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Music. Music is so many things to me. Music inspires me. Music energizes me. Music heals me. Music touches me.

So many times in my life, whether they were good or bad, I can always remember that Music was right there to be part of it and to be my cheering section or my support team. My true friend has always been Music. I am so grateful to have Music in my life.

Today I wanted to share with you a special time in my life and how music again, is there for me. I had the opportunity to listen to a new song by one of my favorite new bands, “While She Waits“. The song is “Face Behind the Gates”. I listened to it and was truly mesmerized by it. It brought me to a special place and to remember a special person. It was even more eerie because after I listened to it, I reread the post about the song and how it was written by the singer James Ryan Cole and was about his daughter he lost in 1994. There it was the connection that just stung me for a bit. That is what I heard in that song, all the love and beauty came out of that song and that is what reminded me of my own daughter Julia who I lost 10 years ago. Julia will always be in my heart.

This song captures the true beauty of eternal love and it truly embraces my soul and reminds me it will all be alright and one day I will see my Julia again. I smiled after and was happy to share the song with others since I wanted them to feel the amazing exhilaration that this beautiful song brings.

So please take time out of  your day to sit back and listen to a touching wonderful song, “Face Behind the Gates” by While She Waits 

~Peace, Marisol

Take a listen to their new  song on Reverbnation.


James Cole
James Cole – Lead Vocals
Tommy Gibbons
Tommy Gibbons – Guitars, Vocals
Tim Rooen
Tim Rooen – Guitars
Blake Jordan
Blake Jordan – Bass Guitar
Aaron Belk
Aaron Belk – Drums

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