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The soulful folk pop singer, Alexz Johnson is set to perform at the Official 2014 CMJ Marathon. She will be playing several shows including the Big Picture Media Showcase at The Living Room in Brooklyn. Alexz recently announced her upcoming full length album, Let ‘Em Eat Cake which was produced by David Kahne (Stevie Nicks, Regina Spektor, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen) and will be released on October 14th. You can check out the title track here:

The song truly captures the sultry vocals of Alexz which carry a great depth of tone and passion as she sings. She has an amazing range and you will be captivated when her powerful vocals take charge.   In support of her new album, Alexz is joining Jared & The Mill on a Fall tour that will kick off October 16th in Boston, MA and wrap on December 6th in Philadelphia.Check out the dates below and I hope you will get a chance to catch her at a show:

Tour Dates:

*With Jared & The Mill

  • Oct 16                         Boston MA                                        Café 939*
  • Oct 17                         Providence RI                                   The Spot Underground*
  • Oct 18                         Burlington VT                                    Higher Ground*
  • Oct 19                         Northampton MA                               Iron Horse Music Hall*
  • Oct 21                         Portland ME                                       Empire*
  • Oct 22                         Brooklyn NY                                    The Living Room – CMJ
  • Oct 23                         New York NY                                   The Marlin @ Webster Hall- CMJ
  • Oct 25                         Toronto ON                                        El Mocambo*
  • Oct 26                         Cleveland OH                                   Cambridge Room*
  • Oct 28                         Pittsburgh PA                                    Hard Rock Café*
  • Oct 30                         Indianapolis IN                                  Radio Radio*
  • Oct 31                         Chicago IL                                         Space*
  • Nov 2                          Madison WI                                       High Noon Saloon*
  • Nov 3                          Minneapolis MN                               7th St. Entry*
  • Nov 4                          Omaha NE                                        Reverb Lounge*
  • Nov 6                          Kansas City, MO                              Riot Room*
  • Nov 8                          Denver CO                                        Moe’s*
  • Nov 9                          Salt Lake City UT                             The Loading Dock*
  • Nov 10                        Jackson Hole WY                            Million Dollar Cowboy Bar (Free Show)*
  • Nov 12                        Portland OR                                      Mississippi Studio*
  • Nov 13                        Seattle WA                                        El Corazon*
  • Nov 14                        Boise ID                                             Revolution Concert House*
  • Nov 16                        San Francisco CA                           Hotel Utah*
  • Nov 18                        Santa Barbara                                  Soho House*
  • Nov 19                        San Diego CA                                  Soda Bar*
  • Nov 20                        Los Angeles                                      Bootleg Theater*
  • Nov 21                        Phoenix AZ                                       Crescent Ballroom*
  • Nov 24                        Santa Fe NM                                     Skylight*
  • Nov 26                        Houston TX                                       Bronze Peacock @ HOB*
  • Nov 28                        Dallas TX                                          Cambridge Room @ HOB*
  • Nov 29                        Austin TX                                           Stubbs Jr.*
  • Dec 1                          Birmingham AL                                 The Nick
  • Dec 2                          Nashville TN                                     12th & Porter
  • Dec 3                          Atlanta GA                                          Smith’s Olde Bar
  • Dec 4                          Charlotte NC                                      Double Door
  • Dec 6                          Philadelphia PA                                World Café Live


Make sure to visit her social media sites and stay up to date on her latest news. Be sure to pick up her new album this week.

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Jesse Denaro has announced a US Fall Tour in support of his new album, Dear Love. The tour will also feature Animal Flag. Singer/Songwriter Jesse has done a wonderful job at creating an album full of emotionally driven lyrics, songs that connect the listener and engages them on his musical journey.  It is quite a superb journey to be a passenger on as you will experience the ups and downs of life, love and loss. I can only imagine how wonderful it will be to experience the music live. Jesse posted the following about the tour:

Hey Guys!

This fall I am embarking on my first ever full US tour! I am going out with my best friend Animal Flag and we are supporting both of our new albums (“Dear, Love” & his upcoming self titled EP coming this Fall). Touring takes a lot of time, preparation and money, so if you have a spare dollar or two head over to iTunes, band camp or whatever and pick up “Dear, Love” or any older releases from Matt. All the support is appreciated!
We hope to see you at these shows. Share this post, tag a friend who lives in the area, bring a friend to a show, tell your parents or pets or whatever. Let’s make this awesome.
The shows that say ‘TBA’ we are still looking for shows, so please feel free to help us book those dates. WE WANT TO PLAY SHOWS IN YOUR HOUSE OR VENUE OR WHATEVER FOR YOUR FRIENDS.
Details on each show will be released closer to the start of tour.


The tour poster includes many LA dates and we are hoping that a Northern California one will be added soon. Check the dates and see if they will be coming to a venue near you.


You can pick up Jesse’s new album, Dear Love on  iTunes You can check out one of my favorite tracks, Young & Naive here:


Jesse‘s music is magical and his honest emotions shine through his passionate vocals with such a vulnerability yet a sense of comforting. It is an album that you will fall in love with, regardless of what your main love of music may be. His sound transcends the blurred lines of genres and creates a clarity through song.  I will leave you with my absolute favorite track which I must have played a dozen times this morning! The Grand La Monz:


Make sure to pick up Dear Love on  iTunes and also visit his social media sites and stay up to date on his latest news.

~ Marisol

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 Dear Love


Great news to share! Ani DiFranco is set to release a new album, Allergic To Water on October 14th through her own label, Righteous Babe Records. The album was tracked by herself at her New Orleans home, often while her family slept and creates a hushed vibe to the album. Ani explained more about the album during a statement on her site:

Mostly I worked alone in headphones, in the wee hours, while my family slept. It was empowering but terrifying to have the buck stop with me again in terms of the mixes. The recordings are documents of my current touring band (recorded by Mike in our old victorian house in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans and also by Andy Taub at a nearby church in the Treme) just laying down the songs.

“Many also feature a couple of very choice special guests. My killer band these days consists of bassist and composer Todd Sickafoose, who not only brings an always wonderful and unexpected counterpoint to my guitar with his bass playing, but is also my secret weapon in terms of production- overdubbing atmospherics and embellishments that add depth and color to the stories I tell.

“My drummer is Terence Higgins, a New Orleans native, who brings that deeply funky pocket that makes me smile so wide, yet all-the-while listening through to the whole picture and really making music with his instrument, not just rhythms. Though most of Terence’s musical incarnations have him playing drum kit, this record really features his hand-percussion prowess- like the congas on “see see see see”, the Mardi Gras Indian style tambourine on “genie” – he nailed it every time.”

We are so excited for the album and can’t wait for it. You can check out the first song Woe Be Gone here:

Once again, Ani treats us with her sweet beautiful music and you can’t help but fall in love with this amazingly talented singer/songwriter/poet. We had the opportunity to catch her performance earlier this year in Napa and it was one of the most magical nights. You can read all about it here:  Ani DiFranco mesmerizes Napa.  Check out a slideshow of photos from that night by our Rockin Ryan:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We will continue to keep you updated and make sure to also visit the social media sites for more news. I hope you take the time out of your busy schedule and put on some Ani DiFranco, one thing is for sure, you will feel alive and vibrant as you soak in her energy and feel her music enter your soul. I would encourage you to head over to and pick up some music today. Also, Not A Pretty Girl is available as a newly re-mastered Vinyl and is a MUST HAVE or make sure you have her latest of her 20 albums, ¿Which Side are You On?,

~ Enjoy, Marisol

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Photo Credit: Ana Cissa Pinto

Photo Credit: Ana Cissa Pinto

Butcher Knives boasts members from four different countries, speak five languages and along with their passports and work visas in hand, they are here to bring a fresh new style of music to the forefront; gypsybilly. Their band is rich in culture which transfers through to their music and with their varying styles, they bring such dimension to their sound. It is like a melting pot of punk, blues, flamenco, rockabilly, bluegrass, folk and so much more.

Take a listen to their song, Misery which is not only catchy but you will find yourself returning to play it again after.


The song reminds me of a blend of Squirrel Nut Zippers meets Barenaked Ladies but fueled with the individuality that is Butcher Knives. Need more Butcher Knives? How about checking out the cinematic video for their song Tell Me Why:

They really capture a freshness with their sound and in a time where a lot of music tends to blend into genres and start sounding too familiar, along comes a band as unique as Butcher Knives to turn the tables upside down and have everyone take notice. This band is definitely deserving of your attention. You can pick up their new album, Misery by visiting iTunes here.

Butcher Knives is:

  • Nacho Segura (Colombia): Vocals/Percussion
  • Nikko Matiz (Colombia): Vocals/Guitar
  • Melissa Elledge (New Orleans): Accordion
  • Tal Galfsky (Israel): Keyboards/Sampler
  • Ethan Cohen (New York City): Banjo/Guita/Vocals
  • Yoni Benshlomo (Israel): Bass/Vocals
  • Mohamed Smires (Morocco): Drums/Vocals


Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. We will see if we can bring you an interview and find out more about Butcher Knives.

~ Marisol

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Photo Credit: Matthew Washburn, Washburn Imagery

Photo Credit: Matthew Washburn, Washburn Imagery

This is a busy week for folk band, Goodnight, Texas. They have released their new album, Uncle John Farquhar that features 11 wonderful songs that take you on a musical journey into the Civil War and Reconstruction era. The tales bring to light memories of a long forgotten generation through the inviting music.

You can pick up the album on iTunes:, Amazon: or order a physical copy at the #GNTX General Store:

UJF Album Cover


1. Hayride
2. Button Your Collar
3. A Bank Robber’s Nursery Rhyme
4. I Just Can’t Stop Leaving Town
5. The Horse (In Which A Girl Was All But Killed)
6. Cold Riders
7. Moonshiners
8. Many Miles From Blacksburg
9. Dearest Sarah
10. Ballad Of A Fair Young Lady
11. Uncle John Farquhar
12. Hello, Nebraska!
13. Knock ‘Em Stiff

You can catch Goodnight, Texas as they set out on tour in support of their album, tour dates listed below. They kick off the tour right here in San Francisco on August 7th at a really cool venue, The Chapel. I was hoping to make it out but I have my Aunt’s rosary. Hope I can catch them when they get back from their tour. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Photo Credit: Adrian Cook

Photo Credit: Adrian Cook

Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t – Johnny Depp

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence – Robert Fripp

Music is an outburst of the soul – Frederick Delius

Music is a second language to my heart – Mara Arps

Those are some of my favorite quotes about music and how it truly can be a soul touching experience. I must tell you about a man whose vocals have touched me like none other. The man is Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu who goes by the name Gurrumul. First, he has a fascinating story which was featured in Rolling Stone that tells how this blind Aborignial man from Australia has captured the hearts of many with his powerfully emotive voice. He truly can open your heart and touch your soul as he sings.

Gurrumul has recently released his self titled album last month through Skinnyfish Music. The album takes you on a journey through your emotions, capturing the essence of an ethereal presence and is powerful that it can move you to tears. It is hard to explain how or what you experience when you listen. It is almost primal or providing such a nurturing safe haven when you listen. For myself, it was like a window to my soul had been opened and I felt the comfort and warmth of my (deceeased) father’s presence. It was not a sadness as much as an awareness of every thread of emotion I was feeling. It was quite overwhelming and empowering at the same time. To have someone’s voice carry such a power is absolutely amazing. Even more so, is the fact that Gurrumul sings in his native tongue Yolngue and it doesn’t matter if the words are even understood. It is mesmerizing and touching.

Check out one of Gurrumul‘s songs here, Wiyathul here:

Gurrumul‘s songs are 40,000 years in the making as he draws on the stories of the Aboriginal culture, which is older than any other known. I strongly encourage you take a listen, pick up the album that just might change your life. Whatever struggles you are going through, challenges in life, dealing with a busy hectic overloaded schedule, do yourself and your soul a favor. Listen to Gurrumul and take in the beauty of his music, you will find yourself floating in the history of his song yet truly feeling  “in the moment”.


We will see if we can bring you more information on Gurrumul and possibly an interview to talk further about his music. I will leave you with another video featuring Sting and Gurrumul performing Every Breath You Take.

~ Marisol

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Photo Credit: Jeff Hann

Photo Credit: Jeff Hann

Mustered Courage is a four piece modern bluegrass band from Melbourne, Australia. They might have the fundamentals of bluegrass, but they have definitely given the genre a facelift with their unique style and sound. Dubbed newgrass, they have brought an alternative edge to the bluegrass scene and have been energizing crowds across the country with their big harmonies and sweet pickings. It would be too limiting to categorize this band as bluegrass because their modern sound blends in everything form country, alternative, and rock. There is something for everyone to enjoy and connect with.

Band Members:

  • Nick Keeling: Vocals/Banjo
  • Julian Abrahams: Vocals/ Guitar
  • Josh Bridges: Vocals/ Bass
  • Paddy Montgomery: Mandolin/Vocals

Mustered Courage have recently released their sophomore album, Powerlines and whether you are a bluegrass aficionado or searching for that new music to add to your playlist, this is the album for you. The songs will take you on a musical journey and it starts right off with the energetic upbeat track of Standing By Your Side. You will find yourself immediately toe tapping as a smile comes across your face as you are excited for this new album.

Album Cover

Cruel Alibis is an amazing song with emotionally driven lyrics that starts off with a sweet serenade style and then picks up to the addition of the picking that has a voice of its own, creating emotions with each note.

Behind the Bullet has a nice country intro and the powerful vocals are really highlighted as they create a Southern style swagger. It has a dynamic string picking solo that gets you fully charged as the rhythm is gliding through your body. Another great song is the track Rosa featuring Kasey Chambers and her voice brings a great warm welcoming tone to the storytelling tale. The heartwarming song, My Hometown swirls a nostalgic air as it has you longing for a return to home, the place where your heart truly lies.

Allegheny takes it up a notch and gets you fully charged with the fierce string picking intro. Once again the strings take on their own emotion and voice which I find captivating. It really will have you in awe on this track as you revel in the precision and meticulous craft of their musicianship.

Towin the Chain is the highlight of the vocals of this band as they deliver a soul touching tale a-capella style that is powerful and impressive. The harmonies just grab a hold of you. Southern Style is just like it sounds a true ode to southern style and you can feel the charm come to life in this song.

The title track Powerlines is sure to stand out and it has a very alternative edge to it. The song brings to the forefront, the versatility of this band and it could easily be the track that draws non-bluegrass listeners into the wonderful world of Mustered Courage. It  has an Americana folk feel as the vocals and lyrics wrap around you to make that emotional connection.

Go To Hell has a high energy beat track and you can’t help but feel charged. Its rhythm enters you and is like a rush of adrenaline to your soul. The strings are spectacular on this track and will have you in admiration of their picking. The vocals have a great rough rawness that is the perfect edge to this song.


Miss My Ways is another one of my favorite tracks as the vocals bring depth to the well written lyrics that are emotionally driven and soulful. It has a catchy chorus that blends so well with the strings.  Old Steam Train has a big country sound with a honkytonk vibe. When you listen to it, you can almost picture yourself rockin on the front porch as you reminisce about train adventures of the past, thirsting for a new ride.

The final track Still Shinin is the perfect finale to this album. It has true fusion of traditional bluegrass with modern flair. It might be the last song on the album but it has a mighty large sound. Just enough to have you press replay on the album and start your love affair with Mustered Courage all over again.

You can pick up the album on iTunes, Amazon, or the physical copy through Make sure to also visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. Mustered Courage are currently on tour in the US so visit their Tour Page and make sure to get yourself to a show. I think they have a couple Northern California performance so we will see if we can bring you some coverage or an interview.

~ Marisol

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Aug 05 SMITH’S OLDE BAR Atlanta, GA
Aug 06 The Beatnik New Orleans, LA
Aug 07 Dosey Doe w/ Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen The Woodlands, TX
Aug 08 Lamberts Austin, TX
Aug 09 The Foundry Bar Dallas, TX
Aug 12 The Hotel Cafe Los Angeles, CA
Aug 13 Hotel Utah San Francisco, CA
Aug 14 Peppermill Resort Spa Casino Reno, NV
Aug 15 Peppermill Resort Spa Casino Reno, NV
Aug 16 Peppermill Resort Spa Casino Reno, NV
Aug 17 House Concert Santa Rosa, CA
Aug 18 The Crepe Place Santa Cruz, CA
Aug 22 Mississippi Studios Portland, OR
Aug 23 Sirens Tavern Port Townsend, WA
Aug 24 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA
Aug 27 Revolution Brewing Paonia, CO
Aug 28 Pickin’ in the Park Paonia, CO
Aug 29 Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO
Aug 30 Steve’s Guitars Carbondale, CO
Sep 03 The Cabooze Minneapolis, MN
Sep 04 Vangarde Arts Sioux City, IA
Sep 05 Shangri~La Fest Clarks Grove, MN
Sep 07 The Tonic Room Chicago, IL
Sep 10 Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill Grand Rapids, MI
Sep 12 Thunderbird Cafe Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 13 Triumph Brewing Co New Hope, PA
Sep 18 Sugarlands Distilling Gatlinburg, TN
Sep 19 Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion Bristol, TN
Sep 20 Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion Bristol, TN
Sep 21 AMA Sounds Australia Farewell Bash Nashville, TN
Sep 22 Whiskey Jam @ Loser’s Nashville, TN
Sep 24 The Boulevard Tavern Charleston, WV
Sep 25 The Purple Fiddle Thomas, WV
Sep 26 The Dock At Water Chillicothe, OH
Sep 27 Midpoint Music Festival Cincinnati, OH
Sep 30 Tir Na Nog Raleigh, NC
Sep 30 The Lincoln Theater (IBMA Bluegrass Ramble) Raleigh, NC
Oct 01 Raleigh Convention Center Ballroom (IBMA Bluegrass Ramble) Raleigh, NC
Oct 03 Wide Open Bluegrass Festival Raleigh, NC
Oct 03 California Bluegrass Association Showcase


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Three Times Bad from San Francisco are breathing a fresh new life to American bluegrass. The band was formed by bandleader Jesus Angel Garcia and was inspired by his acclaimed transmedia novel, badbadbad (New Pulp Press), and a number of lyrics on American Sojourn come directly from stories in the book. Born from the words of his story and brought to life with a variety of musical influences such as hillbilly swing, outlaw country, Gypsy jazz, honkytonk, folk songs and much more. Three Times Bad have released their debut album, American Sojourn in May of this year and is available on iTunes here.

You can check out a sample of the album here:


There was a time when music was the glue that brought communities together. It was a time when country folk would gather after a long day of hard work and sit back swill some brew and sing songs and created a camaraderie amongst your neighbors. Three Times Bad bring back that nostalgic feel for a time where music held a common thread that cemented friendships and bonds were forged. It was a simple time where you could gather on a front porch and bring your own musical instrument to join in and jam, telling tales and stories through song.

Upcoming shows:

  • Aug 01  Paso Robles Brewing      Paso Robles, CA
  •  Aug 07  HONKYTONK HACIENDA @ El Cid              Los Angeles, CA
  •  Aug 08  TRIP       Santa Monica, CA
  •  Aug 09  Top of the Notch              Mount Baldy, CA
  •  Aug 15  The Hideout Saloon        Mariposa, CA
  •  Aug 16  Evergreen Lodge              Groveland, CA
  •  Aug  22 Bottom of the Hill            San Francisco, CA
  •  Aug 24  Berryessa Brewing          Winters, CA
  •  Sep 21   Berryessa Brewing          Winters, CA
  •  Nov 16  Berryessa Brewing          Winters, CA


We are hoping to make it out and cover the San Francisco show and we will try and bring you an interview with these eclectic musicians. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news and pick up American Sojuorn on  iTunes here. I will leave you with their video for their song, No More, No Less which is off American Sojourn.

~ Marisol

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Photo Credit: Tnah Louise

Photo Credit: Tnah Louise

Earlier this year, we told you about an amazing new artist that from the first moment I heard his voice, I was held captive by his sweet passionate voice. The man behind that voice….Roméo Testa. His voice was magical, filled with such passion and yet maintains a serene vulnerability. You can’t help be mesmerized by him and you are fully engaged as his words touch your heart and his song dances around you. Roméo Testa began his passion in music at the young age of 7 when he took up the violin and the guitar at age 8. He then went on to learn other instruments, and over the years began his incredible journey into  singing and songwriting. His style can be classified as acoustic rock or folk rock, but is definitely not limited to there.

His songwriting skills are brilliant, as he is in the caliber of such great musicians like Ray LaMontagne, John Mayer or Jason Mraz. Yes, he is just that talented, give him a listen and you will soon agree. Check out his song, With You:


We had the opportunity to chat with Roméo and are pleased to bring that interview to you here:

 * * * * * * * * * * * *

Music Junkie Press: First Roméo, we must congratulate you on the your song Light It Up as it is now featured in 7 UP commercial and everyone is getting hooked on it, perfect summer song! How did that come about for you?

Roméo: Thank you!! I’m really stoked on it! The label brought it to the table a couple months ago, and it just came to fruition. I was super lucky for this opportunity ’cause most of the time newer artists aren’t used for big tv spots like this.

Music Junkie Press: How has it been to see your song featured on the commercial and literally become the soundtrack of so many people’s summer this year?

Roméo:  It incredible. I never thought I’d be in this place, so everything that’s happening is a total trip.


Music Junkie Press: Your EP The End has been getting a lot of attention and your song With You is really one of my favorites. You capture emotion in your words and translate it so well through your songs. Can you tell me more about the inspiration behind With You?

Roméo:  The story behind “With You” is actually my favorite to tell. Basically I was in London one day and was staying right by Hyde Park. I took the wrong bus and ended up on the complete opposite side of the park – no phone, no money – so I just walked. My girlfriend’s dad is from the UK, and she has lived in London on a few different occasions, and I was there seeing all of these things that reminded me so much of her. So I pretty much started with a hum, and by the time I got back to my apartment, there I had half the song. After that I took it to one of my co-writers, Eg White, and we finished it an hour later!

Music Junkie Press: That is an amazing story and you do a beautiful job at bringing that to life in your song. Also, do you have a particular songwriting process?

Roméo:  Not really. All that matters to me is that there are strong melodies and good lyrical content, so I just write till the song feels right to me!

Music Junkie Press: What are you currently working on?

Roméo: I’m working on my full length album right now, just trying to write the last of the songs.

Music Junkie Press: We know you play shows in Southern California and we are hoping to get out there soon but do you have any NorCal shows planned soon or a tour?

Roméo:  Not yet! I do hope to get on a tour soon, and it’d be great to just tour the whole west coast!

Music Junkie Press: We will be patiently waiting and excited for you to head out on tour. If we could peak into your Ipod, what artist or song might we be most surprised at finding in there?

Roméo:  Ha, oh god! I listen to a lot of random things. I got a lot of Big Pun which probably sounds random for the type of artist I am, Die Antwoord, Sinatra, but I think the song on my ipod that is the most random Burning Up by The Jonas Brothers…but that’s a story for another day.

Music Junkie Press: When you aren’t writing or performing, what do you like to do in your off time?

Roméo:  Music and reading. I’m really boring but, I’m lucky because my job is also my hobby, so music is just my 24/7 thing.

Music Junkie Press: If you could collaborate with any one on a song, who might it be?

Roméo:  I’d love to sing with Lauryn Hill. I think she is one of the greatest songwriters ever.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

We really look forward to what Roméo has in store for us. This talented young musician has quite a career ahead of him. Make sure to visit his social media sites so you can stay up to date on his latest news.

~ Marisol

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have announced the release of their new album, Hypnotic Eye set for July 29th. Hypnotic Eye is the first studio album in four years and will be coming out on Reprise Records. Hypnotic Eye will be available in CD, digital, high resolution Blu-ray audio and vinyl formats. The vinyl will be available as 1-LP or as 2-LPs inclusive of an additional track not available in any other format. Beginning June 3, fans can pre-order the vinyl, CD and Blu-ray audio editions on and Amazon and can pre-order the digital edition on iTunes and Amazon.

In addition to the news of the much anticipated album, they have announced the dates for the North American 2014 Tour. The tour, featuring very special guest Steve Winwood, will begin in San Diego, CA on August 3rd. The tour includes already announced headline performances at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival and at the Lockn’ Festival in Arrington, VA. On Labor Day weekend, for the first time ever, the band will perform at Boston’s Fenway Park.  Check out the Hypnotic Eye Tour announcement video:


Time to get excited for a great tour and a very anticipated new album by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Every 2014 Tour ticket will include Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ new album, Hypnotic Eye. Tickets to many of the newly announced concerts will go onsale at and other ticketing services beginning Saturday May 31, with Highway Companions Club presales beginning Monday May 26 for select Canadian cities. The full list of tour cities, venues, dates and ticketing information is available on To get you ready, I will leave you with my Top 5 Favorite Tom Petty songs, honestly I could give you my top 50 but we don’t have enough time/room!

~ Marisol

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5. You Don’t Know How it Feels 


4. Mary Jane’s Last Dance


3. Don’t Come Around Here No More


2. You Got Lucky 


1. Runnin’ Down a Dream