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The Washington Post reported yesterday about a surprise Foo Fighters show at the 9:30 Club in DC this past Monday night.  What was supposed to be a birthday bash for Trouble Funk bassist Big Tony Fisher actually turned out to be a surprise show from their hometown hero Dave Grohl and their mega uperstar band Foo Fighters. “I’m so glad I got to grow up here,” Grohl said from the stage while toasting Trouble Funk. “Because as a drummer, there’s no city funkier than Washington, D.C.”

The night was filled with stories, great performances, and a night that no one would soon forget. Dave opened the show by keeping time for the Don’t Need Its, a band featuring bassist Darryl Jenifer and guitarist Dr. Know of Bad Brains, and vocalist Pete Stahl, frontman of Grohl’s pre-Nirvana punk group, Scream.  They went on to play many early Bad Brains songs. The Don’t Need Its are Pete Stahl (Scream), Darryl Jenifer & Dr. Know (Bad Brains) and Dave on drums. (this may turn out to be more than a one time show)! 


 Trouble Funk went on to perform with with his entire crew, the 13-piece band played for 80 minutes including fan favorites like “Pump Me Up” and “Let’s Get Small,” sound tidy and tight.

The intimate setting served as an amazing backdrop as the musicians shared stories of how they started and the past. The Foo Fighters then performed and brought their high energy to new levels. They didn’t play any of the new songs but Dave spoke very highly of them and we are all so excited for the new album. They played the hits — “My Hero,” “This Is A Call,” “Everlong,” “Times Like These,” “The Best Of You,” “The Pretender”  and during “Monkey Wrench” Dave hopped on the bar and played his smoking guitar solo as he continued to walk across the bar.  

What a night that must have been!! Foo Fighters are no strangers to putting on secret or surprise shows, you just have to be alert and on the look out for the signs, and most of all, get ready to DROP EVERYTHING and drive to the venue IMMEDIATELY!!!

I will leave you with photographs of the last time we covered the Foo Fighters when they came to town and we look forward to their return.

~ Marisol

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Foo Fighters – November 1, 2011  

Powerbalance Pavillion, Sacramento, CA

Photos by Rockin Ryan

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