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Panic! at the Disco have been performing their amazing set out on their Gospel Tour and we brought you our full coverage of their San Jose show. In case you missed it, you can check out our full coverage here: Panic! at the Disco at SJSU

Panic! at the Disco had an amazing stage set up with probably one of the best light shows I have seen in a long time. One of the biggest highlights was to see their cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. It was spine tingling. Want to check it out? Well watch this video of their spectacular cover:

Vocalist, Brendon Urie, whom earlier this year won for Best Vocalist at the APMA awards proved once again that he is well deserving of the award. I can’t tell you how in awe I am of his vocals. This is definitely my top choice for my new list of Cover Songs!! Check out the photos by Rockin Ryan of their set:

Check out a couple videos from the set:

Also make sure you have the latest release Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die available on iTunes here and other music retailers. Visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Photo by Vik Soos


Teen rock sensation, DIAMANTE has once again created a spectacular cover. This time she chose to cover a song from one of her favorite bands, Nirvana. ” ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is the best track to connect those who don’t know me yet to something familiar. This cover is my own token of mad respect for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.” – Diamante in a recent interview with Revolver Magazine Check out the video here as she really brings her rock goddess vocals to Smells Like Teen Spirit. The The live band in the video features ex members of rock band, KITTEN.


DIAMANTE and her powerful vocals are ready to take over the music scene. She is the next rock goddess, so get ready! At only 17, DIAMANTE has also taken home the title of Best Rock Record at the Indie Music Channel Awards two years in a row, as well as wins in the categories of, Best Young Rock Artist, Best Rock Recording, Best Music Video for “IMPOSSIBLE,” and the coveted title of Teen Artist of the Year.


So make sure to head over and visit her social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news from this incredibly talented young musician. Also if you haven’t already seen it check out our article on her cover of Stevie Nick’s Edge of Seventeen here.

~ Marisol

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One of my all time favorite songs is Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and I am even more in love with the song after watching the video of Steel Prophet covering the song. Power metal band, Steel Prophet performed the spectacular cover and it will be on their newest album, Omniscient which will be released tomorrow, July 8th on Cruz Del Sur Music. The video which features footage of their performance at last year’s Keep It True Fest. Check it out here:

Omniscient marks the return of the originators of the ‘Progressive Power Metal’ movement  10 years after their last full length studio recording. It features the powerful metal melodies of founding members Steve Kachinsky Blakmoor and Rick Mythiasin.The album’s concept is actually based on an original story written by STEEL PROPHET guitarist Steve Kachinsky Blakmoor. The album is definitely one to pick up tomorrow.



Make sure to pick up the new album tomorrow and visit their social media sites to stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Black Label

The boys in Black Label Society have been quite busy lately! Just last week during the NAMM 2014 Convention they headlined the 12th annual Schecter Party at the Grove in Anaheim as well as released their new single My Dying Time. They have just announced that they will be headlining the Revolver Golde Gods Tour presented by Epiphone and is set to start on April 16th in Seattle, Washington and end on June 7th in Los Angeles, California.


 Their new single is now available on Itunes, My Dying Time is off of their upcoming album, Catacombs of the Black Vatican” which is set for an April 8th release. You can pre-order the album Itunes here. Check out the new song: 


You can check out the tour dates for the Revolver Golden Gods Tour below and make sure to mark  your calendars for the new album release on April 8th!

~ Crank it up loud, Marisol

Revolver Golden Gods Tour Dates:

  •   Wed/Apr-16  Seattle, WA @ Showbox Sodo
  •   Thu/Apr-17  Portland, OR @ Roseland
  •   Fri/Apr-18  Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory Concert House
  •   Sat/Apr-19  Missoula, MT @ Wilma Theater
  •   Mon/Apr-21  Billings, MT @ Shrine Auditorium
  •   Fri/Apr-25  Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
  •   Sat/Apr-26  Nashville, TN @ Marathon Music Works
  •   Tue/Apr-29  Ybor City, FL (Tampa) @ The Ritz
  •   Wed/Apr-30  Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues
  •   Fri/May-02  Birmingham, AL @ Iron City
  •   Sun/May-04  Silver Spring, MD @ Fillmore
  •   Mon/May-05  Clifton Park, NY (Albany) @ Northern Lights
  •   Wed/May-07  Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
  •   Thu/May-08  Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
  •   Fri/May-09  Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
  •   Sat/May-10  New York, NY @ Best Buy Theater
  •   Mon/May-12  Norfolk, VA @ Norva
  •   Tue/May-13  Stroudsburg, PA @ Sherman Theater
  •   Thu/May-15  Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
  •   Sat/May-17  Ft. Wayne, IN @ Piere’s
  •   Mon/May-19  Sioux Falls, SD @ The District
  •   Tue/May-20   Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
  •   Wed/May-21  St. Paul, MN (Minneapolis) @ Myth
  •   Fri/May-23  Grand Prairie, TX (Dallas) @ Verizon Theater
  •   Tue/May-27  New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
  •   Wed/May-28  Houston, TX @ House of Blues
  •   Sun/Jun-01  Denver, CO @ Ogden Theater
  •   Mon/Jun-02  Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex – Rockwell
  •   Wed/Jun-04  Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theater
  •   Thu/Jun-05  Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl
  •   Fri/Jun-06  San Francisco, CA @ Regency Ballroom
  •   Sat/Jun-07  Los Angeles, CA @ Fonda Theater

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Lions Among Us

First you know I love my metal and I love my Katy Perry. So can you imagine what would happen when those two worlds collide??? Well, you don’t have to. Hardcore band, Lions Among Us from Pittsburgh, PA did a cover of Katy Perry’s “Part of Me”last year and I am finally getting around to checking it out!  Check out the song here:


Lions Among Us recently released their new album, “Re:awakening” on November 5th and with songs like #Sorrynotsorry, Call to Arms and Silence The Ocean they are demanding to be heard!

Lions Among Us

So if you need to heavy up your playlist, head over to Itunes and download Lions Among Us… We did!  Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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The multi talented Katey Sagal who you might know as Gemma Teller Morrow on the hit FX Series “Sons of Anarchy” has debuted her cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin” on today.  Although many know of Katey from her acting career, she has had a long standing  musical career that included the release of two solo albums, performing back up vocals for Bob Dylan, Gene Simmons, Bette Midler and Tanya Tucker as well as contributing music to the “Sons Of Anarchy” soundtrack.

One thing is for sure, Katey has such an amazing voice that not only emotionally draws you in but her powerful vocals wrap around you as if to keep you safe. She is purely magical when you hear her sing.  She will be releasing her album “Covered” on November 11th but you can head over to Itunes and pick up her  “Free Fallin” single now. Asked about this upcoming album, Katey replied, “Covered is my third solo record. My two previous records were mostly original compositions. This one is not. I was tired of waiting for myself to write, and anxious to make another album.”

Covered will feature duets with Jackson Browne and songs of Ryan Adams, Gillian Welch, Tom Petty, Ray LaMontagne & more. On this ablum, Katey is also joined by The Forest Rangers, which you might know as the “house band” of “Sons of Anarchy” which is being led by their musical supervisor/ musical director Bob Thiele.



You can listen to the debut of “Free Fallin” by heading over to You can also check out Katey as she performed the song live back in April in Minneapolis. Here is that video:


We will continue to keep you updated on the upcoming release and for now, check out the social media sites so you can stay informed!

~ Marisol

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Ben Draiman

Just over a month ago, we featured the very talented Ben Draiman for our Tuesdays Travels pick. He had mentioned he was working on a cover he was soon to release. Well, the time has come and the cover is out and is AMAZING! Ben has released his new interpretation of Disturbed’s “Stricken“. As you might know, Ben is the younger brother of David Draiman from Disturbed/Device.  He has taken a great metal song and transformed it into a spectacular ballad. We had the opportunity to interview Ben to discuss more about this remarkable cover.  First check out the cover:


* * * * * * * * 

Music Junkie Press: Thank you Ben for taking the time to talk with us about your recent cover.  I know that in the past you have covered another Disturbed song, “Darkness” as you paid tribute to your brother David while he was visiting you at one of your shows.  Can you tell us what made you choose “Stricken” for your next cover?

Ben: It’s a good thing you mentioned “Darkness”!  That wasn’t exactly my best work but it became so popular I didn’t have the heart to take it down.  This was my opportunity to redeem myself and I’m hoping it will exceed “Darkness” in popularity.  The idea first came about when I was discussing successful covers with my friend and producer, Raz Klinghoffer, who had just released a cover of his own with his project “Earlyrise”.  He had said that some of the best covers are ones that change the song 180 degrees and that if I was going to do a slow cover best to choose a fast paced song.  I honestly didn’t think it would work.  “Stricken” has long been one of my favorites and that very night I went to the piano and tried it.  I play by ear so it didn’t take me long to come up with a basic arrangement.  It became instantly clear that the lyrics and the melody lent themselves well to a ballad and I was immediately hooked. 

Music Junkie Press: That is so true what Raz Klinghoffer said about changing it to that level. That has definitely been what drew me in with all of my favorite covers.  You have taken one of the most popular hard rock/metal songs and have transformed it into a symphonic ballad. You literally gave us chills when we listened to it for the first time.  Your interpretation really allows the listener to completely envelope themselves into the lyrics. It has to be one of the top break-up/heartbreaker songs out. I can only imagine the emotional process/journey that this cover created for you. Can you tell me more about the making of “Stricken”?

Ben: First of all thank you so much!  I’m glad it had an impact on you!  Truth be told when I played it for the first couple of times it was intensely emotional and I connected to the lyrics as well as the melody very deeply.  I found myself playing it alot and some of the parts were challenging at first for my voice so I worked on it together with my vocal coach, Grace Woolfe, and with her help I was able to master it.  I tried it out a few times at live shows and the feedback was so great that I eventually incorporated it in my set list on a regular basis.  Later on, I approached my good friends Yuval Kramer and Nina Vouraki, both of which are outstanding musicians, and we decided to record the project together at Yuval’s studio which is not too far from Jerusalem. 

Music Junkie Press: Where did you record it at and who else performs with you on the cover?

Ben: As I mentioned previously it was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Yuval Kramer at his studio just outside of Jerusalem.  His finacee, Nina Vouraki plays piano on the track, and eventually we brought in a good friend and an exceptional violin player Ariella Zeitlin-Hoffman to add some genuine violin parts to the mix.  Both Nina and Yuval are part of a symphonic metal group called “Reign of the Architect” and I really wanted to incorporate some of the elements from their music as well so it would be a full-on collaboration. Yuval is a master at layering orchestra parts and bringing out the epic elements of a song, while Nina is a classically trained pianist, originally from Greece, who could come up with far more complex and interesting arrangements than I ever could. We brought in my vocal coach, Grace Woolfe, when we recorded the vocals in order to insure that we could get the maximum out of the session.  Yuval strongly believed and encouraged the best emotional performance one could do, over pitch quality and making mistakes from time to time.  His words were “you need to commit suicide on the microphone”.  To achieve that I recorded the track in perfect darkness and we were able to get what we wanted in only a few takes.  Capturing that sort of intensity in the studio is not an easy accomplishment and I owe a great deal of debt to Yuval, Nina, and Grace for helping me get there.

Music Junkie Press:   That is amazing. I can only imagine the recording process and it must have been intense and what you gave us was pure bliss.   You have had at last count over 17,000 views in less than a week’s time and all the positive and heartfelt comments/reactions, how do you feel about it?

Ben: The current count is a bit over 19,000 and we’re getting about 1000 – 2000 views a day.  The response has blown me away!  I was hoping that it would be warmly received but it’s without question the most explosive thing I’ve done to date, getting so far in such a short amount of time.  I don’t even have to ask people to share, they seem to be doing it on their own.  I took a huge risk by changing such a popular song by such devoted fans such as Disturbed so I’m relieved that they reacted as they did.  But I think overall you know in your heart, you get a certain buzzing excitement when something works so I was fairly optimistic.  I’m hoping that it will continue and spread further on the internet. 

Music Junkie Press: The reactions and comments have been coming in from long time Disturbed fans, to artists from a variety of genres, to fans who have never heard of Disturbed and they are just amazing to read how deeply your version has touched them. You have comments coming in daily and some include from Zach Myers (Shinedown) Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) and so many more. Have you heard from your brother David on the cover and did he get  a preview of it before release?

Ben: Of course.  I sent it to him after we had mastered it and was extremely nervous to hear his response.  I know myself that my art and my music is very sacred and it’s not easy to accept a reinterpretation of it.  And while I had already done “Darkness”, which was performed in honor of his coming to one of my shows, that was still MUCH closer to the original than this was.  I still remember when I got the e-mail back from him.  I nearly had a heart attack fearing he may not like it and won’t want us to release it.  But much to my relief he liked it a lot so once we had his approval we moved forward.  Since then the other guys from Disturbed have heard it as well and expressed how much they liked it as well. 

Music Junkie Press: It is amazing to see so much talent come from your family and awesome for you two to share in that with this special song. What is most important to me with this cover is to see people listening to you and then to see them asking about your album, own work, etc. I can’t wait for more people to hear and pick up your last EP “The Past is Not Far Behind” which is a true musical gem.  Can they continue to pick up that EP through your site?

Ben: Well thank you for that!  It’s certainly important to me as well. They can definitely order the album.  In fact some might even get a special surprise when they order. This week alone I sold more copies than I’ve ever sold, and I still haven’t gotten the reports back from itunes and amazon. 

Music Junkie Press:  I am sure many more orders will be coming in. We received such great feedback on our initial write up to you where we talked about your album. Are you currently working on a new album?

Ben: I actually have a few things that I’m currently working on.  Nina, Yuval, and I will be doing another single together, this time one of mine.  Our chemistry was really so magical that it was an obvious move on our part.  I will be doing a video for and officially releasing “Taken for Granted” at some point in the future together with the editor for “Avalanche”, Roy Kanevsky, who will be directing this one in its entirety.  In addition, I will be doing a project with my friend and producer Raz Klinghoffer in the form of a band under a different name.  We have begun work on a full-length album that will be far more rock and a little heavier than what I’ve done till now which I hope will satisfy the growing number of rock and metal fans I’ve accumulated over the years.  But it will not be metal.  That I can assure you! It will take at least a year before that is even close to ready, so please be patient.

Music Junkie Press: We will all be waiting and excited for what your next endeavors will bring. Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience?

Ben: I just want to thank everyone for continuing to be supportive and constantly giving me the incentive to keep doing what I’m doing.  I read every word that you send me and it means the world to me!   Thank you for sharing and helping get the word out and please continue to do so! 

And thank you Marisol for taking the time to feature me here and allow me a space to tell my story!

* * * * * * * * 

It was an honor to feature Ben and his music. If you haven’t already, please do check out Ben’s music at his website of  and you can read a review of his EP The Past is Not Far Behind here.  I will leave you with the video for “Avalanche” which is from his new  EP.

~ Marisol



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Ben Draiman


Black Label Society release their highly awaited CD/DVD of their stripped down performance from the Club Nokia in Los Angeles several months ago. By no means is it stripped down in quality and performance! UNBLACKENED is Unbelievable, whether you are a long time Zakk Wylde and BLS  fan or just finding out about this new album. You will be treated to live renditions that create an incredible bluesy rock jam style feel to them.

The DVD/CD is quite amazing. It was filmed and recorded earlier this year at famed Los Angeles’ “Club Nokia”.  Zakk Wylde in addition to his vocals, plays both guitar and piano, joined by Nick Catanase on guitar, John DeServio on bass/vocals, Chad Szeliga on drums, Derek Sherinian on keyboards/piano, and Greg Locascio providing additional vocals.

Some of my favorites so far are Sold My Soul,  House of Doom, Queen of Sorrow, Throwing it All Away, Rust, I Thank You Child, Song for You and of course Ain’t No Sunshine.  But believe me, the list can go and on with every song. This is definitely one hell of a treasure!

Earlier this month they debuted their music music video for Ain’t No Sunshine  which is off UNBLACKENED. Check out the great video that definitely highlights Zakk’s humor, here:


So make sure to check off your TO DO LIST today: “Pick up Black Label Society‘s CD/DVD UNBLACKENED” and then tell me which are your favorite songs. Tonight we are going to watch the DVD and can’t wait, maybe I will have to brew some Valhalla Java in Zakk’s honor!

~ Crank it up loud, Marisol

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Black Label Society debut music video for “Ain’t No Sunshine”  which is off their upcoming CD/DVD “Unblackened” which is due out on September 24th! Check out the great video that definitely highlights Zakk’s humor, here:


This CD/DVD is set to have two covers and is currently available for Pre-Order on Itunes here.  You can also head over to the label which is giving away a signed CD booklet and poster to the first 200 orders. Get your order QUICK!

The DVD/CD is going to be quite amazing. It was filmed and recorded earlier this year at famed Los Angeles’ “Club Nokia”.  Zakk Wylde is playing both guitar and piano, joined by Nick Catanase on guitar, John DeServio on bass/vocals, Chad Szeliga on drums, Derek Sherinian on keyboards/piano, and Greg Locascio providing additional vocals.  It is going to be a definite Black Label Society treasure so make sure to get your pre-order in!

~ Crank it up loud, Marisol

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Photo Credits: Jared Kocka

Photo Credits: Jared Kocka

I told you last month about the release of Asking Alexandria’s new video for their song “The Death of Me” from their new album, From Death to Destiny. The video featured a young Danny Worsnop as he chooses his vice from dancing girls in vending machines. It was greatly received and we had received so many emails asking us about one certain girl in this video. Everyone wanted to know who is the “heroin” girl that Danny chooses in the video as well as being featured on the cover of their Death to Destiny album.  Well, we not only found out for you but we even have an interview with the beautiful Ms. Erin Johnson.  If you haven’t seen the video you can check it out here:


Doesn’t that video just KICK ASS?? I love it and I love the guys in it too. We are pleased to bring you our interview with Erin:

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Music Junkie Press: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press. I must admit a little over 3 weeks ago, I did not know who you were.  But shortly after our post on the new Asking Alexandria video for “The Death of Me“, we received numerous emails asking us about the brunette in the video which turns out to be you Erin!

First off, I absolutely love the video. It has a great concept storyline which many videos today don’t pay attention to playing out. How did you find out you were to be in the video?

Erin: I found out I would be in the music video after I shot the album cover, which was a complete shock to me! Not only was it a shock because it is such an honor to be on the cover of an incredibly influential metalcore band’s new album, but because also I didn’t know I would be so underdressed!! Haha. The story line was so creative, and I can definitely say this is the first time I’ve ever played “heroin.”

Music Junkie Press: I do love the cover too! Are you a fan of Asking Alexandria’s music?

Erin: I had been familiar with Asking Alexandria for years but I have just recently gotten into their music. They’re basically a household name. I haven’t met too many people who haven’t heard of them!! Growing up I was a huge metal head and was in the local hardcore scene so I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for Asking Alexandria.  After filming the music video I couldn’t get “The Death of Me” out of my head. I kept going on Youtube just to hear it and pretend I was still in my vending machine dancing.

Music Junkie Press: I can imagine. That song from the first time I heard it was in my head, I love the energy and LOVE IT! How was it making video?  So who is your favorite Danny to work with? Danny Worsnop or his younger version?

Erin: Making the video was so much fun, but I could not express how hot it was!!!! We shot on an 85 degree day in sunny LA in non-ventilated, filthy, vending machines. I’m not going to lie we had to replace my “X’s” a couple of times. Hahahaha! I also have never in my life worn contacts and in this video I have in “cloudy” contacts which make it almost impossible to see, not to mention they irritated the shit out of my eyes.

Both Danny’s are completely amazing individuals. Mr. Worsnop had me drinking his favorite creation, “beermosas,” it was Stella with orange juice in it, and I’m not going to lie it was pretty fucking delicious. He’s definitely a character and really fun to be around. All the AA boys were very pleasant and polite but nevertheless total rockstars. Those boys know how to rage!

Younger Danny, bless his heart, my boobs were the first thing this kid saw while coming onto set. I happened to be walking outside to get some air the same time younger Danny and his parents arrived on set. Mind you, all I was wearing in this video were X’s over my nipples and booty shorts. At least he has a good story to tell all his friends at school! It was also very strange starring into a child’s eyes in a vending machine almost naked. But hey he was such a good sport and he was an amazing mini Danny. That boy has a very great future ahead of him!

Music Junkie Press: I am going to have to try the “beermosas” and I am sure younger Danny will have quite a story to share at school this year! I understand you are currently on the cover for Tomb Raider 2013! That is incredible! What other things are you currently working on?

Erin: Yeah Tomb Raider was an absolutely amazing opportunity for me. It was so strange driving around LA and seeing my face everywhere! All over billboards, buses, game stores. It’s weird to think people have cut-outs of me in their homes!! Currently I am working on starting my own hat (beanies/snapbacks) line that will continue onto accessories and other fun things. It’s been a really exciting year for me so I’ve just been taking it all in and I’m thrilled to see what the rest of this year has to offer!!

Music Junkie Press: That is cool. I hope you keep us updated on your hat line so we can share with our readers.  If we could peak into your Ipod, what would be the next 3 songs/artists we would find on there?

Erin: This might be the hardest question yet!!! But I’m going with the songs I’m obsessed with or have been obsessed with for years…

Buddy Guy-“Baby Please Don’t Leave Me”

Joy Division-“Shadowplay”

ASAP Ferg-“Work”

Music Junkie Press:  I have always loved Joy Division!! If you could be featured in the next video of your favorite artist, who would that be?

Erin: I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of amazing artists! I’ve been featured in a Blake Shelton music video and a couple Riff Raff music videos (Rap game Spring Break), as well as other various hip-hop artists. I was really hoping to be in the “Bubble Butt” music video, but turns out I can’t do half the things the girls can do in that video anyway. Hahaha those chicks have some real booty poppin skills!!

Ok, but back to the question. If I could chose to be featured in any music video it would be a Jimi Hendrix video for sure, but since he has not been with us for a while, I would have to go with being in another Asking Alexandria video I honestly had such a blast working with them!!!

Music Junkie Press: I hope we do get to see you again in another Asking Alexandria video! What is the first concert you ever went to?

Erin: My first concert ever was when i was in 7th grade. I had tried getting tickets a million times to Backstreet Boys and N’sync concerts in 6th grade, but they always sold out right away, so my first concert ever was Janet Jackson and 112. “Peaches n’ Cream” was a hit and I think I just aged myself pretty badly. I remember wearing a black halter top and white flared jeans and crying profusely because Janet touched my soul. It was magical. I went from R&B shows to hardcore shows. Enough said.

Music Junkie Press: That is awesome about your first concert and how much the music moved you.

Photo Credits: Brandon Hicks

Photo Credits: Brandon Hicks


Music Junkie Press: Erin, we have several fan submitted questions for you, here:

From Javi: have you ever had to turn a job down because it got to crazy?

Erin: Hey Javi 🙂   As of yet, I have not turned down any jobs. I wish I could say yes because if something is too crazy for me then you know there’s a good story behind it! The AA video and cover has been the most risque job I have ever done I usually don’t show too much skin, but it’s always fun to push the envelope of your comfort level. Hopefully soon enough I will have a good story to tell you about some insanely ridiculous job!! Thanks for your question!!

Music Junkie Press: From Dave: You were incredible in the AA video, I would choose you over and over. What is your idea of a perfect date?

Erin: Well hello there Dave!! 😉   I appreciate you appreciating what my parents did for me! I love spontaneity. I love adventure. I love crazy. I would want to do something I have never done before, like go whale watching, go to Tijuana, go see The Rolling Stones at the Hollywood Bowl, or i’m also the kind of girl who can order vegan food and sit at home and watch Shark Week. Maybe someday we can do one of these things. ❤

Music Junkie Press: From Lizzi: You are amazingly fit and absolutely awesome. What do you do to stay so fit and what is your favorite junk/forbidden food?

Erin: Hey girl!!    Thanks so much for the kind words my dear!! I was an aerialist (think Cirque du Soleil but not quite at that level) for the last few years so it contributes quite nicely to a strong core and a strong upper body. I was also a dancer and hockey player in my younger years so your girl has got some thighs on her! My favorite thing to work out is my booty because I want a bubble butt and my abs! I am vegetarian so I stick to a lot of fruits and veggies, but I am a sucker for nachos!!! They are so naughty and tempting and sometimes I just cant resist. That and I love chocolate and sweets. Half of the week I eat well half of the week I don’t. It’s punishment if you don’t treat yourself!! Thanks for the question love!!

Music Junkie Press: From Ryan: Do you play any musical instruments or sing? I think you would be perfect addition in our band! haha

Erin: Hola Ryan!! My dog Bowser has your name for a middle name! So when he’s being a bad boy he gets called Bowser Ryan!! I call him this quite often… Hahaha getting to your question, I have always wanted to be a drummer. I am attracted to drumming because that’s the only instrument I can understand! Being a dancer, I can feel the beat and I am always air-drumming like an idiot to every song. Growing up, a lot of my friends were in hardcore bands so I had the opportunity to dabble with the drums and turns out I’m not too bad, I just need to learn how to hit harder!! Let me know if you want a badass chick drummer in heels and I’m all yours!!!

Music Junkie Press: From Brandon: What is the weirdest or craziest job you have ever had?

Erin: What’s up Brandon?  I love all these questions with wild and crazy!! A lot of shoots that I do, have an element of crazy and weird in them. I have been in the middle of the wilderness hanging off a tree limb upside in a music video. While shooting for Tomb Raider we did a lot of shots with me pointing a bow and arrow at the camera which made for a real interesting/scary shot. I also been chained to another girl on a runway wearing 8-inch heels so with one wrong move it could be a complete disaster in front of hundreds of people, but to be completely honest nothing beats the weirdness of being naked in front of a child or being locked in a sauna vending machine for hours.  Thanks to Asking Alexandria for taking the cake for being the weirdest and craziest job I have done to date. 🙂

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, Erin is there anything else you would like to share with our audience at Music Junkie Press?

Erin: I appreciate all the amazing feedback!! Special thanks to Sumerian Records and Asking Alexandria for letting me be a part of “From Death to Destiny.” Don’t forget…the world is your playground, so make sure you take the time out to play! XOXO

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you very much Erin! I am hoping we get to see Erin in some more Asking Alexandria videos or maybe even Danny Worsnop’s side project, Harlot. Make sure to check out Erin on the cover of Tomb Raider and we will keep you updated on her hat line as well.

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