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We have always loved Michael Vampire and his work with Vampires Everywhere. Today Michael has announced a new chapter in his musical journal and we are very excited to follow and support him all the way. Earlier today Michael posted the following on Facebook:


I would like to personally welcome you to the new chapter in my life “The Killing Lights”. As most of you know I was involved in a near fatal car accident many years back. I feel the name The Killing Lights properly represents my struggle with this tragic event & the new chapter in my music career. We will be entering the studio in 2014 to record our debut record on Century MediaRecords. CMR has been amazing with this transition & their positive energy towards the change has been awesome. We will be doing a UK Tour in Feb. to give a glimpse of what’s to come. I have so much respect for my loyal VE fans over the years that have fought with us & stuck by us on every turn. I cannot wait for you to hear the new TKL music & see us live. Check back on Monday to hear a new demo. I love all of you & I’m excited for this next chapter in my life!

Michael V

We are very excited to hear new music and can’t wait for a tour from The Killing Lights. So make sure to head over to their social media sites and stay up to date.  We will try and see if we can bring you an interview as well.

Also, if you don’t have it already make sure to pick up Vampires Everywhere album Hellbound and Heartless which is filled with my favorite songs like Star of 666, Drug of Choice, Unholy Eyes,  and Amanda’s Song. You can pick it up here.

UPDATE NOV. 11, 2013 – The Killing Lights  posted their demo for “Don’t Turn Around”  and you can take a listen here. This song just is awesome some amazing guitar work and the vocals…. I LOVE IT!!!! I am even more excited if that is even possible for what The Killing Lights has in store for us!!! 

~ Marisol

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Michael Vampire

Michael Vampire – Photo Credits: Linda Emord, Eye Shutter 4 U

Long before the popularity of Twilight or True Blood, there were the Vampire classics like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Bela Lugosi and my personal favorite, The Lost Boys. It is from these classics that Michael Vampire of  Vampires Everywhere!  drew on these influences and became inspired.  Their sound is a blend of industrial metal/rock and is currently described as shock rock. I have recently been listening to their latest CD, “Hellbound and Heartless” and with high energy songs like  ‘Drug of Choice” or “Star of 666” you can easily get hooked.  A couple of my other earlier favorites are “Undead Heart” and “Immortal Love”, and have a great industrial/alternative rock sound to them. You can really hear their influence of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie but with a more updated edgier sound to it that I thing makes them stand out. Time to let your dark side out to come and play.

Vampires Everywhere! recently headlined at the world famous Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip earlier this week. Frontman Michael Vampire, Chris Christ and  DJ Black on guitar, Miles Rogers on bass and JJ Gun on drums put on quite a show.  Sadly we were unable to personally attend but we did get some great photos by Linda Emord of Eye Shutter 4 U that you can take a look at in our slide show.  Linda said it was a great show with great stage presence and she loved the music. She had never heard of them before but is now a new fan!   If you take a listen to Vampires Everywhere! you too will instantly become a new fan!

The Whisky had a packed house that night. Everyone came out for this show including fellow Los Angeles musicians.  Justin Emord, bassist from Love and a .38 was at the show and had this to say:

“Vampires Everywhere put on a solid show. Michael is a great frontman and had awesome command over the audience. The lead guitarist had some major metal chops and was not afraid to show the crowd his skills. The drummer all night was a blast to watch as he added flash and flare to the show by spinning and throwing his sticks and made it clear to everyone how much fun he was having. That kind of energy and enthusiasm is quite contagious and is always a joy to see expressed on stage.” 

That just describes a show that we need to get out and enjoy.  Michael Vampire is currently working on writing for their new record but they will be playing  on August 10th for the 15th Anniversary party of Bar Sinister in Hollywood. This show will sell out so make sure to get your tickets early!  We don’t want to miss this one so get your tickets and come join us for the party, it is time for Vampires Everywhere!

~ Enjoy, Marisol


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