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Happily married rocker couple Steve and Sam Thill met in a small town in the center of France at the age of 15 and fell fast in love. Eight years later in 2009, the couple started SINNER SINNERS out of their mutual love of rock music and desire to be at each other’s sides throughout all aspects of their musical careers. Since their inception and relocation to Los Angeles, SINNER SINNERS have pushed their forceful punk-influenced rock n’ roll out to the controlled masses, but see 2014 as a figurative launching pad designed to hit the big time. This is definitely the year for SINNER SINNERS.

SINNER SINNERS are just about to release their new album, XI in only a few days, April 21st to be exact. I have taken a listen and it is awesome! It is filled with aggressive punk infused rock songs that will electrify your senses and intensify your emotions. There is something so pure about this album where you can actually feel the passion of this married couple being emulated through their music. Definitely a journey that you will enjoy and leave you feeling invigorated after. The album will hit digital stores via independent release on the band’s Cadavra Records. Check out a video for their song Riot which is off the forthcoming album:


We had the opportunity to chat with SINNER SINNERS and are pleased to bring you that interview here:

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Music Junkie Press: Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press.   We are excited about the release of your new album, XI next week. Can you tell us what can we expect from the album or tell us more about it?

Sinner Sinners: Thank you. If you’ve heard our first record you can expect something very different, it’s faster, louder and a lot more aggressive. We mixed a lot of different influences we have and tried to not stick to any of them, it was pretty much written and recorded without any kind of rules.

Music Junkie Press: Being in a band and being married is awesome, you two get to experience this crazy world of music with your partner by your side. What is your songwriting process together?

Sinner Sinners: The awesome thing about it is that we can start working on a song at any time of the day or night. I usually come up with a riff idea and play it to Sam sometimes at 4 in the morning and we start putting something together right away.

Music Junkie Press: Your music truly brings out the punk angst which we have been so missing lately in the music scene. It has me reminiscing of my nightclub light in the 80s/90s. Who were some of the most influential artists for you and your music?

Sinner Sinners: We have a very wide variety of influences, the Doors, early Rolling Stones, 60’s psychedelic garage as well as punk rock and some metal. We steal stuff from all of those influences and try to mix it together to cover the tracks.

Music Junkie Press: With the release of the album less than a week away, do you have any touring plans in the works?

Sinner Sinners: Yes, we are now booking May and June in the US and heading to Europe in September

Music Junkie Press: With the album, No Hard Feelings, that is just a bad ass aggressive song that I love. Are you currently working on a music video for that?

Sinner Sinners: Yes, we actually filmed a video for it last time we were in France, it should be out by the time this get published.

Music Junkie Press: On the album, another song that really stands out to me is Rise Up, the intro and then the intensity comes in, LOVE IT! can you tell me more about that song? 

Sinner Sinners: We wanted to write a very fast and agro 1mn song to open the shows with, we then added the very mellow acoustic intro to it, that’s pretty much the only mellow part of the record. It talks about our atheist point of view of the horrors of Christianity. 

Music Junkie Press: We at Music Junkie Press are very strong believers about how music can heal, help, inspire and move, do you remember a particular time where music was there to help you the most? Can you share the story with us?

Sinner Sinners: Definitely, we grew up in a very small town of France with a very high percentage of unemployment. It made us travel and kept us busy instead of doing what most of the kids were doing, drugs, stealing cars and stabbing people. I’m exaggerating here but it kept us out of trouble. 

Music Junkie Press: Do you have any upcoming shows that we can share with our readers?

Sinner Sinners: Not anything we can talk about yet, sorry. Soon!

Music Junkie Press: If you could take a song from a completely different genre and turn it into a SINNER SINNERS style what might that be?

Sinner Sinners: There’s so many, we’ve tried a few. We’ve been thinking about White Rabbit, but it’s already been done by 10 billion bands, maybe a Shocking Blue song as Sam is from their hometown of Den Haag in Holland. Maybe some 60’s psychedelic or maybe a Cure song or Alice Cooper or Bowie… I can go on and on.

Music Junkie Press: If we could peak into your Ipod, what artist or song might we be most surprised at finding in there?

Sinner Sinners: That’s exactly why I keep people away from my Ipod! Maybe Pulp or my compilation of traditional Hawaiian guitar songs, I don’t know, is this surprising? 

Music Junkie Press: What is next for SINNER SINNERS?

Sinner Sinners: As always once our new album is out we start working on the following one, which is going to be very different from the previous one. So of course touring as much as possible and then go back to writing and recording some new tunes, which is very what we’re looking forward to the most.

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, what would you like to share with your fans and audience?

Sinner Sinners: Yes, French fries aren’t French at all, if you want to eat fries in France you can find some at McDonalds. We also never heard of french dips or toasts, don’t tell anyone. 

* * * * * * * *

 So make sure to pick up your copy of XI on April 21st and look forward to seeing a lot more of SINNER SINNERS in 2014! 

~ Marisol

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