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If you have been like us, your Wednesdays were the highlight of the week to watch Make or Break The Linda Perry Project on Vh1. Whether you are a big fan of Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes), a musician, involved in the music industry, or simply tuned in to the show because it looked interesting, it was one of the best shows from this summer to watch. Linda not only took the viewer into her studios, but she took us on the musical journey of all the artists. It was great to watch her profound advice make such an impact on each and every one. Sometimes, you might have watched and wondered what she was really thinking… but then as time passed, each and every action was for the right reason. Linda not only helped the musicians with their music but she was also a source of self introspection, reflection, self awareness and healing, all the while giving the tools to each musician to grow and blossom into something magical.

Now that the season is over, Linda did offer two of the final musicians (Candice Martello and Anjuli Stars) but also to work with Aimee Bessada. In the end, all the musicians delivered amazing performances on the last night. You can check out the new EP which features six of the artists from the show.

The EP starts off with Candice Martello and her song, Hard On Myself. It begins with a country twangy vibe and then her compelling vocals set in. She really is spectacular and the country feel is like a triumph of emotions at a Western high noon shoot out. Very creative and quite unique style, definitely a fave of mine.

Next up is the next artist to receive a record deal, Anjuli Stars and her song, Open the Door. She is a very talented rapper and she also has a beautiful singing voice that I hope to hear more of on her album. She is quite an empowering woman and her power shines through.

Aimee Bessada performs her song, Stills and this is my favorite track off the EP. Aimee brings out a raw emotion that truly is spine tingling. I literally got shivers the first time I heard her sing it. The song has a very Radiohead Creep vibe, not in any way imitating, since Aimee really  has her own unique style. It just takes me back to that slow intro and intense build up that I love as the emotions are catapulted through the song.  I am really looking forward to hearing more from Aimee and watch her as her musical career takes off.

Gabriel Mayers performs Too Close to the Sun and what an amazing transformation this young man went through, from singing covers to writing and performing his own songs. Gabriel has a great voice and if you have watched his covers before, you would agree with the fact that he is amazingly talented. I think he will continue to amaze us as he continues to grow into his own and write songs that capture his emotions.

Burn With It by Hunter Valentine was a nice surprise and is another one of my favorites. To watch this band go through the ups and downs of losing a band member, changing their sound and literally reforming their band, and the struggles of two member band. Then to witness these two create such a great song as Burn With It, gives you the reassurance that they are doing exactly what they are supposed to. This band is definitely going to continue to grab everyone’s attention. Kiyomi’s vocals bring this dark mysterious vibe that is absolutely mesmerizing. The tones and sultriness in her voice are captivating and she reminds me of a young Chrissy Hinde. This is the one band that I really look forward to seeing perform live since they bring out an infectious energy that I crave.

The last song It’s Coming Up by Vanjess. The song does show that the two girls have wonderful vocals and has an upbeat soulful pop style. When you really listen to the vocals, you get glimpses of their range which will leave you interested in checking out their music further and see if the emotions breakthrough.

All in all, the songs are quite varied styles which leaves you with an appreciation for the art of music. I hope you get a chance and pick it up and listen to all the songs. Also, check out all the episodes of Make Or Break so you can really appreciate the journeys that brought each musician to the song they performed. It will make them even more special when you listen. For me, music has been there for me through my ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations, helped me, healed me, inspired me and to know music is to know life. Maybe one of these songs will make that connection for you.

Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t – Johnny Depp

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence – Robert Fripp

Music is an outburst of the soul – Frederick Delius

Music is a second language to my heart – Mara Arps

Now what would really make me happy is to see a Linda Perry Project Tour with the musicians! Make sure to pick up the EP, which is  available on iTunes and Amazon. Also check out our article on the new single by Linda Perry’s alter-ego BluStone.

~ Marisol

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