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Saving Abel are set to release their new album, Blood Stained Revolution on November 11th. The band has launched a digital pre-release of the album that goes live today via Rockbiz. The complete album is available for $5.00 with 10% of gross proceeds going to support veterans.  All purchases from today through midnight November 10 will support charitable organizations working on behalf those who have served. The album is available here:

Saving Abel guitarist Scott Bartlett shares, “We’ve always supported the troops.  They remind us every night on tour that our music has helped them through some of their darkest hours away from home and family.  There is a mutual respect between SA and the military that is very endearing and very real.  If they are going to risk their lives so that we can play rock and roll, we need to remind them as often as we can that we recognize their sacrifice.  Releasing the album on Veteran’s Day is not a coincidence, it was a choice made by the five of us.  We don’t want any credit for it.  We simply want to remind people that our military risk everything for democracy.  Blood Stained Revolution is a guitar heavy rock record that stays true to our southern and American roots.  We are confident that our message of hope through rock and roll will continue to inspire and help people through rough times.”  Founding member and guitarist Jason Null adds, “Some of our most memorable shows were played for our troops. This year was basically ‘back to the drawing board’ for Saving Abel so we missed out on being able to go visit with them. Donating a percentage of these proceeds was just the right thing for us to do.

Saving Abel have consistently supported veterans and the album is being released on Veterans Day. The band has often traveled around the world to play for the troops, sometimes taking them to the most dangerous and remote places.

This new album will be the first to feature the two new members; Scotty Austin and drummer Steven Pulley. Founding member and guitarist, Jason Null had this to say, “Losing or replacing a front man is nothing any band wants to do.  So we decided we wouldn’t replace anyone we would consider this a rebirth for band, an opportunity to write and record the music we’ve always wanted to. Scotty’s attitude and enthusiasm and belief in us along with new drummer Steven Pulley has enabled us to make a change but stay the same. We are all enjoying our fans, travels, and music and for once this feels like a true brotherhood.  We have the tattoos to prove it!”  It will also be the first album to be released on their new label, Tennessippi Whiskey Records.

You can catch Saving Abel as they will be touring in support of Blood Stained Revolution. Check the dates below and see if they will be coming to a venue near you:

  • 11/06   Lincoln, NE                                                    Vega
  • 11/07   Sioux City, IA                                                The Chesterfield
  • 11/08   Ringle, WI                                                      Q and Z Expo Center
  • 11/09   Des Moines, IA                                               House of Bricks
  • 11/11   Reno, NV                                                        City Plaza
  • 11/12   Macomb, IL                                                    The Outskirts
  • 11/13   Racine, WI                                                     Rt. 20
  • 11/14   Janesville, WI                                                  The Back Bar
  • 11/15   Fort Wayne, IN                                               Piere’s
  • 11/16   Flint, MI                                                          The Machine Shop
  • 11/18   Akron, OH                                                      Empire
  • 11/19   Morgantown, WV                                           Schmitt’s Saloon
  • 11/20   Elizbethton, TN                                              Bonnie Kate Theater
  • 11/21   Duluth, GA                                                     Wild Bills
  • 11/22   Vidalia, LA                                                     Vidalia Convention Center
  • 11/23   Covington, LA                                                Rock N Blues Café
  • 12/02   Monett, MO                                                    Bumpers
  • 12/03   Norman, OK                                                   The Labyrinth
  • 12/04   Longview, TX                                                 The Levee
  • 12/05   Fort Worth, TX                                               The Rail Club
  • 12/06   San Antonio, TX                                             The Falls
  • 12/07   Corpus Christi, TX                                          Theos
  • 12/09   Houston, TX                                                   Scout Bar
  • 12/10   Lafayette, LA                                                 Z Club
  • 12/11   Biloxi, MS                                                       Kress Live
  • 12/12   Madison, AL                                                   11th Frame Live
  • 12/13   Columbus, GA                                                SOHO
  • 12/15   Augusta, GA                                                   Surreal Live
  • 12/16   Gainesville, FL                                                High Dive
  • 12/17   Fort Myers, FL                                                Cigar Bar
  • 12/18   Lake Worth, FL                                              Propaganda
  • 12/19   Orlando, FL                                                    Bombshells Tavern
  • 12/21   Jacksonville, FL                                              Underbelly

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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saving abel

Saving Abel releases KILLER new track, Love Like Suicide featuring their new singer, Scotty Austin. Get ready because it is awesome!  As you know last year Jared Weeks announced his amicable departure from Saving Abel to pursue a solo career.  Saving Abel then announced the talented Scotty Austin as their new singer. I loved Scotty from Trash the Brand and he definitely is the perfect fit.

You can head over to the Saving Abel Facebook page and take a listen but be prepared to be instantly hooked! Saving Abel has plenty of tour dates where you can check them out live. Here is the current list of upcoming shows:


Date Venue Location
Feb 18 Shotgun Sallys Grand Forks, ND
Feb 19 Original bar Minot, ND
Feb 20 DK’s Lounge Williston, ND
Feb 21 Bernies Esquire Club Dickinson, ND
Feb 22 Jamestown Civic Center Jamestown, ND
Feb 23 Z Bar Spearfish, SD
Feb 25 One Block South Overland Park, KS
Feb 26 RC Mcgraws Manhattan, KS
Feb 27 Muse Ballroom Salina, KS
Feb 28 Black Sheep Colorado Springs, CO
Mar 01 Marquis Theater Denver, CO
Mar 06 Rockbar Scottsdale, AZ
Mar 08 Walter Gerrells Civic Center Carlsbad, NM
Mar 09 Jakes Backroom Lubbock, TX
Mar 11 The Lucky Mule Abilene, TX
Mar 13 The Rail Club Fort Worth, TX
Mar 14 Theos Corpus Christi, TX
Mar 15 BFE Rock Club Houston, TX
Mar 16 The Chameleon Room Oklahoma City, OK
Mar 19 Undercurrent Tulsa, OK
Mar 20 The Hangar Cabot, AR
Mar 21 The Stolen Glass Fayetteville, AR
Mar 26 The Station Broussard, LA
Mar 27 Southport Hall Jefferson, LA
Apr 08 Chans Nightclub Pensacola, FL
Apr 12 Central Florida Fairgrounds Orlando, FL
May 06 Empire Springfield, VA
May 11 Wallys Pub Hampton, NH
May 17 The All Around Taylor, MI
May 20 Spillway Bar and Grill Bowling Green, KY
May 21 BADA BREW Crest Hill, IL
May 22 Q and Z Expo Center Ringle, WI
May 25 Mable House Barnes Amphitheater Atlanta, GA
Jun 07 The Armory Albany, NY


Also check out their video for their song, Mystify from their latest EP, Crackin the Safe. You can head over to Itunes here and pick it up!

~ Marisol

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Jared Weeks

What a year it has been for Jared Weeks. He not only has been busy with Saving Abel, but also filling in for Austin Winkler during his absence with Hinder.  Jared has just announced his departure from Saving Abel to pursue his solo career.  We just read he post here on Facebook:


A lil over 10 years ago Jason Null and myself (Jared Weeks) started the band Saving Abel, and little did I know how much our lives would change for the better. It’s been so amazing over the past decade, to meet so many fans, tour with so many of my favorite and amazing bands, and travel all over the world, to places I couldn’t never imagine myself going. It really has been one hell of a ride for me. I’ve had such a great time experiencing all that we have accomplished with my brothers in SA: Scotty B. Eric T., Mikey M. & Jason N. these fellas have been a family to me on the road and part of my family at home, but most importantly all our FANS that have been there and supported us through thick and thin, through the good and bad. You guys have always held my head up and have always picked me up when I was down. I personally could never thank you enough for who you are and what you do for Saving Abel, “Hell” what you do for Rock ‘n Roll. With all that being said, and now that I’m writing this down for all to see, it seems a little harder for me to do, but sometimes you have to follow your heart even if you don’t know where it’s gonna take you. So as of today, I am following my heart and am NOT continuing on as the lead singer of Saving Abel. This wasn’t a “spur of the moment” decision, I have fought & thought about this with myself for sometime now. I have also spoken with the rest of the guys in SA and even helped get everything together for SA to keep doing what they always do, and that is… write Rock N Roll songs, keep Rockin and keep touring with the best live shows. Scott Austin will be replacing me as the New lead singer, he is the front man from a band called Trash the Brand, and he is very capable of the job. I have personally seen his live shows and know he will keep the SA train rolling successfully. As for me, I’m currently moving to Nashville TN to record a solo album with producer Skidd Mills. This was and is an amicable decision between both me and the Saving Abel fellas. As I said earlier those boys are part of my family and always will be, I do wish them all the best success and support them in their careers, as they do me. I apologize to any and all fans who might feel “let down” or upset with my decision, but like I said before, sometimes you have to follow your heart, even if you don’t know where it’s gonna take you. I hope to have your support in the next couple of months while recording and I sure as hell hope to see you at the shows when I’m finished with the new album and back out touring. May God bless SavingAbel & may God bless you all.

Jared Weeks

We have enjoyed Jared and his work with Saving Abel since the beginnings and are going to truly miss him. But we are also excited for his new venture and can’t wait to hear his new solo album.  I can’t imagine how hard it has been for all those involved, since they are all truly close as a family and I am glad things are moving forward in an amicable situation. So I encourage everyone to support Jared in his new musical endeavors and also to welcome Scott Austin as the new lead singer of Saving Abel. We are familiar with Scott’s work with Trash the Brand whom we wrote up about just a month ago. You can read more here.

So make sure to follow Jared on his social media sites and stay up to date on the latest Saving Abel news too! I will leave you with the new song by Saving Abel, Mystify which is off their new EP, Crackin the Safe.


~ Marisol

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If you are a diehard Saving Abel fan as I am, you would know that they have been working on a new record and also singer Jared Weeks has been filling in for Austin Winkler of HINDER as he is in recovery. They have also been busy putting together a great six song EP, “Crackin the Safe” that they just released on August 6th.  This is their first endeavor label free! As they mentioned on their Facebook page:

“Without a label, the boys from Saving Abel all got together with long time producer Skidd Mills at Skiddco Music and decided they wanted to give back to their fans. This new EP Crackin’ The Safe are songs that the guys all decided on and recorded last month in Nashville. “We wanted something to come out while we started on a new record. We wanted to say to our fans, here are some songs that we really love and we don’t want you guys to have to wait long for music. It’s to say thanks for hanging around with us and supporting us” says frontman Jared Weeks. The new EP Crackin’ The Safe sticks to what Saving Abel is known for, those southern rock roots with catchy hooks and that country soul that can’t help but sneak in every song showing every listener these boys still know where they came from. “So this is for our fans, they help us and we want to show them, we see it. This literally will show us how great they are. Without a label we’re doing this on our own, we’re making music we want and putting it out. We can’t make music without their support.”


You can head straight over to Itunes to purchase it. They have also completely relaunched their website at where you can stay up to date on news, shows, videos and more.  You can also check out the video for one of their songs from the EP, Mystify that is purely amazing. 


Another one of my favorites is Secrets which I love the chorus,  but then again Summer in the Sun is such a fun summertime song that will have dancing around and ready to make some memories.  Then  Down in Flames brings up the intensity and Take Me Home has true southern feel to it that I love. OK, i can’t choose any favorites, THEY ARE ALL MY FAVORITES!!  So pick up the EP and tell me which one is your fave!

~ Marisol


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