless Romantic teases you with a ballad intro and then raises the bar into heavy Alice in Chains vibe and powerful vocals grab a hold of you, then you are fully engulfed into a guitar frenzy of shred and riffs once again. It is magnificently done. The last song is Drift and it is the perfect ending to this musical treasure. It is as if you are saying goodbye to your good friend after an incredible night of partying and you each take your different paths to maybe once meet again. You trek off on into that journey and just as you are slowly walking away, you get that rush, or flood of intensity to remind you. It picks right back up and is the ideal closure to the album.

This album is going to be a must have and is set to release on May 10th. If you are in the Southern California area, I hope you join us as we head down for their CD Release Show at The Troubadour. You will be able to pick up your new copy of “Terrorizer” and then you can crank it up loud! Set to also play that evening are some of our other favorite bands like Delta Rose, Love and a .38 and Bad Romantics. Definitely a night of KILLER MUSIC and one NOT TO MISS! We will see if we can bring you an interview with Diamond Lane and of course a full recap of the show.

So make sure to visit Diamond Lane on their social media sites and mark May 10th on your calendar! I will leave you with a couple videos from Diamond Lane‘s Saphire EP.

~ Marisol

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