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Ghost Girls Episode

Can you imagine Dave Grohl, Jack Black and Val Kilmer perform a 70’s style Southern Rock song? Well you don’t have it imagine much longer. On the Yahoo Screen Web series, Ghost Girls they do just that. On the series, two ghost hunter girls are set out to investigate the paranormal at a recording studio that has been haunted by a 1970’s Southern Rock Band, Sweetriver and The Huckleberry Dogs.

The episode deals with the fact that three musicians must work together to finish their last song in order for them to cross over to the musical heaven in the sky!

The three guys are awesome in their performance and you can watch the full episodes on Yahoo Screen Ghost Girls but for now you can check out the video for the song they finally finish. So check out their song “Back to the Beginning” by Sweetriver and The Huckleberry Dogs.¬†

Click the link below to watch:

If you are feeling connected to that song, you can always pick it up on Itunes for the Ghost Girls original soundtrack.

~ Enjoy, Marisol