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Photo Credit: Callan Kapush Photography

Photo Credit: Callan Kapush Photography

An Honest Year recently released their music video for Everything Man. This song really is catchy and has a blend of alternative and pop punk. It is a great new track and has a fun and flirty vibe to it, which is also highlighted in their new video. Check out the video here:

We had the opportunity for a Q & with drummer Greg Pinney and are pleased to bring it to you here:

* * * * *

Music Junkie Press: Thank you for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press. We love the new video out for Everything Man and we love it! How was it making the video, looked like a lot of fun?

Greg: It was an amazing experience for us all filming Everything Man! We ended up doing three days of shooting at so many different locations, including lugging all of our gear up eight flights of stairs to the roof top of a building in south philly. So worth it though! We couldn’t be happier with the shots we got! And our crew was amazing! We made many new friends that weekend.

Music Junkie Press: You guys have had quite a year so far and have amassed this great fanbase in relatively short time. How has it been to see your music reaching so many people from all over and this great reception?

Greg: There’s nothing better than seeing people enjoy your band’s music. The support our fans have given us, especially in this past year, has been incredible. It’s a family that grows bigger everyday! 

Music Junkie Press: Moments EP has been out and getting everyone hooked with great songs like Liar & A Thief and Don’t Leave me. Another great one on there is Live Your Life, can you tell us more about that song and the inspiration behind it?

Greg: Live your Life is about doing what you are passionate about and not letting the people who bring you down hinder your success. Do what you love, do what makes you happy and don’t stop for others who are in your way.

Music Junkie Press:  What are you guys currently working on and what is in store for An Honest Year?

Greg:  Currently we are finishing up our new ep that will be released this fall. We’re also working on some tour dates so…. More info to come soon 😉 😉

Music Junkie Press:  You have a great fan base and do a great job at interacting with them. What artist or musician would you want to sit down with and talk about how they inspired you?

Greg: Personally, as a drummer, a huge inspiration to me is Aaron Gillespie (Underoath, The Almost). His style has absolutely influenced me for many years. For AHY, we’re all as a band very much influenced by bands like Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, hah I’m mean the list could go on and on.

Music Junkie Press:  How old were you when you first started playing drums? What is your current kit?

Greg: I started playing drums when I was about six years old. Currently Iv been playing my TAMA Starclassic Bubinga 4 piece. However, I’m proud to say I picked up an endorcment from SJC Custom Drums, so I can’t wait to start playing out with my new kit!

Music Junkie Press:  With summer almost coming to a close, what were some of your highlights from summer?

Greg: We had some really great shows this summer and of course filming Everything Man was definitely a highlite!

Music Junkie Press:  If we could peak into your Ipod, what artist or song might we be most surprised at finding in there?

Greg: My phones got just about everything on it. Of course all the current classics from ADTR, Yellowcard, FYS, ect… But I also have a love for really heavy stuff like Born Of Osiris, Suicide Silence, Parkway Drive… And then there’s Blues Traveler and come on they’re just amazing.

Music Junkie Press:  Today, with all the digital overload and misuse of internet and social media, what advice could you give to teens who might be facing bullying either via internet or in person?

Greg: As much as we love social networking for getting our band out there, it’s also important for all these kids to remember that the internet isn’t real life. Someone bullying you online is actually the coward, feeling the need to say what’s on their mind via the internet. And that’s just it, it’s just what they think and seriously who cares what they think about you. You define you and no one else. You’ll grow to be a better person than they are.


Music Junkie Press:  Will we be seeing you guys soon out here in California? We are hoping for some shows out here, any new tours planned?

Greg: We will absolutely get to California, patience 😉 😉

Music Junkie Press:  If you could pick your dream lineup, what three bands would you like to tour with?

Greg: Dream line up?! Oh geeze, how about New Found Glory, Yellowcard, and Story Of the Year.

Music Junkie Press:  What are three things/facts that you don’t think your fans know about you? And can you share them with us?

Greg: Hmm well I danced for about 10 years in my younger years. I’m a drum instructor, and I’m also a volunteer fire fighter in my hometown.

Music Junkie Press:  Lastly, what would you like to share with our audience and your fans?

Greg: We can’t thank all of our fans enough for their everyday support! The AHY Family is strong and growing fast! There’s some big things in the works so stay tuned 🙂

* * * * *

We really look forward to the new EP by An Honest Year and tour dates as well! Their new song, Everything Man will be available on iTunes tomorrow so pick it up!  You can also pick up the Moments EP on iTunes. Make sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Do not go where the path may lead,

go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The above quote has always been my favorite and has applied to myself in life where I could have chosen to continue down the same path, but gained the courage to head into the unknown and make my own path.

The amazing longtime drummer, Scott Underwood, of TRAIN has announced his departure to pursue other areas of music to include writing, collaborating, producing and so much more.  Here is the post on the TRAIN Facebook page:

Hey everyone – I am overwhelmed with the amount of love and support from so many people over these past weeks. Thank you so much! We have always said it, and you prove it once again – you are the best fans any band could wish for! 

I’ve been in this band for twenty years. I have had the most amazing time, and a life that is incredible. Pat and Jimmy are my brothers and I’ll always be grateful to them. But none of us would have been anything without you guys. We know it, and will never forget it. YOU made our dreams come true! My family and I thank you so much.

From this point forward I’m really excited about my future of writing, producing, collaborating, and drumming. There are so many possibilities out there, so many forms of music I want to explore, and so many people I look forward to meeting. I also plan on coming out to the occasional Train show to make sure they’re toeing the line! Kidding… Pat, Jimmy and their amazing band will never disappoint.

I will always cherish my 20 years in Train, and am so proud to be a part of that legacy. I only wish I could have met more of you during that time.

I love you all, and hope we can all stay in touch.

Scott Underwood

I know one thing, this is not goodbye for Scott since we look forward to hearing about and supporting all the great new projects he has in store for us.  Also, we are there to continue our support for TRAIN and know that Pat and Jimmy will do us all proud and continue to make the most amazing and infectious music which we all are addicted to!

We will continue to keep you updated on the news and please continue to show your support to TRAIN as well as Scott. I will leave you with several LIVE TRAIN videos.

~ Marisol

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We Are Harlot have made their debut last month on Rock on the Range and followed up with another kick ass set at Rocklahoma. They then arrived in Las Vegas for an amazing night performing at the Hard Rock Hotel with The Pretty Reckless. Everyone has been enjoying their new single, DENIAL which is off of their album that is set for a September release.

The new single is now available on iTunes so head on over and pick your new favorite song! Here is the link for iTunes.

Everybody is loving this new song and we can’t wait for more new music by We Are Harlot.

In case you missed our We Are Harlot coverage, check out our previous posts:


Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. We will be catching We Are Harlot as they perform at this year’s Monster Energy Aftershock Festival in September. We hope you come and join us as We Are Harlot tear up the stage and bring the life back into Rock n Roll.


~ Marisol  


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Photo by: Danny Worsnop

Photo by: Danny Worsnop

We Are Harlot just finished their second performance ever and it was in front of thousands of screaming fans at Rocklahoma. Not bad for their second show right?  This is a band 3 years in the making and they have definitely created quite a stir as everyone anxiously awaits their new music.  We Are Harlot just released their first single, Denial  and has had everyone talking. If you don’t have it yet, make sure you head over to their website: and get your FREE DOWNLOAD. It is the perfect summer song for you to crank up loud.  Anyway, in the past we have featured Jeff George several times, he was our Day 1 of 12 Days of Guitarists  and we have featured our Interview with Jeff George here, Interview with Brian Weaver, bassist and now it is time to get to know the man behind the drums, Bruno Agra.

We are pleased to bring you our interview with Bruno Agra here:

* * * * * * * * * * *

Music Junkie Press:  Thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press. Congratulations on your We Are Harlot shows at Rock on the Range and Rocklahoma, we heard they were both great sets! Now you are off to perform in Vegas, can you tell us about that upcoming show and what fans might expect?

Thank you so much. Yes they were both INSANE gigs, super fun, our audience had a blast and so did we. We decided to start small ha ha! We played in front of 35,000 at ROTR and 40,000 at Rocklahoma. It’s like when Mick Taylor joined the Stones and his first gig was at Hyde Park for 60,000 people. Not really but…, yeah we definitely went through the grinder.

When your band has been building up this huge hype and everyone in the industry’s been talking about you for 3 years is one thing; the other is to live up to that hype; and on top of that you have 35,000 kids screaming,

first gig….

I mean, it was really really intense but we all handled it pretty well imo. We are lucky to work with the best people on the planet. I can say first hand that Harlot is a family, not just the band but everyone involved. And we are so thankful that every single person that works with us were there to see our first show at ROTR. It was a life changing event, very powerful. We decided to go onstage and salute all the fans for being there before we started playing. Like a big “Thank You”. It was a cathartic, purifying moment. HUGE. As soon as we kicked with Denial it was ON!!!

Now we’ll play for the 700 fans that are coming to see us and Pretty Reckless in Vegas and it’s going to be as wild as it gets. And we got a BIG surprise for the fans for this gig.

Music Junkie Press: That sounds absolutely amazing! With doing back to back festivals in the past couple weeks, that is a lot of road traveled, what were some of your highlights?

 I mean it was ABSOLUTELY insane. If I wrote the highlights here there would be 2 ways to go: 1st) everyone would think we are lying; or 2nd) our lawyer would get a ton of extra work. “The Dirt” or “Walk This Way”, it’s all in there. We are not reinventing the wheel.

Music Junkie Press: Well we don’t want to spill any secrets out so we will continue on. How old were you when you started playing drums? Have drums always been what you wanted to play or do you play any other instruments?

When I was 5 years old I wanted to be a professional dancer. I loved to dance, and rhythm has always been my thing, specially coming from Brazil. Brazil, particularly RIO, where I am from, is the land of rhythm and PARTY, hands down. That’s where Carnival’s at, do I have to say anything else? So, I was very fortunate to be raised in such culturally rich environment where you can see so much; absorb so much. So drums was really an extension of my personality. I used to get thrown out of classes everyday at school for drumming with my pens. My pens, not my penis ha! I was a really good student cause I had A grades, but terrible at the same time. I used to raise hell at school, I had so much energy that the teachers wanted my parents to drug me, like take me to a specialist. I mean I am ADD to the MAX. So, cutting the story short, after I asked my mom for a drumset, and tried every single blackmail strategy a kid can pull off she gave me an acoustic guitar. I was kinda disappointed at first, but I learned to play very very quick, then I moved on to electric guitar. Some kids in my neighborhood were into rock too, so I just found a drummer and a bass player and we started playing right away – Ramones, Maiden, Metallica. That’s when I thought: “Holy F* man, that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life”. But then I started playing my drummer’s drumkit and I was better than him ha ha I had never had any lessons or anything but I mean, I could straight up play. Whatever song I had playing in my head I could immediately translate to the drumkit. So I said: “F* it! I’m gonna sell my guitar and amp and buy a drumkit”. My parents didn’t even know, I got someone to take me to this real dodgy place in Rio where they were selling this drumset for 100 bucks, including cymbals. That’s all I had, so it worked. From there I was officially a “drummer” even though I play guitar to this day. I graduated school when I was 16 and went straight to Computer Engineering school. It was fun for a moment – tons of hot chicks, drinking, drugs, all the good stuff, but it wasn’t my thing. Not to mention that I was already touring with my band, so I missed 70% of the classes. So I ended up dropping out of Computer Engineering and locked myself in my room for 6 months straight and learned how to read music and play piano by myself. I went completely nuts, I went vegan too for that period of time. I studied every composer I could find, Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Brahms, Wagner, Sibelius, Debussy, Shostakovich, Villa-Lobos, etc…I went deep into classical music and in 6 months I got a scholarship at the best Classical Composition School in Rio and my teacher was (is, he is still alive) one of the greatest Brazilian Composers ever. This guy taught composition everywhere in the world, won the most important prizes, I mean, a total badass. So I studied classical music for 5 years straight and got my Bachelor degree in Composition. So yeah, my main instruments are Drums, Guitar and Piano.

Music Junkie Press: That is so great that you started young and how you were self taught We often receive many letters from young musicians who play drums and have switched over to bass or guitar because of complaints about their loud drumming. What advice would you give to young musicians who are stuck in that position and want to continue with their passion for drumming?

My advise: “NEVER GIVE A F* about anyone or anything. Be a selfish bastard and do what you love and be happy.” I had to go to court 3 times because of neighbors when I was underage, I got into a fistfight with one of my old neighbors once because he wouldn’t let me play. Hey if you are reading this – never give up playing drums for anything. Don’t feel sorry if everyone else wants to have a boring life. Play as loud as possible. Be happy.

Music Junkie Press: That is the best advise ever! What is your gear rundown ? kit, sticks, pedals, etc?

I play Tama Dums and Hardware – they’ve supported me from day one so I couldn’t be happier. It’s such an honor to be part of the Tama family. At the moment I’m playing a Superstar Hyperdrive, cause I love the deep bass drum 20″ x 22″ (+ 7″ x 12″ rack and 14″ x 16″ floor) + SLP 14″x6.5″ Black Brass snare. It’s a very edgy kit, great for live. Very snappy.

When we recorded the first 5 songs I tracked everything with a Starclassic Bubinga Birch. I played a 18″x24″ BD, 10″ x 13″ rack and 14″x14″; 14″x16″ and 16″ x 18″ floors.

We are going to finish the record soon – the other 8, 9 songs we haven’t tracked yet – and I’m planning on playing the same kit – the Starclassic Bubinga Birch. It’s just got that monster sound, that round attack and very warm rich resonance. Tune it right and you are in heaven. I love it.

I play 3A Vic Firth sticks and Remo Drumheads. And Tama Iron Cobra pedals/hardware.


Music Junkie Press: Who were some of the most influential musicians for you growing up?

Being quarter English (My mum is half English) I grew up listening to The Who, The Beatles, Stones, and tons of brazilian music like Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil, etc. If you ask me that’s as good as it gets. My favorite drummers are Ringo Starr, Keith Moon and John Bonham. I mean I could list you so many musicians/bands/composers I am influenced by I would have to write for a whole year…so let’s leave it at that.

Music Junkie Press: Can you tell us what was your first concert you went to?

My first concert was Megadeth – Countdown To Extinction tour. I was just a kid, I could NOT believe what I was seeing. Those guys looked like GODS onstage and they were playing the craziest music I’d ever heard right in front of me. What a line-up too, Mustaine, Menza, Ellefson and Friedman. Friedman – holy s* that guy can play. The choice of notes, it’s just mind blowing.

Music Junkie Press: If we could peak into your Ipod, what artist or song might we be most surprised at finding in there?

My iPod constantly changes. Every week I add new artists and bands that I’ve never heard, underground electronic, indie, pop, you name it. Some highlights over the past weeks: I love the new Foster The People record, it’s incredible. Really blew me away, cause I didn’t see it coming at all. The new Young The Giant is a great record too, very versatile and very musical. There’s a new band I just found not long ago called Walking Papers, they are BADASS. Love their album. I mean, there’s so much talent and good music out there. Besides Rock n’ Roll, I love old school funk, disco, motown, soul…Jackson 5, Prince, Sly and The Family Stone, Tim Maia, Kool And The Gang. Music that makes you wanna put a hawaiian shirt on and grab a Margarita.

Music Junkie Press: It is great to see the versatility in your love of music. I wish more would would follow that lead. When you are not making music or travelling, what are some of your favorite things to do?

I love to go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean – sit down, have a coffee and creep.

Music Junkie Press: After Vegas, what is in store for We Are Harlot, summer tour?

Well during summer we’ll probably be in the studio finishing our record to be honest. There will be a promo tour for the album and a big fall tour. The album comes out in the first week of September. That’s what’s in the pocket for now. There are much more details to it but I can’t say anything ha ha.., sorry I’m the bad guy. You guys will know very soon. Hang in there Harlot Army! We love you and we won’t let you down.


Music Junkie Press: We will be ready! If you could put together your dream lineup, what three bands would you like We Are Harlot to play with?

The Big Four. Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters and We Are Harlot. Quick and Easy.

Music Junkie Press: That would the tour of the century! What are three things that you can tell us about you that you think people don’t already know?

1) I’m a total art geek. I love art in general – painters, plastic artists, indie movies, shorts, anything that gives me inspiration to go beyond the “wake up, take a shit, brush your teeth” kinda thing. You know, all the weird stuff that all that weird people like, I’m one of them.

2) I’ve composed some classical pieces, Symphony, String Quartets, Duos, Trios, Sonatas, Experimental Tape Music, Soundtracks for shorts, plays, etc. I mean it’s a little collection of pieces that have never been played, well, some of them. I’ve never really pursued the classical music world as my main thing, but I’m sure I will at some point when I’m old and senile. I’ll have a huge room with a piano made of Brazilian Bamboo and the temperature in the room will be 103 degrees constantly, 98% humidity. I’ll be eating pollen all day getting all crazy. And of course I’ll have 3 jaguars prowling around. And just noisy weird music blasting constantly. The mail guy will hate me, ha!

3) I love leopard print stuff and cats. My cats are the best: Monkey and Bowie. Monkey is a Maine Coon and Bowie is a “whatever”, calico with maine coon, I don’t know; she just looks crazy. I post pictures of them all the time on Instagram. They are the cutest.

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience?

Yes, I want to sincerely thank everyone out there that supported us throughout this crazy journey.  You guys don’t know how much we’ve been through to put this together and I can say that every message, tweet, or like you guys send us we check every single one of them and it means the world to us. The Harlot Army is growing fast and you guys are kicking so much ass it’s not even funny. You guys make us wake up every morning and give our very best; we give all we’ve got, every second. We love our fans and we’ll never let them down. Hang tight, the Harlot Train just started rolling…

* * * * * * * * * * *

The new single Denial is now available at It is a free download with an email sign up.  YES, it was worth the wait, Rock n Roll vocals, precision drumming, rousing bass, smoking guitars and sweet ass solo! These four guys have done a great job, congratulations guys! And Harlot Domination has begun! Check out the song here:


Hope you head out to Las Vegas, NV for their show on May 28th at Vinyl in the Hard Rock Hotel. They will be performing with The Pretty Reckless! Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on the latest We Are Harlot news. I will leave you with our interview with 3/4 of We Are Harlot at NAMM 2014.

~ Marisol  


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Just got the news that Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee will be playing the drums on the next Smashing Pumpkins album. Smashing Pumpkins posted a photo of Tommy Lee in the studio with the caption: Here’s a shot from the mission out west. Just finished round 1 of tracking drums with Tommy Lee for the new the Smashing Pumpkins album. Shockla-locka-boom. Yes, that T Lee for all 9 songs of ‘Monument To An Elegy.

Smashing Pumpkins


We are excited to keep you updated on the latest Smashing Pumpkins news and make sure to visit their social media sites! I will leave you with some videos of the last time Smashing Pumpkins came to play at the Phoenix Theater.

~ Marisol

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ONE WEEK AWAY! Yes, you heard me right. Only one more week until we head to the incredible BONZO BASH NAMM JAMM 2014. We had a blast last year and it seems the Bonzo Bash is definitely one of my top highlights from NAMM.  You better get ready for another great lineup.

If you are not familiar with the Bonzo Bash, it is the ultimate celebration for the ultimate drummer, John Henry Bonham of Led Zeppelin. It is presented by NATAL and Marshall and is a night filled with amazing drummers playing their favorite Led Zeppelin song. It is a complete evening of Led Zeppelin jams and this year will be a crazy one! It will be hosted by Mike Portnoy, Carmine Appice and the show creator, Brian Tichy.  As Brian says, “You can have a bash, or you can bash something. When you put that together you have the ultimate celebration to the ultimate drummer: John Henry Bonham!!!!”  Check out the list of drummers and other musicians:

  • Seven Antonopoulos (Opiate For The Masses)
  • Carmine Appice (Cactus / Vanilla Fudge / Drum Legend)<img>
  • Kenny Aronoff (John Fogerty / Smashing Pumpkins)
  • Athena (The Ex-Wives Of Rock/Femme Fatale)
  • Charlie Benante (Anthrax)
  • Will Calhoun (Living Colour)
  • Michael Cartellone (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  • Fred Coury (Cinderella)
  • Cortney DeAugustine (Montrose / The Frank Hannon Band / Michael Lee Firkins)
  • Jimmy D’Anda
  • Chris Frazier (Foreigner)
  • John Hummel
  • Brandon Kachel (Barbarian Overlords)
  • James Kottak (Scorpions)
  • Dave Lombardo (Slayer / Philm)
  • Ray Luzier (Korn)
  • Khurt Maier (Salty Dog)
  • A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister)
  • Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction)
  • Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs / Dream Theater)
  • Gregg Potter (The Buddy Rich Band)
  • Van Romaine (Steve Morse)
  • Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow / Black Sabbath)
  • Rikki Rockett (Poison)
  • Chris Slade (The Firm / AC/DC)
  • Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper)
  • Jason Sutter (Marilyn Manson / Chris Cornell)
  • Matt Starr (Ace Frehley)
  • Chad Szeliga (Black Label Society)
  • Brian Tichy (Whitesnake / Foreigner / Billy Idol / S.U.N.)
  • Joe Travers (Zappa Plays Zappa)
  • Steven Wolf (Avril Lavigne / Britney Spears)
  • Simon Wright (AC/DC / Dio / Queensryche)


  • Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots)
  • JD DeServio (Black Label Society)
  • Bernard Fowler (The Rolling Stones)
  • Robert Mason (Warrant / Lynch Mob)
  • Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs / Mr. Big / David Lee Roth)
  • Mick Sweda
  • Shaun Williamson (Average White Band)
  • The Moby Dicks are: Michael Devin (bass), Stephen LeBlanc (keys), Brian Tichy (gtr) Chas West (voxs), Brent Woods (gtr), 

So get ready for a long night of rock and roll in celebration of the greatest drummer! For more information head over to the Facebook Events page or pick up your tickets here. You don’t want to miss this show!!!! I Check out a video from last year’s Bonzo Bash.

~ Marisol






Nonpoint delivers a shot of adrenaline with every song off of their self-titled ninth studio album.  If you have been a long time fan of Nonpoint, then you know that this album captures their high energy charisma that exudes from their music.  Even though the album was released late 2012, it has been having quite a successful run with the singles off it. The first single “Left for You” had everyone take notice of this album. They had some lineup changes and in 2011 it was like the rebirth of Nonpoint. You really could feel the energetic synergy that these guys were creating and couldn’t help be drawn to their music.  You can pick up your copy at your local music store, Best Buy or head over to Itunes for download.


Nonpoint has been touring quite extensively every since the release of the album and have a grueling schedule that has had them on tour across the country. They have a lot more shows too, so make sure to check out the tour dates below. The album then had great success with their next single, ” I Said It” and most recently “That Day” and they are still more great songs to come.  We had the opportunity to chat with one of the founding members and drummer, Robb Rivera. Take a listen as Robb tells us about their new album, the inspiration behind his clothing line and lots of other great details. So please check it out here:


We are very excited to find out more about Robb’s clothing line Standstrong and hope to keep you updated on a launch date. I am also very excited about knowing a new album is in the WORKS!!  Nonpoint is currently out on tour and are going to be on the Shiprocked Cruise in January! In addition to catching them at one of their upcoming shows, take a look at their VIP packages which include meet and greets, posters and even some Q & A with the band on the bus. You can check availability for your show dates here.  Visit their social media states to stay up to date on upcoming tour dates.   I will leave you with their video for one of my favorite songs, “I Said It”

~ Marisol



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Upcoming Tour Dates: 

  • Sept 4- Bloomington, IL @ Castle Theater With Otherwise
  • Sept 5- Fort Wayne, IN @ The Chameleon WIth Otherwise
  • Sept 6- Milwaukee, Wi @ The Rave With Otherwise
  • Sept 7 – La Crosse, Wi @ Octoberfest Harley Radio Show With Otherwise
  • Sept 8- Minneapolis, MN @ Pov’s
  • Sept 10- Mankato, MN @ Busters
  • Sept 11-Waterloo, IOW @ Spicolis Reverb Rock Garden All Ages, 21 and over after 10PM
  • Sept 12- Rockford, IL @ The District
  • Sept 13- Green Bay, WI @ Distillery w Devour The Day
  • Sept 14- Wausau, WI @ The Fillmoor
  • Sept 17- Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom
  • Sept 18- Memphis, TN @ Newbies
  • Sept 19- Clarksville, TN Warehouse Bar and Grill
  • Sept 20- Little Rock, AR @ Clear Channel Metroplex
  • Sept 21- Gulfport, MS @ WCPR Fest
  • Sept 22- Destin, Fl @ Club LA
  • Sept 24- Charleston, SC @ Music Farm
  • Sept 25- Winston Salem, NC @ Ziggys
  • Sept 26- Willmington, NC @ Ziggys By The Sea
  • Sept 27- Columbus, OH @ A&R Music Bar
  • Sept 28- Elkton, MD Mid Atlantic Rock Festival
  • Oct 12- Woodstock, VA @ Shenadoah County Fairgrounds (Cook Off)
  • Jan 26- Miami Fl, @ Shiprocked Cruise
  • Jan 27- Miami, Fl @ Shiprocked Cruise
  • Jan 28- Miami, Fl @ Shiprocked Cruise
  • Jan 29- Miami, Fl @ Shiprocked Cruise
  • Jan 30- Miami, Fl @ Shiprocked Cruise

Candlelight Red

Earlier today, Brian Dugan, drummer for Candlelight Red announced his departure from Candlelight Red. He posted the following on Facebook today.

“Well another tour down and in the books. Unfortunately it will be my last playing the drums for Candlelight Red. Due to a busy tour schedule, which is good for the band, and family obligations at home,I felt it to be the time to step aside. In this business it is difficult at best to find a balance between both. This band is off to great things and I would never want to hinder its progress. To all the friends and fans I have met….thank you! This has been one of the best experiences of my life and one for which I am truly blessed. It saddens me to leave but at this stage is an unfortunate necessity. I will always be a fan of this band which has taught me so much about music and myself. To them I say thank you and to all my friends I say the same. Who knows what the future will bring…but until then, God bless.”

We truly wish Brian all the best and of course, family does definitely come first in our books. I am sure it must have been a hard decision and we support him as well as the Candlelight Red guys as they continue on. Candlelight Red recently released their new CD, “Reclamation” and they have been touring non-stop in support of the album. Their second full length album “Reclamation” was produced by Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose and released through Imagen Records.

Here is a Facebook post from Candlelight Red:

“We are sad to announce that Brian Dugan will not be continuing on with Candlelight Red. He has family obligations at home that will be very difficult to balance w our very rigorous tour schedule. We wish him all the best and its been a great time jamming with him! We will be back out July 21 in Portland. We’ll see everyone soon on the trail!”

There has been no word on who will be replacing Brian but we will keep you updated as we get more news. For now make sure you have your copy of Reclamation. You can get it here from Imagen Records as well as other great Candlelight Red merch or download from Itunes here. Make sure to check their upcoming tour dates so you don’t miss a show. Candlelight Red always deliver an energy filled high octane concert! You can also check out an interview we did with Candlelight Red earlier this year when they came to San Francisco.

UPDATE 7/17 – Candlelight Red announces Scott Sellers from Atlanta (Uncrowned, Fozzy) will be replacing Brian. So let’s all welcome Scott aboard and we look forward to seeing him out on tour.


Scott Sellers

~ Enjoy, Marisol



Upcoming Tour Dates:

Jul 23 House of Blues Anaheim Anaheim, CA


Jul 24 Roxy Theatre West Hollywood, CA


Jul 28 Knitting Factory Concert House Reno, NV


Jul 31 The Summit Music Hall Denver, CO


Aug 10 Otto’s Dekalb, IL


Aug 16 Emporium Patchogue, NY


Aug 23 Varsity Theatre Baton Rouge, LA


Sep 21 CPR Fest 17w/ Volbeat, HIM, Al… Gulfport, MS


Sep 28 Rablewood Tattoo and Music Festival Darlington, MD
Information & Links:

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313531_2468145498039_1779716387_nGlenn Symmonds

I recently got the news that a long time musician/friend has been diagnosed with cancer and is to start undergoing treatment.  If that isn’t bad enough, he is without insurance during this ordeal and will have to personally take care of all of his medical expenses which can be quite costly. Please join me in helping this great musician who you know as Glenn Symmonds – long time drummer for Eddie Money and has an extensive catalog of his solo work.  Here is the information from Glenn’s page:


Tami Landrum and Glenn Symmonds

Glenn was diagnosed with bladder cancer on April 23rd.

 He had surgery to remove a tumor from his bladder on April 29th.

He is scheduled to begin a 12-week round of chemotherapy on June 3rd.

He will have another surgery after the chemo treatment.

Like many professional musicians, Glenn is uninsured.

Cancer is expensive…. please help in anyway you can.

Big Love from Team Symmonds!

Glenn has been a musician most of his life, recording and touring with artists like Coke Escovedo, Dave Mason, Juice Newton, Duncan Sheik and The Untouchables and the list can go on and on. In addition to playing with Eddie Money during their 100+ shows a year, he often will open for them as well, playing songs from his two solo CDs: 2011’s “Southern Poets, Trains and Troubadours” and his newest release “Early California”.    His CDs are currently available direct from his webstore or you can download them on Itunes.   He really has a knack for storytelling and his music creates an emotional attachment that you will continue to enjoy time after time.  He reminds me of some of my favorite storyteller/folk singers like Bruce Coburn, Tom Petty, and Bb Dylan. His music has everything from blues, reggae, pop to folk, a great blend that gives out a great vibe.

Glenn is embarking on this journey with the support of many and right by his side is his girlfriend Tami Landrum. Sandy Espinoza has created a Glenn Symmonds Assistance Fund through the site  where you can show your support by making a donation. You can also join the event page on their Facebook  where you can read more about Glenn and invite your friends to help as well.  You can also head over to Itunes or his store and buy a T-shirt or his CDS.  Even sending positive vibes and support through messages on their page is appreciated through these times.

Health Insurance costs has always been an on-going problem for musicians, artists, etc.  My family is still personally trying to recover from the cost of my first stroke in 2003 and subsuquently in 2005/2007.  Here we are 10 years later and still paying down the $100,000+ bill.  So, please join me in helping Glenn and showing support to let him know we are all in this together and together we will get through it! We want Glenn to not worry about anything else except getting stronger each day.

~ Marisol

UPDATE 6/3/2013 – Today Glenn began his first chemotherapy treatment. There is a benefit concert planned for June 23rd at The Roadhouse in Spokane, Washington. You can check out details on their Facebook page here.  There will be a patio concert from 12-5 featuring Sammy Eubanks and other special guests, these tickets are $10. Eddie Money will be playing two shows, one at 6pm and one at 9pm. These tickets are $25. Tickets can be purchased at the Roadhouse, CASH ONLY! Hope to see you all there! There may also be information on t-shirts to benefit the Glenn Symmonds fund and I will update you on those as well.  Please join us in wishing Glenn strength and courage through these hard times.

Information & Links:

Glenn Symmonds Website:

We Pay Donation Site:

Facebook Event:


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Clive Burr

Clive Burr

We lost another great one! The incredible former drummer of Iron Maiden, Clive Burr died yesterday, March 12, 2013 peacefully in his sleep. Clive has been battling Multiple Sclerosis which had left him wheelchair bound and deeply in debt. Iron Maiden even held a few charity concert and created the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund and other charity events titled aptly titled Clive Aid.

Clive was the drummer for Iron Maiden from 1979 to 1982 and he played on their first three albums including my personal favorite and breakthrough album, ‘The Number of the Beast”. Clive was a young one at only 56 years old. Clive was known to be someone who didn’t let his illness take over his great personality and optimistic attitude. People said that he was always in a good mood and a great guy on top of being an incredible drummer. The news was shared on the following post from Iron Maiden’s Website:

Published: Mar 13, 2013

“We are deeply saddened to report that Clive Burr passed away last night. He had suffered poor health for many years after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and died peacefully in his sleep at home.

Steve Harris said “This is terribly sad news. Clive was a very old friend of all of us. He was a wonderful person and an amazing drummer who made a valuable contribution to Maiden in the early days when we were starting out. This is a sad day for everyone in the band and those around him and our thoughts and condolences are with his partner Mimi and family at this time.”

Bruce Dickinson adds “I first met Clive when he was leaving Samson and joining Iron Maiden. He was a great guy and a man who really lived his life to the full. Even during the darkest days of his M.S., Clive never lost his sense of humour or irreverence. This is a terribly sad day and all our thoughts are with Mimi and the family”

As Maiden fans all know, Clive joined Maiden in 1979 and performed on the first three albums Iron Maiden (1980), Killers (1981) and The Number Of The Beast (1982). Prior to that he was a member of Samson, the band Bruce fronted before he too joined Maiden.”

Tonight, I raise me glass and toast to the great Clive Burr. Here is a Tribute Video that my son put together to honor Clive. Pull out your Iron Maiden albums and let’s raise your horns to the sky. Rest in Peace, Clive. Thank you for your great gift of music.

~ Marisol



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