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I am so excited to announce the new band, Budderside from one of our favorite vocalists, Patrick Stone. Patrick caught our eye when we saw him perform with Steven Adler’s Adlers Appetite at The Red Devil Lounge in SF a couple years back. He really grabbed our attention with his powerful vocals and a stage presence that made him the ideal frontman.

His new band, Budderside will feature Patrick Stone,  Rich Sacco, and Michael Stone. It is still in the early stages but check out the video teaser which will get you ready to rock! I can’t wait to hear more and one thing is for sure, it is going to fuckin ROCK!

So make sure to visit his Facebook page so you can stay up to date on the latest Budderside news. I am hoping their will be some shows coming up here to Northern California soon!

~ Marisol



A Skylit Drive have just released a new lyric video for their song, Shadows which is off their upcoming album, Rise: Ascension which will feature acoustic re-invention of their critically acclaimed album, Rise. The album is set to release on January 6th through Tragic Hero Records. Check out the lyric video here:

You can pre-order the album and receive an instant download of the first single “Pendulum.” For the new record, the band enlisted platinum producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Something Corporate, The Rocket Summer) who worked with the band on the pre-production of Rise. The album is a complete re-work of their shows which featuring piano, cello, bass, and other assorted instruments.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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New Years Day have just released their new 5 song EP titled EPIDEMIC. The EP was released yesterday and really displays the great musicianship of this band and how they have evolved through their sound. They really bring out the passion in their songs as well as when they perform live. This is a band that speaks volumes of truth in their music and give you a good dose of hard ROCK at the same time. Check out their newly released music video for Defame Me which is off their new EP.

I absolutely love it and can’t wait to see them when they come to San Francisco next month to perform with The Birthday Massacre on a North American tour. Check the dates below and see if they are coming to a venue near you:

  • NOV 19 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
  • NOV 21 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
  • NOV 22 San Antonio, TX – The Korova
  • NOV 23 Dallas, TX – GMBM
  • NOV 26 Scottsdale, AZ – Electric Ballroom
  • NOV 27 Las Vegas, NV – Vinyl
  • NOV 29 Pomona, CA – The Glass House
  • NOV 30 West Hollywood, CA – The Roxy
  • DEC 02 San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
  • DEC 03 Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades
  • DEC 05 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
  • DEC 06 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
  • DEC 09 Salt Lake City, UT – Murray Theatre
  • DEC 10 Denver, CO – Bluebird Theatre
  • DEC  13 Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock Social Club
  • DEC 14 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
  • DEC 16 Cleveland, OH – The Agora Ballroom
  • DEC 17 Pontiac, MI – The Crofoot Ballroom
  • DEC 18 Toronto, CAN – Mod Club Theatre

We loved it when they came to Slim’s in San Francisco on the We Love Tour featuring Combichrist and William Control. They delivered a high energy intense set that had the crowd in awe. I think they set a record for crowd surfing during a set at Slim’s which rarely tolerates. It was probably the most energetic crowd that I have witnessed at their performances, full on mosh pit, crowd participation and infectious passion raging through the crowd. Check out the slideshow of photographs by our Rockin Ryan from their SF show:

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I will leave you with a couple tribute videos by Rockin Ryan for Death of The Party  and Angel Eyes which includes photos and footage of their Sacramento set:

Make sure you head over to Itunes to pick up EPIDEMIC and crank it up loud!  Also, make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news from them.

~ Marisol

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The all-female rock/metal band, Crucified Barbara from Sweden have been quite busy. They have collaborated with Heavy Metale Brewery AB,to launch the band’s own beer. The first one is a cocky and loud Red Ale, inspired by the band’s new and acclaimed album In the Red. The beer will be available early next year in Sweden’s Systembolagen.  “A really fun collaboration,” said Per Johansson, master brewer at Heavy Metale. “I, together with Ida Evileye, who is the beerqueen in the band, discussed beer back and forth. We were inside the Bitter and Brown Ale, but felt for a Red Ale. Red Ale reminiscent of both the bitter and Brown Ale. It allows the malt to take up more space and reduces the amount of hops which gives a comfortable, slightly dry and karamellig character with a hint of bitterness to rounding.

We have longed for to make a really good beer, and now we got that opportunity in the collaboration with Heavy Metale,” said Crucified Barbara. “We have had the idea and the vision to create a ‘drink friendly’ and especially good beer for everyone and everything. Just like our music!


In addition to releasing their new beer, they have released a new single, The Ghost Inside which is off their latest album, In The Red. Check out what they have to say about the song:

“‘The Ghost Inside’ is one of our favorite songs on the new album,” said guitarist/vocalist, Mia Coldheart. “Not just because it is fun to play, but also because it is about something that most people at some time wrestle with – the inner voice that says you are not good enough or fit in. The community is flooded with messages screaming at us that we must be good looking, skinny, rich and popular to be happy. And many times it is unfortunately one’s own inner voice that ultimately confirms all that, and pushes away the last bit into the darkness. The text was written as a pep [talk] to those in touch and tell us that our songs have helped them through tough periods in their lives, but I’ve subsequently realized that I wrote this as much for myself.”

You can check out the song by heading over to Spotify here:

We had the chance to catch Crucified Barbara when they came to San Francisco with CrashDiet and performed at the DNA Lounge. What an awesome show they put on with intense energy from start to finish. We look forward to their return.  Check out their video for their song,  I Sell My Kids for Rock n Roll. 



Crucified Barbara is:

  • Mia Coldheart – Vocals, guitar
  • Ida Evileye – Bass
  • Klara Force – Guitar, backing vocals
  • Nicki Wicked – Drums, backing vocals

You can pick up their album, In The Red on iTunes here. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Photos from Crucified Barbara set at DNA Lounge in SF March 2013:

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A Skylit Drive have announced pre-order for their new album, Rise: Ascension which will feature acoustic re-invention of their critically acclaimed album, Rise. The album is set to release on January 6th through Tragic Hero Records. Check out a stream of their song Pendulum which is on the upcoming album:

Today, you can pre-order the album and receive an instant download of the first single “Pendulum.” For the new record, the band enlisted platinum producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Something Corporate, The Rocket Summer) who worked with the band on the pre-production of Rise. They didn’t simply plug in acoustic guitars and record coffee shop versions of the songs however; they instead re-worked the pieces into standalone compositions featuring piano, cello, bass, and other assorted instruments.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Matt Nathanson recently made a trip to Peru with the Starkey Hearing Foundation on a mission to fit people with free hearing aids. As Matt says,

” i’ve been trying to write a short piece
about my experience for weeks now.
it’s been really hard. words kinda fail it.
if i didn’t have my hearing, i wouldn’t have music.
and if i didn’t have music, i definitely wouldn’t have
survived my childhood. listening to albums and
seeing bands and being connected to songs was
EVERYTHING to me. it still is. it makes me feel not
alone. it helps me transcend my broken brain.
in fact, the only reason i play music is because i
love it so much. i couldn’t stay on the sidelines,
i HAVE to be a part of it.


Going to peru was super heavy.
the people were incredible.
to be in service to them, to assist in
connecting them to their kids laughter,
to their parents voices, to MUSIC!…
it was completely humbling.
and overwhelming.
i felt love and gratitude towards other human
beings on a level i’ve never experienced.

see? it’s really hard to put into words…
so i’m glad we shot footage and made a video while
we were there. it does a WAY better job explaining
than i ever could.” 

Matt released a video for his song, Headphones featuring LoLo and it includes the footage from his trip to Peru. As you may not know, I am 100% Peruvian so it really is great to see the wonderful work that he and the Starkey Hearing Foundation has done. 100% of artist and label proceeds from this video are being donated to Starkey Hearing Foundation. For more information on how you can help, go to

Download the song on iTunes Amazon on Spotify

Check out the video here:


What an amazingly inspirational video and truly heartwarming! Matt is currently in London working on the next record and we truly can’t wait for it. Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on his latest news.

~ Enjoy, Marisol

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We Are Harlot made their live debut this summer at Rock on the Range and followed up with another kick ass set at Rocklahoma. Did you know that they even set a record for attendance at a band’s first show? Yup, these guys are making history and deservedly so. After playing a show in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel with The Pretty Reckless, it was finally our turn to check out We are Harlot live at Aftershock Festival 2014. Thousands of fans were there as their Harlot cherry was popped with an unforgettable killer set by We Are Harlot.

This is a band with years in the making and they have created such a buzz over the past year as everyone is anticipation of their debut album. Earlier this summer, they released their first single, DENIAL and the Harlot frenzy began. The downloads topped over 100,000 downloads in probably the first week, everyone was talking about, it hit the radio and you knew, that nothing could stop the We Are Harlot world domination of rock n roll.

Everybody has been waiting for an update from We Are Harlot and our Rockin Ryan had the chance to get some new details from guitarist Jeff George.

* * * * * * * *

Ryan: You guys KICKED ASS in Sacramento, blazed through 107 temp and took over Aftershock. How was the show for you guys?

Jeff: Hey Ryan,  Thanks so much man! Ya it was ultra hot that day – I believe it was 109 when we walked out onto the stage. The show was an interesting one to say the least..

 As you know the night before I really messed up my knee.. and of course the heat index made it difficult for everyone from the crew to the stage hands right on down to the fans   themselves. I mean at least the band and our gear were covered.. but there was just no getting away from the sun out in that crowd. I really have to give it up to the 20,000 die   hard rockers that stuck it out in the sun. It was strange seeing like 50 rows of fans and then a gigantic football field box of people or a gigantic mosh pit with no one in it lined up around the entire field as they were hanging in the tree lines to get some shade haha. But the rock goes on always.. and hey.. rock n roll is supposed to be dirty and sweaty anyways right? But all in all we had a blast as always!

Ryan: Jeff, we can’t believe that you were injured with a blown knee during your set because you never showed it. You rocked that stage. How is it going with your recovery of your knee and will you ever tell us how did this happen?

Jeff:  Ohh man.. thanks again. Alright.. well this is pretty wild. The night before the show.. around 11pm sat night.. Danny Worsnop and Myself were getting ready in the hotel room to go out and have a few drinks.. and as you know.. we don’t really like to party all that much.. but we decided fuck it.. It’s Aftershock weekend.. We just did 8 hours straight of press.. why not. We had some Def Leppard jamming and I turned to head out of the bathroom into the main room, and I heard a sound like a gunshot go off… and then down I went.

I knew something wasn’t right.. as I could feel the pain and my knee cap kept slipping out of place.. but as always Danny served up a couple quick shots and next thing you know were down at the bar. Well.. come about 3am .. and it was a far different story.. it had ballooned up to 3 times the size of my other knee and was crazy painful.. so I started icing it with my tech Allen and then my manager Rick Sales came down and said I needed to go to the venue hospital asap. So.. no sleep at all Sat night before the show on Sunday either.

When I arrived at the hospital at the venue the doctor basically wrapped it and said that I needed to go see a knee specialist as soon as possible. That’s when I knew I was in trouble. Now this is literally an hour before showtime. But.. what do you do?? Rock doesn’t stop for anything.. and the funny part about it is as soon as we hit the stage.. It was showtime. There wasn’t time to think about my knee.. I owe it to the fans that paid hard earned money.. to get the best show possible. And you can’t let your bandmates down ever. So adrenalin took over and it was on.. funny cause you hear about kids lifting cars to save their trapped parents that are under the wheels or something.. adrenalin is no joke.. that stuff is full real haha.

So next day I go straight to the knee specialist and then into immediate surgery. I thought I had sprained it bad or something similar.. NOPE.. Tore my meniscus.. Tore my ACL.. and Tore my MCL.. Unbelievable. See.. Def Leppard is no joke either!

But .. My surgeon Dr. Neil Ghodadra.. is an absolute badass! I walked out of the surgery on my own two feet.. have been kicking Physical Therapy’s ass everyday for 2 hours, and I walked 5 miles today! I’m in week 5 out of 20 of recovery already and will be back in fighting form in no time! I owe that dude everything.. he really saved my knee!



Ryan:  Do you have any updates on the album that you would like to share?


And guess what else….? It’s a fucking god damn MONSTER of an album. I’m super proud of it and the performances by Danny, Bruno and Brian. As you know this was like the 3rd time we have recorded this damn thing.. and each time you record it, it gets harder and harder to keep the enthusiasm and excitement that you had on the original demo’s. But we went through a ton of shit to get this band all sorted, and finally have a home on the best record label on the planet Roadrunner/Atlantic records, The best management team on the planet RSE, and to have that record finally off our backs. And it’s only a little time now till everyone on the planet gets it as well.. lord knows they deserve it as they have waited for so long just like we have. Hey… good lyric!

Trust me.. we are already writing and thinking for the 3rd album as I type this!!!  You got to hear a tiny 20 sec clip today as well Ryan… what did you think?

Ryan: I heard the clip and was blown away. I need to tell all the fans, YES, IT IS WORTH THE WAIT! Incredible guitar shredding, powerful vocals and everybody better hold on tight… We Are Harlot are taking them on  a sweet Rock n Roll ride! The fans at Aftershock were treated to your badass song, One more night. Could you tell us the inspiration behind that song?

Jeff: This is a great question and actually has a pretty cool answer. This song was actually a last second song that we needed to have done in 8 hours total for the first time we recorded the album. Myself, Danny and Bruno were all living in the Le Montrose hotel and we did the song top to bottom in that hotel room in 8 hours. Danny couldn’t get out the door fast enough as he was literally getting dressed and singing the last lines of the song at the same time so he could get out the door and go drink at the Rainbow haha.


Trust me. we have pictures of ALL of this stuff that will be coming out very soon as well. But like many other songs that were done super fast.. Paranoid by Sabbath, Rock n Roll all night by Kiss.. ect ect. Sometimes those are the one’s that just work. It’s a straight ahead rock song.. but it has some qualities to it that can only come from this band. One of those is the feel of the heavy parts.. With Bruno being Brazillian.. the way he felt those parts was amazing.. cause I would have never felt them like that.. and those are my favorite parts of that song.. just that feel alone. I cannot wait to play that track on it’s home turf inRio~! And Danny.. he sounds Like Lemmy meets Ozzy on it.. and only he can do that shit. It’s just a really cool song that thankfully resonants with everyone else. When we play it live.. immediately the pits and the crowd surfing erupts.. thats the answer right there.

We have been playing it last each night.. but it was originally intended to start off the show.. the main line in the song is “Lets start the show”. Who knows.. maybe it will start off the album itself …. See ya soon brother.. and thanks again to all our amazing fans out there.. we love you!

* * * * * * * *

With the news of the album completion, I hope now everyone is ready for the new music and ready to catch We Are Harlot as they tour next year. Here are photos from our Rockin Ryan of their set:


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In case you missed it, check out our interview with the band at Aftershock:

So stay tuned and be a little more patient for new music from We Are Harlot. I can promise you, it will all be worth it! If you don’t already have it, pick up their new single or should I say, your favorite song, DENIAL here on  iTunes.

In case you missed our We Are Harlot coverage, check out our previous posts:

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol  

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