Don’t Miss live music by ToddsPlanet and comedy by J. Chris Newburg at “InTAXication on April 15th!

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What better way to celebrate tax day than with a night of Live music and Comedy in North Hollywood for “InTAXication”. The fun evening with comedy by J. Chris Newburg and the live music by the spectacular TODDSPLANET. If you are not familiar with TODDSPLANET check out our previous write ups on this great band that is sure to deliver a night of fun!

Recent Posts: Check out the incredible cover by Todd Morse and TODDSPLANET   and  Interview with Todd Morse and find out more about TODDSPLANET. 

“InTAXication”will be held at Federal Bar in North Hollywood, CA and will take place on April 15th starting at 8 p.m. You can get in free by sending your RSVP to    Definitely prepare yourself for a night of full of fine entertainment. TODDSPLANET is the project of Todd Morse. You might know Todd from H20 as well as touring with The Offspring but I want you to get to know more about Todd and his new project, TODDSPLANET.  Check out this amazing cover that TODDSPLANET made of an AC/DC classic, they recorded the song at DPS Studios and it was produced by MA3 Productions.



You don’t want to miss Todd as he performs with TODDSPLANET. We asked him in our interview last year how was he able to fit his project in with being so busy with the The Offspring and H2O and he replied, “Music doesn’t stop for me when I’m off the road. I get depressed if I go too long without playing live. I came to realize I’m not the guy that can sit in front of a computer screen recording all day. I need to put music in the air and watch how it vibrates people.”

So make sure to head out to the Federal Bar on April 15th and get a chance to experience the magic which is a live set by TODDSPLANET. I was hoping we could get down there for this show since it promises to be a great one. Send your RSVP to

~ Marisol

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