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Killin Theory

This Tuesday I want to treat you to something special. I look outside and the leaves are starting to change colors, it is a very muggy/hazy day. I need some special music to make this a great day…. Well for Tuesdays Travels, let’s head out to Qazvin, Iran and introduce you to Killin Theory for some intense progressive instrumental.

Killin Theory is three guys, Richie, Donnie and Dave who started their band 4 years ago and together have written over 85 songs! They are currently ranked No. 1 in Iran for Prog/Rock/Instrumental and that is no surprise, after you take a listen to their song, “Roll on Journey” which they just released on July 30th.  You can head over to Reverbnation and take a listen here  or click picture below:


I know I am telling you about this band fairly early since they have only two songs posted, but I think these guys are going to really take off once they start posting more of their vast collection of songs. Truly virtuosic and polished performances and I am looking forward to hearing more from them.

~ Marisol


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