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We’ve all had that one friend that was in a dead-end garage band in high school. Stuck In Your Radio‘s story might start out the same as those guys, but it doesn’t end at Senior year.

Lead singer Eddie Cardona, or as the lovable goof is more likely known as, Sly Fox has lead a life influenced and driven by music. Raised primarily in Puerto Rico, he started off not knowing English. That was, until listening to Blink 182 influenced him to pick up the langue. After moving to the states, he continued to encompass music in his life. After performing in a high school talent show, he and a few friends began a band called All Or Nothing.


Eventually All Or Nothing transformed into Stuck In Your Radio, but like many high school bands, the members began taking their own paths and the band eventually drifted apart. After high school, Sly made a profession out of content creating for YouTube. His channel grew immensely and he decided to use his newfound following to revive Stuck In Your Radio.


In October of 2011, Sly re-released two of the band’s old songs, following it up with the release of three new songs in January. All five songs, along with a previously unreleased tune, were tracked together on the band’s debut self-entitled EP.

The fans embraced the music greatly and Stuck In Your Radio put on a sold out show in their hometown of Allentown, PA. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the money to become a traveling band and left their careers on the internet. Not too soon after, frontman Sly and bassist Aleks Vitaly moved to Colorado, further delaying the band’s success.

Through the help of modern technology, they’ve recently returned from a two year hiatus to bring the fans new songs. The EP was recently released under the very appropriate title, Better Late Than Never. A fan favorite seems to be Young Hearted Kids, which I have to agree is an amazing song and a good theme song for the youth of America.

SIYR is very good at producing music that pulls life into perspective for a teen. Many of the songs on the previous self entitled EP, along with the amazing work on Better Late Than Never, commit to an empowering and enlightening message.


However, the band reached out of their usual formula with a breakup song that didn’t disappoint. My Last Mistake carries a great energy and showcases the influence of pop and skate punk (much like one of Sly’s favorite bands, Blink-182.)

Of course, what’s a rock album without a slow song? Maybe it’s not the typical love song, but Today is the Day is a very inspirational ballad about overcoming the odds. And finally on the album, the party song! Still following the path of a self empowering teen song, Our Own People comes with a fantastic, throw-your-hands-up-and-have-a-damn-good-time type of dance beat.

This song completes a rockin’ EP for all the teen dirtbags throwing back Monster at the skate park. I highly suggest this band for anyone that enjoys wrecking town and living life while they’re young.

Unfortunately, we all know there’s always a downside to everything. SIYR’s bassist has announced his departure from the band, but all is not lost. As this band has shown time and time again, they’ve got far more than nine lives. You can always count on Stuck In Your Radio to be the king of the comeback kids!


Written by Meryl DeWitt –
Edited by Jacky Cabe –


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Sly Fox (Vocals)

Aleks Vitaly (Bass)

Devin Ortiz (Guitar)