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Contributed by Alexandra

Going through concert announcements a few weeks ago, I spotted William Control playing in Munich. Unfortunately not a headliner tour, but some acts you just need to see live any opportunity you can get. It was William Control’s first time in Germany with this project. Last time was seven years ago with Aiden.

That evening he opened for Combichrist. As it is common in Munich and probably some others places too, the room’s not really crowded, when the opening act gets on stage. I couldn’t say how many people really heard of William Control before. If they’d known more about him, there definitely would’ve been more people at the beginning of his show.


He started the set with ‘All due restraint’ from the 2010 released album ‘Noir’. Throughout the show he played songs from all his albums ‘Novus Ordo seclorum’, ‘Hate culture’ and ‘Neuromancer’. William was constantly moving around on stage, throwing and catching his mic or circling it around his neck. No standstill whatsoever. It’s fun to watch and the songs he chose invited the audience to sing along, which they even did at some point (not really loud, but I saw them singing) and believe me, the audience of this city is really hard to get that far, esp. when they’re just introduced to someone that night.  I’d have loved to hear much more, but you always meet twice in life, so there I’m hoping for a 2nd time. Hopefully in 2015! I missed the song ‘Illuminator’ that evening, in fact one of my fave songs of the current record ‘Neuromancer’. All in due time I guess.

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William was at the merch table after the show to talk to fans, autograph stuff and take pictures. Chances to meet bands after the shows are rare these days, so it was really nice he took some time to hang out.

European tour ends December 20th after an almost two-month period.


  • All due restraint
  • Beautiful Loser
  • Strangers
  • Price we pay
  • New world order
  • Revelator
  • Razors Edge
  • I’m only human sometimes


Interview with William Control in San Francisco with Music Junkie Press


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William Control

We recently brought you our review of William Control‘s spectacular album, The Neuromancer. You can check that out  our album review here. The album has been having great success, The Neuromancer which is a prelude previous works; Hate CultureNoir and Silentium Amoris and all tell the tale of the nihilistic suicidal William Control.  If you don’t have it yet, pick it up…. Three Words….. Cinematic Musical Masterpiece! Today William released a music video for his second single off the album and is Price We Pay. Check it out here:


William just finished up The We Love Tour with Combichrist and New Years Day. We had the chance to catch him as he played at Slim’s in San Francisco. William came out to a packed crowd at Slim’s and delivered a full intense high energy set that had everyone dancing around in musical bliss. He was incredible as his charismatic personality held the audience captive and his vocals filled mesmerized the crowd. His stage presence is one of the best and through his performance you are whisked away on the melodic journey of William Control. Everyone in the crowd was on their feet, responding to his every command as we danced and sang along to every song. Ash Costello of New Year’s Day came out and performed a couple songs with William and it was one amazing night in San Francisco.  It was truly magical and I can’t wait for his return this Fall.

We had the chance to chat with William before his set and are pleased to bring you that interview here:


Check out the slideshow of Rockin Ryan photos from the set at Slim’s here:

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I hope you have your copy of The Neuromancer and if not, pick it up!!!! So make sure to visit William Control’s social media sites so you can stay up to date on the latest information.  I will leave you with a tribute video from Rockin Ryan which includes photos and footage of William’s last show here in San Francisco at the DNA Lounge.

~ Marisol

William Control


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