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If by any chance you were wondering which band got the honored opportunity to tour with THE. ONE. AND. ONLY- “Uncle Jiggy” (A true MCR fan will understand who) on his ‘First’ new solo tour…

Then you’ll be pleased to know it was a band called The Eeries. I was fortunate to see these guys in action at Webster Hall, NYC. And I think four words can sum up their performance: They. Broke. The. Barricade.

No Joke! These guys had the crowd jumping up and down, dancing to the beat, and drooling over them. ( I mean who wouldn’t…they have beards! and long hair! :O)

The crowd was going so hard in the pit, that when lead singer Isaiah Silva stage dived into the crowd, everyone was pushing against the barricade too hard and it started closing in on all the photographers in the pit. Not to mention the floor almost split into two from everyone jumping!

But the moment these fans saw that Gerard Way walked on to the stage with these guys.....that was it for that barricade. Unfortunately everyone and everyTHING has its breaking point. And that was it. It started closing in on me and it was either stay where I was and be decapitated between the stage and the barricade – or jump on to the stage with your hands in surrender. As if saying “I swear! I am not going to touch this really famous person. I just would like to keep my head connected to my body.”.  Thankfully no security came after me, and I walked past him to safety.

But man was that the most intense concert…and it wasn’t even hard core music! so you are all welcomed to join me in my confusion.

So I think its more than safe to say that you should DEFINITELY check these guys out!

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Moral of me telling you all of this:
Be safe around good music. You never know if it will lead you to jumping on the stage with Gerard Way. (Your inner 12 yearold self would be beyond proud if it did though  at least mine was lol)
Enjoy! and Happy Listening 🙂 

~ Allison Socol,



There is a great Alternative Rock band that you have to check out. They are called Tomorrows and is the work of brothers Jack and Jim Ivans. Their live musicians are Cullen MacDonald on Guitars and James Tan on Bass.  I love my alternative rock and San Francisco in the ’90s seemed to give me an abundance of alternative bands to listen too, that just isn’t so true these days. But now with the find of Tomorrows I can revive my love for alternative rock!

Tomorrows is from New York City and this year, you will definitely be hearing a lot more from them.They bring to life pop/rock with an alternative edge. Their songs have emotionally driven lyrics and melodies that just grab a hold of you. They are releasing a full length album, The Code Duello which will be out later this year. I recently have fallen in love with their first single of their upcoming album, “Heartbreakers“. Check it out here:


Heartbreakers” has some fierce guitars, catchy chorus/hook and lyrically tells a great story.Their music is truly spirited and charismatic.  You can head over to their website at and enter your email address and be treated to a free download of “Heartbreakers“. If you are lucky enough to be in the New York area, I hope you make it out to their next upcoming show on February 25th at Webster Hall in New York City. They will be playing with The Unlikely Candidates, whom we featured last year and The Vegabonds.

We will keep you updated on the release date of their new album. For now, make sure to visit their social media sites for all their latest news. We will see if we can bring you an interview with Tomorrows soon.

~ Marisol

Information & Links:

Tomorrows Band


I have the perfect band for you to start your weekend off right. Straight from New York City, Glam Rockers, WICKED are here to rock your world. They are set to play Rocklahoma in May and I am really looking forward to catching their heavy leather heels hit that stage. These guys are delivering energy fueled rock and roll doused in ultra glam sleaze that will have you bringing out your Wicked side! Hold on tight, it is going to be a hell of a ride and a whole lot of fun!

Time to check out their video for one of my favorite songs, “Trashed Youth” which they performed at the Uptown Theatre opening up for John Waite:

We had the chance to catch up with Wicked and it is time for you to get to know them too:

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Music Junkie Press:  How did you guys form Wicked?

Wicked: WICKED began when two brothers, Chad Michael and Danny Doll, set out to capture the steamy emotion and explosive battle of 1970s Rock & Roll. JP Clubs followed suit and the band began to cultivate their songwriting. They combined the bombast and larger-than-life energy of Kiss with the seductive alien stardust of Ziggy, and the gutsy machismo and vocal harmonies of Starz. From these elements and under influence of intense heat and pressure, WICKED crystallized into the pure essence of Rock & Roll. WICKED completed their hand with jack of diamonds, Scotty V, and the boys immediately slammed their heavy leather heels onto the stage. The WICKED boys, with 100,000 watts of personality, exude the attitudes of Las Vegas, Hollywood, and NYC. Come join the Wild Ones, roll the dice, and wave the sleazy flag of Rock & Roll!

* * *

Music Junkie Press: Tell us about Wicked and what we can look forward to from you guys in 2013?

Wicked: 2013 is going to be a big year for WICKED! Everyone’s been very anxious to hear something from the All American Glam Rockers…and 2013 is the year we are going to make a big noise! We have some big performances coming up like two premier nights at America’s largest 80’s festival Rocklahoma and much more! WICKED has also been in and out of the studio tracking a massive catalogue of demos preparing for the debut album and all the surprises that come with it!

* * *

Music Junkie Press:  What was the first album/cd you ever bought?

Wicked: The first CD ever bought by Danny and Chad was a double purchase. We couldn’t decide between Kiss – Destroyer and AC/DC – Highway to Hell…so we got BOTH! Been rocking ever since thanks to those albums!

* * *

Music Junkie Press: If you could take any song from any other genre and turn it into a Wicked style, what would it be?

Wicked: The thing about WICKED is we don’t fall into a genre except Rock ‘N Roll, but we take in music from a vast amount of influences. It would be hard to take a song from another genre or band, because what we play comes from the depths of our rebel souls! The only way to get it on is with a killer WICKED tune!

* * *

Music Junkie Press: Dream lineup. If you could have three bands/artists living or dead to play a concert with, who would they be?

Wicked: The original KISS lineup; Paul, Gene, Ace, and Peter, New York Dolls with Johnny Thunders, and one of our favorites… STARZ !!! All playing with the thunderous WICKED would be a show of a lifetime!

* * *

Music Junkie Press:  Band or Artist that most inspired you to get into music?

Wicked:  We all have had different influences like Aerosmith, The Beatles, AC/DC, and KISS who showed us that the raw energy and passion could be like a miracle every time it is presented on stage…but I believe we were truly brought together by some other force or chance…the circumstances between us all meeting is just too weird to be just a coincidence!

* * *

Music Junkie Press:  If you could go back and give your 14 year old self, any advice what would it be?

Wicked:  All the struggles and low times in life…loss of friends, love, or family will make you who you are and will come out in your music! Just keep yourself focused because music, your hard work, and upbeat attitude will prevail… you have a great future!

* * *

Music Junkie Press: Any upcoming shows we should know about?

Wicked: As we mentioned before we will be premiered at the festival of the year; Rocklahoma, on both Thursday May 23rd and Sunday May 26th! Playing alongside legends like Guns ‘N Roses, Alice in Chains, Cheap Trick, RATT, and much much more! Don’t miss WICKED this May and into the summer…we have some incredible surprises for you!

* * *

Music Junkie Press: What are three things that you can tell us about Wicked that we wouldn’t know?

Wicked: Here we go… WICKED members have never been in any previous bands, it has only been one year since we have joined forces in the pursuit of Rock ‘N Roll (with so much accomplished already), and the band and its management team are like one big family…always hanging like a gang, sharing dinners, laughs, and life’s ups and downs! We have no plan of stopping until we are at the top! Join us and bring back Rock ‘N Roll domination!

Thank you Music Junkie Press for interviewing us and supporting Rock ‘N Roll! Don’t forget to visit us at or tweet & instagram @wickedrocknroll

 * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It is amazing how much this band has accomplished in such a short amount of time. These guys have incredible determination and we wish them the best of luck. So what are you waiting for? Let’s all get WICKED and bring back Rock ‘N Roll domination! I know I am ready for it. I leave you with their video of their song “Beautiful Stranger”. I love this one!

~ Crank it up loud, Marisol

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