The Relapse Symphony set to release Acoustic Version of Shadows, Pre-Order Now!

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2014 is definitely the year for The Relapse Symphony! They not only put out what I believe is one of the top albums of the year, did some extensive non-stop touring but now are going to be releasing what could be another top album! They are going to be releasing an acoustic version of their album, Shadows titled Shadows The Acoustic Sessions.  The LP is set for release on December 16th through Standby Records and they have just launched the pre-order. Head over to and get your order in. Make sure to pick up extra copies so you can give them to your friends for the holidays!

I listened to the album and I have to tell you….. WOW, It is just as amazing as their original and with the acoustic atmosphere, it brings to life so much emotion. Bret’s vocals are spot on spectacular and the backing vocals from the band is superb. Unbelievable and what a great group of talented young musicians. I can’t wait for you to hear it, so get your orders in!

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Guitarist J.C. Charles says, “After releasing SHADOWS in July and touring it all Summer, we really began to appreciate the songs in a raw, live setting. We wanted to challenge ourselves to strip the album down completely and go in and do the whole thing acoustic. We are so used to recording in fancy studios with producers and a lot of complicated arrangements, and it felt good to do away with all of that and just do these songs live and acoustic. This acoustic album feels like a good transition from SHADOWS to our next record, which is sure to be much less produced and more raw and aggressive.

I will leave you with a couple of their videos,  “One More Yesterday” & “Savage Eyes” These are easily two of our favorite songs from the album Shadows. The video for Savage Eyes has a mysterious old time horror film vibe, which really fits the song well. One More Yesterday delivers a cinematic portrayal of a funeral for Bret and was inspired by J.C.’s concept. It includes cameo appearances from members of Burn Halo, Dead Rabbitts and more.  Check them both out below

“One More Yesterday” :

“Savage Eyes” :

If you don’t already have it, make sure to also pick up the original album, Shadows on  iTunes here.  Make sure to check our full album review here. Need more of The Relapse Symphony? Check out the photos from their set in San Francisco on the Shapeshiftour.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news and tour updates. I will leave you with an interview we did when The Relapse Symphony made there stop in San Francisco for the Shapeshiftour.

~ Marisol


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