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I have told you earlier about the new album that Full Devil Jacket from Jackson, TN has been working hard on. Well the time has almost arrived for you to get that much anticipated album in your pretty little rockin hands!  Their album, Valley of Bones is set for a January 20th, 2014 release. I just got a first hand listen to the album and I need to tell you….. IT FUCKIN ROCKS!  From start to finish; AMAZING ALBUM!! 

Valley of Bones

It might have been 12 years since their last release but if you have listened to them today, you wouldn’t have guessed it. They are focused, passionate and determined at bringing their big sound rock to your ears. Under the management of Southern Dirt Coalition, Full Devil Jacket put their passion into action and created an incredible album that everyone must be so proud of. The album was recorded with Justin Rimer (12 Stones) at Cross Trax in Memphis TN and includes many special guests like Zach Myers (Shinedown), Jeff Caughron (Jessta James), Paul McCoy (12 Stones),Justin Rimer (12 Stones), Jason Null (Saving Abel) and Evan Thomas (Ghost in the Machine).

I love it when I listen to a new for the first time and within the first 15 seconds, I am intrigued and excited for what the rest of the album will bring. Well, with Full Devil Jacket‘s Valley of Bones, it didn’t even take that long! Within the first 5 seconds, it grabs a hold of you and hold on for a hell of a ride.  The first track, Killers, is a bad ass song to start right off with and I can see that one being a heavy contender for the next single.

Of course, next is the awesome hit 7 Times Down that we have all fallen in love with. It rocks with with catchy lyrics and fierce guitars. You can’t help but move! 7 Times Down has rapidly gained attention as it has been added to 33 stations in the US and been played on Octane and Faction radio as well as 13 independent Internet radio stations. Everyone has been talking about that song. Their music brings a culmination of everything from Alice in Chains, PANTERA, Rob Zombie, Pearl Jam and so much more.

The album continues on with one favorite after another. You literally can’t go wrong with this one. So many times people head over and pick and choose songs when they buy from Itunes and this is not the album for that since you will find yourself buying every song!  So instead, head over to their site and get your pre-order in now!

Another standout from the album is Desert Floor,  which is brilliant and the vocals and lyrics, are just soul touching. Another song,  Picture Box Voodoo brings out a Rob Zombie-esque style but with more melodic alternative edge that I love. The guitar work in Time in the Flames is fierce and the cool riff brings it all together. All the songs are so well written and it makes you really appreciate the attention to detail this band put in to creating a complete work of art.  August is one of those songs that will literally wrap itself around you like a warm safe hug and give you hope.

Right after their album release, Full Devil Jacket will set out on touring and are already booked for three festivals. It won’t be long after, that we will get to catch them out on their Valley of Bones Tour. Make sure to visit their social media sites and keep up to date on the latest tour dates on their website  So get ready for Valley of Bones by Full Devil Jacket. The perfect way to start off 2014 with a spectacular album!

~ Crank it up loud, Marisol

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