Halestorm coming to San Francisco!

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It is a great day today! I got my tickets to see one of my favorite bands, Halestorm at one of my favorite venues in San Francisco, Slim’s!! I just found out that Halestorm is returning to the San Francisco Bay Area. I am so glad because I have been trying to see Halestorm live for a few years now. First I was supposed to see them in SoCal and my trip got cancelled then they were coming to the Bay Area last year and that show got cancelled.

The funny thing is that I have had the great opportunity of meeting them several times at other shows.  They are an awesome bunch of individuals! The first being when they played with Corey Taylor at his Las Vegas Hard Rock Show in 2010 and then again at his 2011 show. Then they came to San Francisco and I ended up in Las Vegas covering another show!! I was so mad.  We got to meet them again at the NAMM 2011 and NAMM 2012 shows and also at the Revolver Golden Gods 2012 Awards.  The one thing I have been waiting for so long is to see them all live in concert. Well my wish has come true. They are headlining at Slim’s on November 16th, 2012 and even better two of my other favorite bands are opening for them.

First you have “Eve to Adam”  which is a great in your face rock band that I got to see open up for Creed earlier this year. I love them and these guys know how to rock  any place.  These guys  hail from New York City and will bring great rock and roll back to life with this hard rock/metal crowd. They are sure to please with fan favorites like ‘Run Your Mouth” and ‘Reach”.  They will have you singing along in no time and will have your adrenaline flowing.

After them, you are hit square in the eyes with the great heavy thrash rock metal band, “In this Moment” . These guys  plus the incredible Maria Brink give it to you like you need it; raw and in your face. The fiery vocals of Maria bring out all your deepest energy that comes with a side of deep pounding double bass with some awesome dirty guitar work drenched in some Nine Inch Nails synth work. It is a work of art that will bring your taste buds to life.

Then be prepared to be have your ears treated to the piece de resistance…. Aka Halestorm….. Their music is like ear porn. It is too good to be true, and you almost feel guilty for listening to it! But it is no fantasy… They are the real deal when it comes to satisfying your need for awesome rock and roll with a great metal edge to it. The incredibly hot “Lzzy Hale” lead singer just graced the cover of  ‘Revolver” Magazine as the #1 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock. Well not only is that true, she has the voice that will kick your ass and have you coming back for more. Yes, she delivers it all along with her brother Arejay Hale on drums who is like the energizer bunny that has become a drumming animal and has you wanting more and more!

Then you have Joe Hottinger on guitars who is a shredding madman on the Gibson as well as other axes. Joe is smiling as he delivers the Joe-Tee power! You will fall in love with the Joe Tee Power!  Josh Smith brings it all home with providing the incredible bass lines on their songs and backing vocals.

So if you have not gotten your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?? You don’t want to be searching on Craigslist for them do you?? So go here and get your tickets and I will see you there for this incredible concert!

For now I leave you to enjoy Lzzy Hale with the great Corey Taylor and along with Arejay Hale on drums, Christian Martucci on guitar and Jason Christopher on bass which we saw in Las Vegas. Enjoy you StormHeads!!! Also included are photos from some of our meet and greets.  Make sure to get their latest album ” The Strange Case of...” It will rock you hard and heavy! Also I have included the video for their latest single, “I Miss the Misery” which I love!!!


~ Enjoy Marisol

More Halestorm info!

Halestorm Facebook:     www.facebook.com/halestormrocks

Halestorm Website:  www.halestormrocks.com

Halestorm Twitter:   www.twitter.com/halestorm

Eve To Adam facebook:  www.facebook.com/evetoadam

In This Moment Facebook:  www.facebook.com/officialinthismoment

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