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The Aftershock Festival last month was filled with amazing artists and one of the bands that truly stood out was Finnish band, HIM.  HIM has been consistently delivering their self titled brand of music, “Love Metal” since 1991. They have had a sound that has captured audiences of all ages and genres. What was great to see at the Aftershock Festival were the expanded audience that ranged young kids to seasoned rockers.

I truly can’t wait for HIM to return for another show here in  California. We had tickets to see them in Hollywood and San Francisco during their North American tour. Unfortunately they had to cancel the night of the Hollywood show due to Ville Valle’s severe asthma attack which led to pneumonia. We were actually staying at The Grafton on the Sunset Strip walking back from Soundcheck and we actually saw the ambulance that took Ville away. We are glad Ville is doing better and happy to see how strong they have come back and put on a hell of an amazing performance at Aftershock.

You can check out the Tribute Video that Rockin Ryan made which includes photos and footage of their set at Aftershock.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and pick up their album, “Tears on Tape” which is available everywhere or download it on Itunes here. 

~ Marisol

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