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Ghost Season from Athens, Greece definitely caught my attention with their new EP, Ghosts Like Her. The five song EP delivers a true taste of the talents of this band. They can be described as a blend of metal, progressive and hard rock.

Their EP starts right off with the fierce track, Alive and that is exactly how you feel when you are smacked in the face with those heavy guitars and a beat that just has you headbanging throughout. Those drums! I love the intensity and the dueling guitars just kick ass and we can’t forget to mention that epic guitar solo. The melodic vocals have a great 80’s rock vibe without overdoing it. They at times remind me of a lovechild of Stone Temple Pilots, Queensryche and Bullet For My Valentine yet in no way imitate. These guys have created their own unique sound that will soon have everyone taking notice of them and come to love Ghost Season.

Ghosts Like Her once again delivers those guitars that just grab you. This is a bit heavier of a track and with the addition of the dueling vocals take on a heavier stand at times quite like the modern metalcore of today but yet maintaining a melodic tone instead of unintelligible screams. I really like it and the precision drumming grabs your attention. The guitars are just sweet in this track and leave you swirling as the powerful vocals draw you right back in.

The Bleed may start off as aslower song but has a tremendous amount of depth to it. It is like a metal ballad since it carries so much more weight than the traditional slow rock ballad. The vocals carry such emotion and you can feel the passion as the guitars once again take you away. It has emotionally driven lyrics and is a solid stand out track on this EP.

Father Time delivers a superb groovy bass line at the intro and here is where the progressive metal/rock take over. It is intense, from the drums, the guitars, the bass, to the vocals. All around a ferocious song with melodic vocals. This song brings out an alternative edge to it that displays the versatile songwriting of this band. This is no cookie cutter band, they can deliver songs that shine on their individual merit.

The EP ends with my favorite track, Need and it not only has emotionally driven lyrics but dramatic vocals that carry such conviction with each lyric. It brings out a clean hard rock sound that can find itself catching the attention of a variety of genres. Truly great work and I look forward to what is next for them. Check out the song here:

You can pick up Ghosts Like Her on iTunes here. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

  • Nick Lountos – Vocals
  • Nick Christolis – Guitars
  • Nash Sinner – Guitars
  • Dorian Gates – Bass
  • Chris Grekas – Drums

~ Marisol

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