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The guitarist/vocalist Sean Danielsen from Smile Empty Soul has just released another solo EP, Food Chain which features five full band songs recorded at Babylon Studios in Van Nuys, California. “I’m really excited to be releasing my own solo music and doing my own shows,” said Danielsen. “It’s a nice change of pace for me, and a challenge that I’m looking forward to.”

Sean truly takes you on a musical journey through emotion and his passion shines through each song. He really captures so much in his songwriting that creates an immediate connection to the listener and opens the door to their soul as demonstrated in Rescue Me and Beautiful Things. Food Chain highlights the versatility of Sean as it brings out a heavier rock edge with some amazing powerful and aggressive vocals that really stand out. The guitars have a punkier edge feel and you get amped with the fast pasted drums, definitely a new Go To track to start my day off!


Sean is finishing up a round of acoustic shows and we had a chance to catch up with him. Check it out here:

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Music Junkie Press: HI Sean, Thank you for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press. We are excited to hear about your new solo release, Food Chain. Can you tell us more about the EP?

Sean: My new EP is just me doing up some of my songs without a band. I’m playing all the instruments, and  working with good friend/producer Eddie Wohl, and we just take the song wherever it needs to go.

Music Junkie Press: From your new EP, which song is the most personal for you and why?

Sean: They’re all personal in a way, but the song I’m most happy with at the moment is “Waves”. It’s a song about going through the motions without any real hope for anything positive.

Music Junkie Press: You have always delivered emotionally driven songs, do you have a particular songwriting process?

Sean: I don’t have any one process that all my songs go through. I just make sure that each tune affects me emotionally in a way that might hit others as well.

Music Junkie Press: I understand you are setting out on a tour in support of the new EP. Will it be full band shows like the EP or acoustic sets?

Sean: Yeah, I’m doing 22 shows starting on Halloween in Houston, TX and going through late November. I’ll just be playing acoustic sets by myself.

Music Junkie Press: With the music industry experience so many dramatic changes in the last 15 to 20 years, what is something that you would like to see changed?

Sean: We’ll of course, I would like to see people supporting music again like they used to. Everyone out there talks about how important music is in their lives, yet they won’t pay for music they like, or support the musicians live. It’s not going to change because it’s just too easy to download for free with zero consequence. But what’s going to happen in the long-term, is that no one will be able to afford to be an artist for a living and you’ll have millions of part-time hacks making music of low quality, while all the musicians that have been dedicating their lives to music will have to turn to other things to make ends meet. Overall…… Music is getting worse, and will only continue on this path as long as there’s no money in being an artist.

Music Junkie Press: Sean, if you could go back to your 14 year old self, what advice would you give to yourself at 14?

Sean:  Go to culinary school.

Music Junkie Press: We at Music Junkie Press are firm believers that music can heal, help, inspire, do you have a particular time in your life that you can share about where music helped you through something?

Sean: Music has helped me so much throughout my whole life. I’m passionate about music above anything else and always have been. There’s an emotional release that occurs when you hear a track that connects with your soul, and the lyrics relate to your life somehow. Music has always been there for me and always will be, and that’s comforting.

Music Junkie Press: What do you have planned after your upcoming solo tour?

Sean: I’m gonna do another run in Feb. in support of this EP as well, but I’m not sure after that.

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience and your fans?

Sean: Just the music on my new EP!!!! Please go check it out!!!

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It is definitely an EP to pick up and fall in love with. Check the dates below and see if you will be able to catch one of his shows:

  • 11/19 – Louisville, KY @ Diamonds Pub
  • 11/20 – St. Louis, MO @ Mad Magician
  • 11/21 – Joplin, MO @ Rock 3405
  • 11/22 – Cape Girardeau, MO @ Pitter’s

Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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The guitarist/vocalist Sean Danielsen from Smile Empty Soul is set to release another solo EP. This time his EP, Food Chain will feature five full band songs recorded at Babylon Studios in Van Nuys, California. “I’m really excited to be releasing my own solo music and doing my own shows,” said Danielsen. “It’s a nice change of pace for me, and a challenge that I’m looking forward to.”


Sean is planning on setting out on a fall acoustic tour which is set to start on Halloween. Check the dates below and see if you will be able to catch one of his shows:

  • 10/31 – Houston, TX @ BFE Club
  • 11/01 – San Leon, TX @ 12th St. Pier
  • 11/02 – Tyler, TX @ Clicks
  • 11/06 – Tulsa, OK @ Downtown Lounge
  • 11/07 – Sioux, City IA @ The Chesterfield
  • 11/09 – Des Moines, IA @ House Of Bricks
  • 11/10 – Algona, IA @ Afterlife Lounge
  • 11/11 – Waterloo, IA @ Spicoli’s
  • 11/12 – Bloomington, IL @ Castle Theater
  • 11/13 – Lafayette, IN @ Hideaway
  • 11/14 – Battle Creek, MI @ Warehouse
  • 11/15 – Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
  • 11/17 – Akron, OH @ Rippers Rock House
  • 11/18 – Mogantown, WV @ Schmitt’s Saloon
  • 11/19 – Louisville, KY @ Diamonds Pub
  • 11/20 – St. Louis, MO @ Mad Magician
  • 11/21 – Joplin, MO @ Rock 3405
  • 11/22 – Cape Girardeau, MO @ Pitter’s

Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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Three of the most amazingly talented musicians are set to release their new album, Chemicals on October 1st. I am talking about none other than Smile Empty Soul. These guys have been around delivering incredible music with some of the best lyrics in the industry since 1998.
Every time a new album comes out, I hold my breath in anticipation since so many bands after years seem to set off and re-invent themselves and come out someone else. Other bands just put a replica of their last album wrapped in new chorus. Smile Empty Soul stays true to their sound and delivers original songs that just have me applauding at every song! Well, I have heard a peak of this new album and guess what, you are so in for an UNBELIEVABLE Smile Empty Soul album!!!
You might have already heard their first single of the album, False Alarm and it is awesome. These guys give a  new definition to alternative rock because they give you such depth in lyrics and style that has you appreciating everything they do.   Time to take my hat off to three of the most talented guys in the industry; Sean Danielsen, Ryan Martin and Jake Kilmer.
Make sure to head over to Itunes on October 1st and be one of the first ones to download this long awaited album, Chemicals! Also they are setting out on their “the Merican Chemicals Tour” this Sunday and I am excited to see them coming to a town near me. Actually they are coming to the same place I saw them last with Rockin Ryan who made them some killer laminates. You can check those out below too. Check their social media sites and let me know which show you are coming to.
I leave you with my top 5 favorite Smile Empty Soul songs:
  • 5. This is War
  • 4. Nowhere Kids
  • 3. Don’t Need You
  • 2. Bottom of the Bottle
  • 1. Don’t Ever Leave
~ Marisol
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Upcoming Tour Dates for The Merican Chemicas Tour
  • 10/1 Joplin MO, Guitars Rock and Country Bar
  • 10/3 Battle Creek MI, Planet Rock
  • 10/4 Flint MI, The Machine Shop
  • 10/5 Dayton OH, McGuffy’s
  • 10/6 Toledo OH, Frankie’s
  • 10/7 Pittsburg PA, Hard Rock
  • 10/8 NYC, Webster Hall
  • 10/9 Trenton NJ, Championship Bar
  • 10/10 Quincy MA, South Shore Music Hall
  • 10/11 Frederick MD, Cafe 611
  • 10/12 Arlington VA, Chili Cook Off
  • 10/14 Charlotte NC, Amos Southend
  • 10/15 Fayetteville NC, Drunk Horse Pub
  • 10/17 Charleston SC, Rehab
  • 10/18 Columbus GA, Chaos on the rocks, WRCG 106.9
  • 10/19 Jacksonville FL, Brewsters Pit
  • 10/20 Destin FL, Club LA
  • 10/22 Atlanta GA, Masquerade
  • 10/24 Jasper AL, Hollywood Nights
  • 10/25 New Orleans LA, Hangar 13
  • 10/26 Shreveport LA, Riverside Warehouse
  • 10/29 San Antonio TX, The KOROVA
  • 10/30 Dallas TX, Tree’s
  • 11/1 Austin TX, Dirty Dog Bar
  • 11/2 Houston TX, Scout Bar
  • 11/5 Memphis TN, Newby’s
  • 11/6 Nashville TN, 12th and Porter
  • 11/8 Johnson City TN, Bonnie Kate Theater
  • 11/9 Parkersburg WV, Six Pence Pub
  • 11/10 Kokomo IN, Center Stage
  • 11/13 Cleveland OH, Agora Ballroom
  • 11/14 Chicago IL, Bottom Lounge
  • 11/15 Bloomington IL, Castle Theater
  • 11/16 Springfield IL, Catch 22
  • 11/17 Sauget IL, Pops
  • 11/20 Rockford IL, Take 20
  • 11/21 Algona IA, Afterlife Lounge
  • 11/22 Harrisburg SD, Phoenix Lounge
  • 11/23 Waterloo IA, Spicolli’s
  • 11/24 Des Moines IA, House Of Bricks
  • 11/25 Omaha NE, Waiting Room
  • 11/27 Overland Park KS, The Roxy
  • 11/29 Denver CO, Herman’s Hideaway
  • 11/30 Colorado Springs CO, Sunshine Studio’s
  • 12/3 SLC UT, Liquid Joes
  • 12/6 Spokane WA, Knitting Factory
  • 12/7 Bellingham WA, The Underground
  • 12/8 Richland WA, Jokers
  • 12/9 Seattle WA, El Corazon
  • 12/10 Portland OR, Hawthorne Theater
  • 12/12 Sacramento CA, The Boardwalk
  • 12/13 Hollywood CA, The Whiskey
  • 12/14 Temecula CA, The Vault
Sean Danielsen and Rockin Ryan

Sean Danielsen and Rockin Ryan

Today was the big day that I have been waiting for. The release date for Smile Empty Soul’s 3’s! I got to see Smile Empty Soul earlier this month at the Boardwalk in a small town outside of Sacramento for their Jagermesiter tour. That night was a long one with a six band lineup and we of course counted the minutes and waited for Smile Empty Soul to take the stage. They came out and right off had their die hard fans singing to “Don’t Ever Leave”.

Then they played the single of their new album aptly titled 3’s, “Afterlife”. “Afterlife” has been receiving great airplay on XM Sirius Octane Channel and I am hoping with our help it will make it to the Big Uns Countdown soon. Well that night they had a pre-order available for their new album 3’s and I was of course rasing up front to buy it. So I waited and waited and then it came; that great little note in my INBOX letting me know that my Pre-Order of Smile Empty Soul is ready to download. I have been listening to it all day and love every song on it. Again, they delivered a great album with song after song being a hit. They are giving us what we need these days in the music world….. Passion and intensity with in your face vocals, heavy bass lines and rock the house drumming. These guys mean business and I can’t wait to spread the Smile Empty Soul love around. There are so many awesome songs on this album, I can’t pick my favorite. I love them all and you will to as they take you on a intense musical journey.

So let me know which is your favorite and why? Also, here are some photos from the Smile Empty Soul show in Orangevale and when I get the rest of the videos, I will post as well. Click here for the Smile Empty Soul Website!

~ Marisol