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PHOTO - TMS Week 8 #595135

Today we had the chance to chat with Eddie Trunk, host of That Metal Show. Eddie has been one of my true idols, when it comes to his love for his music and the passion to share it with everyone.  Eddie has had quite a successful career in broadcasting with his Eddie Trunk Rocks, Eddie Trunk Rocks, etc.  It was great when he finally stepped in front of the camera for VH1 Classics That Metal Show in 2002. Today That Metal Show is in it’s 13th season and is a favored show by all.

Last year we told you about how I went down to Los Angeles for the taping of two episodes from last year’s season and this year. It was fun to watch the behind the scenes of the show and everyone has so much fun. The energy and fun times definitely are shared by all, on and off camera. Truly a great bunch of guys.

This week on That Metal Show legendary Mick Mars of Motley Crue will be the on-set guest and Tom Keifer will be the musical guest. The show airs Saturday at 11 PM/ET on VH1 Classics. (Check your local listings for time) It is one we are really looking forward to.

We are pleased to bring you our Interview with Eddie from earlier today.


So make sure to set your DVRs and don’t miss any episodes of That Metal Show!  Make sure to visit Eddie‘s social media sites as well as That Metal Show! Stay up to date and stay metal!!!

~ Mari Richardson

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Yes, I know we mostly feature Music on here but I have to share the great news about my new favorite show! The Goldbergs has just been picked up for a full season and you know what, they do play some killer ’80s songs on there so it is music oriented!

The days of the family sitcoms disappeared long ago. Reality TV seemed to take it’s place as well as the 20+ different CSI style shows. I do not have any regular shows I watch or feel compelled to watch on a weekly basis. Growing up in the ’80s family sitcoms were like dinners around a table. You just did it and you did it as a family. Friday and Saturday nights for me were spent with my family watching Love Boat, Fantasy Island and Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley. I loved those times. Well, guess what? The family tradition of watching a television show together, something that we can all enjoy, is back.

We have been watching The Goldbergs together and it is amazing. What is even funnier, is sharing stories with my sons about how The Goldbergs and my family have MANY similarities. Not only the outfits, the music, but other similarities, like (God Bless) my Father would come home and strip down out of his work pants, get his robe and slippers on. On occasion, he would prance around in  his skivvies! Also, our family’s way of showing love was calling each other “Conehead”, “Dipstick” or “Airhead”. It was when the insults weren’t coming that we knew something was up. I always joke how my family put the FUN in DysFUNction but you know, I would never change a thing. Maybe next week, I will share with you my rollerskating stories like the episode that Barry was caught at the RollerRink. Mine was called the Rolladium and EVERY SATURDAY, that is where you could find me for hours!  I loved the ’80s and The Goldbergs take me back to that simpler time. Their is always a lesson to be learned and the show also has some truly tender moments, and I think I have almost shed a tear at every episode.  I am so glad it has been picked up for the whole season!

To really enjoy The Goldbergs, Tuesdays is now our ’80s night at our house. So for tomorrow here is our plan:


  • Appetizer of Lipton Onion Soup Mix and Sour Cream served with Ruffles potato chips.
  • Side of Ambrosia Salad or maybe I will do it in a jello mould!
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu or Chicken Kiev.
  • Beverages: for the adults, Wine coolers and for the kids Shirley Temples.
  • Dessert: homemade jello pudding pops

Music Playlist:  I have downloaded my cassettes and CDs to make this playlist for tomorrow:

  • ABC: The Look of Love
  • Pat Benatar: Heartbreaker
  • Jackson Browne: Somebody’s Baby
  • Cars: Drive
  • Dexy’s Midnight Runners: Come on Eileen
  • Eddie Money: The Big Crash, Take Me Home Tonight
  • Electric Light Orchestra: Don’t Bring Me Down
  • Glass Tiger: Someday
  • Sammy Hagar: Your Love is Driving Me Crazy
  • Kajagoogoo: Too Shy
  • Madonna: Crazy For You

So tomorrow night, tune in and have some fun! Pull out your ’80s photos, play some ’80s tunes, make an ’80s style  meal and gather your family around the television and have some fun with The Goldbergs. I will leave you with my photo from the ’80s I believe it was Father/Daughter Dance Freshman Year. circa 1981/1982. Next week I will bring you a new menu, new music and a new pix!

~ Marisol



One of my favorite television talk show host, Chelsea Handler of Chelsea Lately is out on vacation this week. I always look forward to hearing her tales from her travels but this time I am even more excited that she is out on vacation! She has none other than my fave Dave Grohl filling in for  her all week as guest host of the show.

Dave is going to be hosting the week with music themed guests and I am sure we will be able to hear the latest on his Sound City Players project. Dave recently released his documentary; Sound City: Real to Reel which is about the history of America’s greatest unsung record studio hidden in Los Angeles, Sound City Studios. Dave also has been performing with what he calls “Sound City Players” that is comprised of an all star lineup of musicians which are featured in the film including Rick Springfield, Stevie Nicks, John Fogerty, and many more including Grohl’s Nirvana bandmate Krist Novoselic and Foo Fighters bandmates Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel and Pat Smear.

So get your DVR’s set to record Chelsea Lately weeknights at 11 pm on Channel E!  So far the lineup this week is Monday: Rick Springfield,  Tuesday: Nas,  Wednesday: Elton John and Thursday: Tenacious D. This is going to be a fun week for late night television.

~ Enjoy, Marisol

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