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Now and days many musicians have side projects or are in several bands at the same time. We all remember the time, when side projects could signify a band break up or member replacements but now, it is a welcome change. For many passionate musicians time spent off the road or not recording, can cause them to be a bit stir-crazy. Sometimes you just have to unleash your passion and create the music.  I love finding out about new bands whether they are new to the scene, supergroups or a one-off side project. One new supergroup that have successfully harnessed their passion and created a MUST HAVE album, is KXM. KXM  is comprised of dUg Pinnick (King’s X), George Lynch (Lynch Mob/Dokken) and Ray Luzier (Korn).

These three guys who were first friends and then decided to make music together have created a band that will definitely want you begging for more. After taking a listen to their self titled debut album, I couldn’t help but get excited for a tour and even more music. Whether they all become busy with their other projects, I truly hope KXM will continue on with many, many more albums to come.

DUg Pinnick on bass and vocals, George Lynch on guitar and Ray Luzier on drums. You may think you are dreaming but it is true. These three legendary artists have fused together their own unique styles and have birthed a sound that will definitely last the test of time which can be relatively short these days in the music scene. This powerhouse trio has an album filled with Lynch signature riffs, Ray’s hard hitting energetic drumming, groove filled basslines and passionate vocals by dUg. The album is being released on Rat Pak Records and was produced by KXM and Chris Collier, who is known for his work with Lynch Mob, Lita Ford and Tommy Bolin and more.

We had the opportunity to chat with dUg about the new band and are pleased to bring it to you here:


Tomorrow is the release date for the KFM album and I hope you all are set out on picking it up. Some of the stand out tracks that will  really  have you wielding praise are Sleep, Rescue Me, Faith is a Room and Gunfight.  So make sure to pick up your copy and let us know which are your favorites. I will leave you with their video for their bad ass single, Rescue Me.

~ Marisol


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