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Last Saturday at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, I was able to finally catch a set of Kingsborough. I have been hearing a lot of great buzz about this band for a couple years now. We missed them this summer at Bottle Rock in Napa, and we have been waiting ever so impatiently to find the right time to see them. Well the stars aligned and the music gods made it happen. They were playing at The Phoenix and we were not going to miss them, especially for such a close show for us.

Kingsborough is:

  • Billy Kingsborough: Vocals
  • Alex Leach: Guitar
  • Chris Mangione: Bass
  • John Whitney: Drums

Well, they did exactly what I had expected, actually they exceeded my expectations and completely blew us away with their performance. These guys must eat adrenaline filled Wheaties because from the moment they hit the stage to the time they step off, they are giving a full 150% of their energy. When asked about their energy and if they have any pre-show rituals to harness their energy, Billy comments,

“We don’t really have anything specific that we do before shows to harness our energy. Its hard enough to get all the musicians and gear on stage in time to perform.  Personally (and I this goes for the rest of the guys), I just love to play, express, and become the music. Right before we hit that first chord, I think of all the times at work or in life where I don’t have the chance to do what I love or express myself, and think how the audience (whether it be 1 or 1 thousand) is giving me this opportunity. They deserve 110% of what I (and the band) is able to give just for being there. Hopefully, by giving our best, we inspire someone to do what they love as well.” 

Their stage presence is very commanding and really captures the crowd’s attention from the start. The music which is a very welcoming fusion of blues and classic rock but with a much more modernized face lift! They literally bring an intensity to their music, soulful vocals that just grab a hold of you, catchy choruses, spectacular guitar solos, striking rhythms and big harmonies that need their own zip code. This is one band that you can only be described as “ROCK AND ROLL AT ITS FINEST”. Check out some photos by our Rockin Ryan of their set:

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We are really excited to hear that Kingsborough will be releasing a new album, The Night, The Grind and The Woes sometime in November. Billy explains, “We were lucky enough to work with Grammy Award winning producer, Jason Carmer. He did Third Eye Blind’s Blue and has worked with countless other amazing artists like RUN DMC, Korn, Chuck Prophet and The Donnas. We recorded at his home studio in Berkley, about 5 minutes away from Fantasy Studios. Working there, we couldn’t help but draw inspiration from Creedence Clearwater Revival, Sly Stone and The Doobie Brothers. We even used some of the reverb chambers at Fantasy Studios that CCR used during their time there.” In addition to what to expect as to their sound on this album, Billy continues, “With that, you can expect a modern take on a very classic sound. We are a band and were put in a room with the record button on; and thats how the album sounds.

We look forward to the new album and in the meantime, make sure you head over to pick up their Said and Done EP on iTunes here: They even played some of their new songs in their set and my favorite is the soulful rockin track, Sinner. Be sure to visit their social media sites and their website of so you can stay up to date on all their latest news and upcoming shows.

We will leave you with some videos of their set at the Phoenix Theater. Stay tuned for more coverage of Kingsborough and we will see when we can bring you an interview with these amazing musicians.

Upcoming Shows: 

  • 9.11  Flamingo Hotel Santa Rosa, CA
  • 9.26 Whiskey Tip  Santa Rosa, CA
  • 10.3 Spancky’s Cotati, CA

~ Marisol

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