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Today our Bottle Rock Napa Featured Band is No AgeNo Age is the duo of Dean Spunt and Randy Randall. Together they bring a fun side to music with vibrant energy and well written tracks. Their music can be described as anywhere between skater or surf punk, fuzz rock, pop punk,or  shoe gaze.  They set out with one particular rule in mind:” To write songs that we would be psyched to listen to”.Their songs are full of high energy, catchy melodies and create the perfect attitude, whether it be full of angst or rebellion or mood setting stabilizer.  

They currently have their new record An Object out on Sub Pop Records. Their songs take upon a life of their own and you can feel their influences rise to the top in each song. Whether you are capturing a punk vibe or the swirling guitars, you are captivated by the sound as it emotionally draws you in. There is something so ethereal about the vocals as they transcend the levels from shoe gaze to heavier strides. Their new album An Object was perfect proof all of their hard work as they performed, recorded, produced, and prepared and assembled the entirety of the physical packaging of it. With this attention to detail, you are able to really appreciate the passion that these two have in their music. I look forward to their performance at this year’s Bottle Rock Napa Festival.   Here is our quick band feature:

Band Members:

  • Dean Spunt
  • Randy Randall


Music:  AN OBJECT out on Sub Pop Records and available on Itunes, Amazon or SubPop

Songs to Check out: I am Not Your Generator which is available on Itunes here:



Bottle Rock Napa Set: May 31, 2014

Check them out out and make sure to visit their social media sites for the latest news. Also mark your calendars for the weekend of May 30- June 1st for the Bottle Rock Napa. You can get more details about the festival and pick up your tickets at  You can check out below all the bands that have been announced and there are still more to come. Stay tuned for a new band featured each day for Bottle Rock Napa.


~ Marisol

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