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Ray Goren

Ray Goren may be only 14 but you would have never guessed with the talent and maturity that he displays in his new EP, Save My Soul. This is one talented young man who has everyone taking notice. His new EP which features 5 emotionally driven songs that will take you on a musical journey of loss, love, hope and so much more. His ability to create a connection with the listener through his songs at such a young age, has me excited for what the future holds for him.

The EP was produced by Justin Glasco and John Sosin and  shows the maturity and songwriting of a master craftsman. Like his previous EP “LA Sessions” (produced by Eddie Kramer), Goren played guitar parts and other instruments while his producers added additional instrumentation and Chaun Horton added drums.


One of my favorite tracks is the inspirational and moving song, Rise Together. It will grab your attention and awaken your senses. The bluesy title track of Save My Soul has such a smooth groove to it and I love the swirling bluesy guitars. Ray’s vocals are inviting and soulful, carrying so much depth and passion for a young man. Quite exceptional from start to finish.  Check out the lyric video for Save My Soul here:

Now head on over to iTunes and pick up the new EP. Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news. We will see if we can bring you an interview with this musical prodigy.

~ Marisol

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