Andy Biersack premieres new song from his Andy Black side project

Posted: May 19, 2014 in music
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Photo by Paul Harries

Photo by Paul Harries

Black Veil Brides are in the midst of working on their new album and fans are excited to hear the new music! Frontman and Founder of BVB, Andy Biersack has announced a new side project.  We do know that Andy has a strong passion for a variety of music styles and genres, we saw him rocking out to Danzig at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards last year and enjoyed his narration on William Control’s Revelator, we know of his strong love for KISS as he dressed up in KISS makeup to watch their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


We recently shared with you the news about Andy’s side project and here is what Andy said about it on his Instagram post:

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you guys something that I have been working on and that I am very excited about releasing! I have always been interested in a broad spectrum of music and though the music that BVB makes is certainly my favorite stylistically, I am also heavily influenced by the dark melodic synth laden styles of bands from the 80’s such as Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Lords of the New Church etc. Over the last year or so I decided in my down town that it might be fun to take a stab at writing some material that is more in the “dark wave” vein simply for fun and as a hobby. I have now written almost a complete albums worth of material…some on my own and some in collaboration with friends and other artists but all of which I am very proud of and excited about. This project is not a band, BVB is my life and biggest passion and there is no reason to fear that I will lose sight of that. #bvb4 is coming along better than anything we’ve ever done and it is my number 1 priority. Please consider this new project to be a fun and artistic way for me to try something that musically I wouldn’t want to force into BVB etc. I am calling this project #ANDYBLACKas to me it represents an alter ego and I felt that it was important to differentiate this as a side project while still maintaining a connection to BVB by using the “BLACK” moniker. As far as my plans for the project we will be releasing a music video soon and may release more online over a long period but again BVB is my main focus, this is just something I had a lot of fun doing and I hope you will enjoy it too! If you’d like to read my first full interview regarding #ANDYBLACK please pick up this weeks issue of KERRANG! Magazine!! Photo by: Paul Harries


Andy premiered his new song, “They Don’t Need To Understand” today. Check it out  here:


I really like the song and it has such emotionally driven lyrics wrapped in an alternative style similar to a 30 STM or my fave 90’s bands in which alternative and electronic were used to compliment the emotions of the songs not overpower it as in some EDM of today. I think Andy really find the perfect balance and his vocals are heartfelt and captivating. I really look forward to what Andy Black has in store for us! I think he will definitely have a whole new side of fans following his work.  We look forward to getting to know this alter ego of Andy! So stay tuned for more Andy Black.

~ Marisol

  1. Debbie says:

    Really enjoyed the new song! Wtg, Andy!

  2. I’m so proud of him!! and love the song so much!! I love the fact that it’s not even comparable to BVB

  3. I like the lyrics and vocals especially. But to be completely honest it pretty obvious that his time with william control has rubbed off on him. Most notably in his new found style of clothing and hair almost to the point of biting. So love the music but needs to find his own unique style for himself.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you look at how he dressed as a younger ‘goth’ or rocker he dressed a lot of how he is now with a more adult way about him. This is his own style. Just because someone likes all black doesn’t mean they are emo. Just because he is wearing suits doesn’t mean William Control is rubbing off on him. And in the interview he says ‘ he enjoys dressing up for the songs and videos.’ It doesn’t mean that is his permanent style. Just as if someone called you emo/goth/scene for liking BVB or any other bands you like. Or for calling someone a swagfag if they like 1D or are a belieber.

  4. Andy girl says:

    I love you forever Andy ❤

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