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Crashing Broadway

Crashing Broadway have released a music video for “Important”  which is a single  off their new Self Titled EP. We are really hoping that Crashing Broadway make it out to California soon, as we are yet to see their amazing live show. They are known for their energetic sets and are sure to provide a night of fun and awesome music.

Check out the Video here :

The Video was Filmed by Justin Anderson and the mastermind behind the production was Michael Clements. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news about their new EP. You can check out an old interview we did with their guitarist, Tee Jay Timms  and we are pleased to share it with you:

~Crank it up loud and KEEP ROCKIN, Rockin Ryan

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Crashing Broadway

Summertime for me always reminds me of long days filled with great new music. It is a time to enjoy life and take the time to find new bands whether they be at festivals or nightclubs, it is the time to explore. I have a band for you straight from Tupelo, MS that I have been enjoying and you need to know about them. They are Crashing Broadway and they have a sound that blends rock with alternative and just the right amount of pop. They will have you dancing one minute as you raise your fists in the next. Together they bring energy driven songs that awaken your senses, whether it be with their catchy melody, thought provoking lyrics or powerful vocals. They have what you have been waiting for.

We had a chance to interview their guitarist, Tee Jay Timms and we are pleased to share it with you:

One thing we have been told many times is that their live shows are incredible and kick ass. Vocalist Kacye Haynes also explains about their live shows,  “It’s about more than just music. It’s about bringing the crowd into our world and letting them live in it with us for an hour.” We look forward to catching them out on the road soon. For now, make sure you head over to Itunes and pick up their CD, “The Words Crossed”. I have had it on repeat for a while now since it has a bit of everything  I love, in all songs.

So make sure to check out their social media sites and head over to Facebook and let them know which is your favorite song.  Another favorite of mine is a video that they put together a few years back as a token of appreciation to the troops and all those that serve. The song is “Freedom to Choose” and here is the video:


~Crank it up loud, Marisol

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