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Electric Litany

It might have been 4 years since the debut release of the successful album, “How To Be a Child and Win the War”, Electric Litany proves with their new album, they are ready to shine once again. Their new album, “Enduring Days You will Overcome” is an amazing collection of soul touching songs that embrace your spirit and breathes new life into your consciousness.

Greco-London band Electric Litany produced the album with Alan Parsons and recorded the album in several studios in London, Welsh and the island of Corfu and mastering was completed at Abbey Road Studios and is released through Inner Ear Records. The album is quite spectacular as you engage yourself into the brooding vocals amidst melancholic and dreamy atmospheres presenting itself as well orchestrated and captivating.

Electric Litany

Check out their video for the song, Feather of Ecstasy which is off the new album:


I encourage you to check out the new album and get drawn in as your spirit is embraced and enlightened by Electric Litany.

~ Marisol

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