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Japanese rock band Maximum The Hormone will make two appearances in North America this fall.  First, at Knotfest October 25 being staged at the San Manuel Amphitheater in California, and then on the 27th the band perform their sole U.S. headlining appearance of the year at New York City’s Best Buy Theater.

Band Members:

  • UE- CHANG – Bass
  • DAISUKE-HAN – Vocals
  • NAO – Drums &  Vocals
  • MAXIMUM THE RYOKUN – Guitar &  Vocals


The band has been active touring overseas over the last year.  From September, 2013 through April, 2014, they staged 56 shows in the Yoshu Fukashu Tour supporting their July release titled 5th.  It marked the first new repertoire from the studio issued in six years.  Earlier in 2013 the band appeared at Ozzfest Japan alongside Black Sabbath, Slipknot and Tool.  Throughout MTH’s career, the band has achieved great success on the European continent and across Asia.  Their last visit to the U.S was six years ago in 2008 for a national tour with Dropkick Murphys.

MTH‘s music has struck a deep connection with audiences across the globe, and is best defined as a amalgamation of fierce, heavy sound stirred within pop, catchy melodies that deliver a uniquely tied marriage. The Ryo-kun’s lyrics can appear to be meaningless at times, but he works within metaphor and sarcasm frequently cloaking the band’s messages.  The words are mostly in the Japanese language, sung within well constructed arrangements  that are very rhythmic and streamy.  They are one of a kind in the Japanese music scene, and continually are spotted at the top of the sales charts whenever the band releases new work.

Make sure to not miss these rare performances!

~ Marisol

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