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Heavy hard rockers, Throne of Vengeance are putting out a call for help in locating their stolen trailer. They have reported that their trailer was stolen from their storage unit just east of Calgary, Alberta Canada. So please take a look at the picture and share it so we can hopefully locate the unit.

Description: The trailer has TOV lettering spray painted in red on the passenger side, a chrome checker plate splash guard on the front, a white roof vent, and an interstate shield decal on both sides at the rear. License plate #4DC181.



If you don’t already have it, pick up their EP, Live Evil. “‘Live Evil’ is “a collection of songs based on our experiences in the last two years, covering everything from a close friend’s imprisonment for a victim-less crime to the realization of humanity’s demise to the contrast between good and evil and life and death,” says drummer Trevor Cobb.

If there’s anything we would like people to take away from the record, it’s that you should be your own person, do what makes you happy, be aware of your world and be real. We have the power to control our own destiny. Together, we are more powerful than any world leader.”

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. I will leave you with a video of their performance during Calgary’s Metal Fest.

~ Marisol


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rubicon cross

Get ready for some bad ass heavy and hard rock/metal with Rubicon Cross. Rubicon Cross featuring award winning vocalist C J Snare (from multi-Platinum selling, world renowned band, Firehouse) and guitar virtuoso Chris Green (of Pride/Furyon) and began as the two met on stage at a rock festival in Madrid. They soon added fPride/Furyon bassist Simon Farmery (who co-wrote, “Save Me Within”), Seventh Omen drummer Robert Behnke, and second guitarist Jeff Lerman, RUBICON CROSS became a band of brothers, willing to tackle the music, the road, and bring life to these songs of fight, commitment, and connection. The band is set to release their full length self titled debut album on May 19th via INgrooves.

RUBICON CROSS was recorded at Black Dog Studios in Atlanta GA and Snare Bear Studios in Milwaukee WI, with Ken (Grand) Lanyon and C J engineering. The album was mixed and mastered by award-winning, Platinmum-selling producer / engineer, Rick Beato.  All songs were written by C J Snare and Chris Green except “Save Me Within” which was penned by C J Snare, Chris Green and Simon Farmery.  Their first single, Bleed With Me is a bad ass heavy song with fierce guitars, thundering drums and powerful vocals. Check it out here:


This song really has us excited for the new album! RUBICON CROSS is set on delivering some heavy hard melodic modern rock that you will have to hear! You can take a look at the track listing for the new album:

  • Locked And Loaded
  • Next Worse Enemy
  • Bleed With Me
  • Save Me Within
  • You Will Remember Me
  • Moving On
  • R U Angry
  • Shine
  • Kill Or Be Killed
  • All The Little Things

We will keep you updated and you should also make sure to visit their social media sites at the links listed below.

~ Marisol

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Opening up for Swedish rockers, Truckfighters was a great heavy rock band from Oakland. Blackwülf put on an incredible set at the DNA Lounge last month. I was glad to have caught them live since I had heard about them but never had the opportunity to see them live.

Blackwülf have a great heavy deep rock sound reminiscent of Tool or Alice In Chains but with more edge/blues in their guitars that I love and a grunge feel to the vocals!  They really put on an excellent show and I am looking forward to more Bay Area shows. Check out the tribute video that Rockin Ryan made with footage and photos from their San Francisco set:


You can pick up their new Limited Edition 12″ Red Vinyl of Mind Traveler as well as some cool merchandise on their website here:  Also make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date if they have any shows near you. They are a band, you don’t want to miss!

~ Marisol

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Cold Black

Last year I told you about a great Heavy Hard Rock band, Cold Black. You can read more about them here. I described them as “having a great heavy sound that reminds me of  some of my favorite bands, like Asking Alexandria blended with Black Veil Brides and a touch of Motley Crue old school style!”.

They have just released a new video for their song, “These Lips Will Go Blue” and it is BAD ASS all the way!!! They have also added Jeff Polson for bass which Victor Rimpler  was handling before with his KILLER vocals. Then you have Alex Rimpler and Martin Dupoint on guitars and Jamal Aaron Gordon on drums.Check out the video here:


The new song is off of their upcoming EP “In Motion” which is set for a December 15th release on Itunes. The new video deo which is produced by Tony Gammalo at Spider Studios, Olmsted Falls, Ohio. I love Cold Black and so wish they would come out here to California. We need more of their music. 

So make sure to take a listen and crank up some Cold Black! Share the video with your friends and visit their social media sites!

~ Enjoy, Marisol

In Motion




Nonpoint delivers a shot of adrenaline with every song off of their self-titled ninth studio album.  If you have been a long time fan of Nonpoint, then you know that this album captures their high energy charisma that exudes from their music.  Even though the album was released late 2012, it has been having quite a successful run with the singles off it. The first single “Left for You” had everyone take notice of this album. They had some lineup changes and in 2011 it was like the rebirth of Nonpoint. You really could feel the energetic synergy that these guys were creating and couldn’t help be drawn to their music.  You can pick up your copy at your local music store, Best Buy or head over to Itunes for download.


Nonpoint has been touring quite extensively every since the release of the album and have a grueling schedule that has had them on tour across the country. They have a lot more shows too, so make sure to check out the tour dates below. The album then had great success with their next single, ” I Said It” and most recently “That Day” and they are still more great songs to come.  We had the opportunity to chat with one of the founding members and drummer, Robb Rivera. Take a listen as Robb tells us about their new album, the inspiration behind his clothing line and lots of other great details. So please check it out here:


We are very excited to find out more about Robb’s clothing line Standstrong and hope to keep you updated on a launch date. I am also very excited about knowing a new album is in the WORKS!!  Nonpoint is currently out on tour and are going to be on the Shiprocked Cruise in January! In addition to catching them at one of their upcoming shows, take a look at their VIP packages which include meet and greets, posters and even some Q & A with the band on the bus. You can check availability for your show dates here.  Visit their social media states to stay up to date on upcoming tour dates.   I will leave you with their video for one of my favorite songs, “I Said It”

~ Marisol



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Upcoming Tour Dates: 

  • Sept 4- Bloomington, IL @ Castle Theater With Otherwise
  • Sept 5- Fort Wayne, IN @ The Chameleon WIth Otherwise
  • Sept 6- Milwaukee, Wi @ The Rave With Otherwise
  • Sept 7 – La Crosse, Wi @ Octoberfest Harley Radio Show With Otherwise
  • Sept 8- Minneapolis, MN @ Pov’s
  • Sept 10- Mankato, MN @ Busters
  • Sept 11-Waterloo, IOW @ Spicolis Reverb Rock Garden All Ages, 21 and over after 10PM
  • Sept 12- Rockford, IL @ The District
  • Sept 13- Green Bay, WI @ Distillery w Devour The Day
  • Sept 14- Wausau, WI @ The Fillmoor
  • Sept 17- Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom
  • Sept 18- Memphis, TN @ Newbies
  • Sept 19- Clarksville, TN Warehouse Bar and Grill
  • Sept 20- Little Rock, AR @ Clear Channel Metroplex
  • Sept 21- Gulfport, MS @ WCPR Fest
  • Sept 22- Destin, Fl @ Club LA
  • Sept 24- Charleston, SC @ Music Farm
  • Sept 25- Winston Salem, NC @ Ziggys
  • Sept 26- Willmington, NC @ Ziggys By The Sea
  • Sept 27- Columbus, OH @ A&R Music Bar
  • Sept 28- Elkton, MD Mid Atlantic Rock Festival
  • Oct 12- Woodstock, VA @ Shenadoah County Fairgrounds (Cook Off)
  • Jan 26- Miami Fl, @ Shiprocked Cruise
  • Jan 27- Miami, Fl @ Shiprocked Cruise
  • Jan 28- Miami, Fl @ Shiprocked Cruise
  • Jan 29- Miami, Fl @ Shiprocked Cruise
  • Jan 30- Miami, Fl @ Shiprocked Cruise

I have been listening lately to some great Heavy Hard Rock by the Danish Band, Cold Black. I discovered them a few weeks ago and have been anxiously waiting for their EP which is just released. They have a great heavy sound that reminds me of  some of my favorite bands, like Asking Alexandria blended with Black Veil Brides and a touch of Motley Crue old school style! Leave it to the Danish to give us some new awesome hard hitting rock as we continue to thank them for the great gift of Lars Ulrich.

So coming from their hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark; Cold Black is Victor “Terry” Rimpler on Vocals and Bass, Alex Rimpler and Martin “Sane” Dupont on guitars and Jamal Aaron Gordon on drums. They have just released their new video which is produced by Torben Packert, and has Patrick Dræby Ravn on cameras/editing along with Production by Tobias Wiig Jørgensen, Lucas Haim & Pernille Bitsch and the assistance of Patrick Schouw & Anders Elgaard. Victor blends his charismatic chorus with his awesome hard hitting vocals and his pounding bass that is reminiscent of great Gene Simmons of Kiss. Then you get to enjoy the double trouble of Alex and Martin on guitars. Now you throw in Jamal on the drums who loves that ride cymbal bell after his drum fills that will have you wanting more! I hope these guys head out here to the States for some shows because their sound is one that we need more of in live shows!

The video is for their song, “A Song Unsung” which will be on their new EP “From Scratch” that is out on Spotify and Itunes. It has four great songs to get you familiar with their music and I can’t wait to hear more from them. Make sure to go and buy their EP, you will be happy to add them to your Heavy Rock Playlist.

Here is their new video for their song:

Make sure to take a listen and crank up some Cold Black!

~ Enjoy, Marisol

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Cold Black Twitter:      www.twitter.comColdBlackMusic

Cold Black Youtube: 

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