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The controversy over Electronic Cigarettes is heating up! For years now, many smokers have switched over to electronic cigarettes or e-cigs as they are called as to what they thought was a safer alternative.  I have had my doubts about that but recently received some confirmation.

One of my absolute favorite artists, DJ Ashba, lead guitarist for Guns n Roses, recently explained how E-cigs almost cost him his light. He was trying to quit smoking and chose to switch e-cigs which are supposed to give smokers their nicotine fix without the cancer-causing side effects as tobacco. So they don’t have tobacco but did you know that they  may have antifreeze or other dangerous chemicals in them, depending on where you buy them??   That is exactly what DJ Ashba explained when he posted a photo on his Instagram of him smoking. One follower asked about him smoking again, since they thought he quit. He replied with the following statement:

“I did quit  for 9 months. However, I was smoking fake cigarettes that I bought in a mall in Poland which contained high doses of nicotine and antifreeze, which kills people. Nobody knows this, but I was rushed to the hospital put on heart monitors and I had eight of the best doctors trying to save my life. Poison control confirmed that the nicotine intake that was going into my body from the fake cigarettes was equivalent to smoking 33 packs of cigarettes a day. After doing a full body CAT scan, the doctors were amazed that every organ in my body was in perfect condition. They advised me to start smoking real cigarettes because my body would go into shock if I just stop smoking, so now I can wean myself off of real cigarettes and hopefully quit for good this time.We purposely kept this out of the press but that is the real story of why I am smoking right now.”


That is quite a scary story. While we are grateful that DJ Ashba is back in good health, we hope that he does continue to share his story about the dangers of e-cigs.  They have become so widespread and acceptable with people thinking they are making a better choice than cigarettes but with no real data out, there is no information on whether they continue to be safe or not.

Just last year the American Lung Association issued their own warning stating: “This is a buyer stay away, a buyer health hazard, potentially.”  Electronic cigarettes are a battery operated device with the user fills it with liquid nicotine and you inhale the unit just like a cigarette. Yet there is so smoke, and you are inhaling the vapor. Yes, it is still addictive since it contains nicotine which is the addictive agent in cigarettes. Included in the liquid nicotine are the chemicals that are in question. The FDA did sample small amounts years ago and found numerous toxins as well as diethylene glycol which is what DJ Ashba is referring in his statement.

So smokers beware. Even if you are using e-cigs just understand that being so new, you just don’t know what you are getting yourself into. I truly am not preaching to anyone if they choose to smoke or not, that being a personal preference but be safe and be aware.

~ Marisol

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