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Friday night we made it up to Lincoln, CA to cover the first ever That Metal Show concert featuring Burn Halo, Corey Taylor, Living Colour and Anthrax. It was a night that was sure to promise a full evening of kick ass metal under the baking sun. With the temperatures rising well over a 100, we tried to stay cool as the glamour boys of Living Colour took to the stage. It was so awesome to see them live. It has been well over 20 years since I had last seen them perform and they had me feeling like a spunky 20 year old again. Watching these Grammy Award winning rockers from New York take the stage, you are just captivated by their sound.

The crowd were just as excited as we were and the energy from Living Colour spilled into the crowd and raised the heat once again. The heavy metal/hard rock jazz/funk infused music of Living Colour is something so unique that I couldn’t name a band today who does it as well as these guys do. They are truly pioneers with their music and they delivered a spectacular set that everyone enjoyed. I could have enjoyed a longer set but I know the Thunder Valley Resort has strict time constraints. Of course they played the crowd favorites of Glamour Boys and check out a video of them performing the finale of Cult of Personality.

It was really one of my favorite concerts this year and Corey Glover was right where he belonged; once again in the spotlight on center stage.

Check out the photos by Rockin Ryan of their set here:

Make sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news and if they have any more shows announced. You definitely don’t want to miss them.

~ Marisol

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