Countdown of 14 Bands That Will Rule 2014, #5 goes to Tempting Fate

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Tempting Fate

Here we are in the Countdown with the Top 5 Bands that will rule 2014!  Number 5 spot goes to Tempting Fate. Hailing from Los Angeles, California is American Metal band Tempting Fate and was formed in 2009 by brothers Shane and Cory Beecher. Tempting Fate has Cory Beecher on Vocals, Shane Beecher on Guitars and Electronics, Matt Campbell on Bass and Austin SinClaire on Drums.

Tempting Fate have literally created their own style, they call Dub-Metal with their last EP, Hate Nation but be prepared they are taking a bit heavier direction with their new album. It is going to KICK ASS!  Listening to their music, you really appreciate their creativity in developing their unique sound. You can get a feel for their Dub-Metal style with their last EP, Hate Nation that is available on Itunes here.

We are anxiously awaiting their new album and  Shane tells us more about it,

“We wanted to make an album that we wanted to listen to. You always hear about bands making an album for the fans, which is really cool, but that’s not what we were going for with this album. The new music is heavy, really heavy, both musically and vocally. We wanted to do something that was brutal, yet melodic; something that had a meaning and made a statement. I’m sure our existing fans will listen to the new music and think “Is this the same band? Did they get a new singer?” Well nothing has changed except our ideas and the direction we want to go in. We’re really stoked to release this album and confident that everyone is going to love it! We are planning on releasing the album in early 2014 but we’ve got a lot of things to get done before that happens. We will be releasing one song off the album along with a lyric video in January, but have no fear because the album is finished and ready to go…and now we all play the waiting game!”

So now we can all look forward to January. I am excited to see what these young talented musicians have in store for us as they follow their path and watch their ideas and direction come to fruition. We asked Shane more about what can we expect from the new album and Shane explained,

“For the new album you can expect heaviness. Super low tuned guitar, simplified yet brutal drumming, and screaming, lots of screaming, but not the pinch my balls I’m dying kind of whining screaming, I’m talking about brutal low screams, intense in your face high screams and overall brutality. This album is mainly guitar and vocal driven. Musically this album kicks ass and has something in there for all sorts of musicians. We didn’t let go of our electronic influences either, they’re still there, it’s just much more subtle and not overplayed. After everything was recorded, we then had the privilege of working with Steven Bradley from IWRESTLEDABEARONCE. We sent him the album for mastering and let him work his magic, which made it HUGE! We’re really confident everyone is going to love the new sound. It’s leaner, it’s meaner, and it’s in your face with an all new attitude.”

Check out their video for their song 99 which is the first single off their new album:


These guys definitely  have the energy, talent and determination to make 2014 their best year yet. They have a very loyal fan base and it is time that everyone gets to hear them. I believe with their album release and playing shows in support of their album, they will rule 2014.

Shane shares with us his thoughts on 2014, “Well our goal for 2014 is to get this new album in as many hands as possible. We plan on touring, selling lots of merchandise and overall blowing up. This is our year! We’ve had a lot of moments where we felt like “this is it, we’re finally getting somewhere”, but I can honestly say whole heartedly that THIS is our year, this is the year we stop taking baby steps and start taking huge fucking leaps.”

Now head over to their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news. Get ready to hear more from Tempting Fate in 2014! We can’t wait to catch them again live.

~ Marisol

Information & Links:

Tempting Fate with Rockin Ryan The Whisky 2012

Tempting Fate with Rockin Ryan
The Whisky 2012

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