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Royal Bliss have announced their release date of February 18th, 2014 for their upcoming album, “Chasing The Sun”. These Salt Lake City rockers have been hard at work on this album. Their first single they released, “Cry Sister” has been climbing the active rock chart! You can pick up the new single today on Itunes here.


Royal Bliss has been busy working on their new album,”Chasing the Sun” and the new single, Cry Sister has been getting great airplay. It is an awesome that has me very excited for their album. We had the opportunity to interview vocalist, Neal Middleton once again and we are pleased to present that interview to you here:

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Music Junkie Press: It is good to talk to you once again, Neal! How are you doing?

Neal: A little ill, but hanging in there. It is crazy. It is typical when you are out on tour, you are bound to catch something.

Music Junkie Press: You are getting what must be going around. I hope you feel  better.

Neal: Ya, it sucks being the singer with a cold!

Music Junkie Press:  You guys actually have a show Friday at the iconic Machine Shop to get ready for?

Neal:  Oh ya, can’t wait, we love it there.

Music Junkie Press: Royal Bliss has just released their new single, Cry Sister and it is awesome! I love it. I hear it in the morning on Octane when I am driving and I am so glad it is getting a lot of great airplay.

Neal:  We are excited it is doing so well. It is just launching up the charts so we are extremely happy with the way it has gone. We love the song too.

Music Junkie Press: Cry Sister is going to be on your new album. It is great to see through the powers of Kickstarter and your fans that you are working on your new album, “Chasing the Sun”. I have to tell you, you guys had one of the funniest videos for Kickstarter about your packages!  I am not surprised that you guys reached your goal and surpassed it!

Neal: Ya, that was awesome. That was one of those things where the fans really stepped up and let us know that we are doing the right thing by sticking with it and making music.

Music Junkie Press: Do you have a time frame for the release?

Neal: Yes, it is going to be February 18th

Music Junkie Press: Great! Where are you recording the album?

Neal:  We are actually recording in Salt Lake with Matt Winegar.

Music Junkie Press: You recorded with him before, right?

Neal: Yes, After the Chaos. It is the first record that we are actually recording in Utah, in almost ten years. So it is nice being able to record here and do it that way.

Music Junkie Press: Are you working on a video for Cry Sister?

Neal: The video should be done here in the next couple weeks for everybody to check out. It is going to look awesome.

Music Junkie Press: That is great! I can’t wait. Now I think it was earlier this week you did a radio spot with Wayland and performed a Guns n Roses Cover. What song did you guys end up playing?

Neal: I used to Love her! It was cool. We  have never really done that with another band and it was a lot of fun.  It was kind of put together at the last minute and we were like, ya, let’s do that!

Music Junkie Press:  The last time we spoke we talked about doing a cover from a completely different genre and you answered, My Way by Frank Sinatra which is one of my absolute favorites. Am I going to have to keep dreaming about that or do you think you might actually do it?

Neal: I really want to do that. I thought about that after the last time we talked and I thought, I really need to make that happen. It is just a long process.

Music Junkie Press: That would be so awesome.  Now, how about with the holiday’s coming up, what is the strangest gift you have ever received.

Neal: Gift? Huh, It would be, well my grandma bought me some underwear, some whitey tighties and on the front of it, it said, My Mighty Minnow and it had a little picture of a fish. I thought this was really random from my Grandma! It was really funny.

Music Junkie Press: That is one to remember! How about your favorite holiday food?

Neal: My favorite holiday food Item? That is a good one too. Though I love so much food, I always look forward to the mashed potatoes and gravy. I don’t know what it is, but that is it.

Music Junkie Press: Now will you be back home for the Holidays?

Neal:  We make it home the day before and we have a big show the day before Thanksgiving at the Depot in Salt Lake, it is our 11th annual Pre-Thanksgiving Bash. I will be home for the Holidays this year.

Music Junkie Press:  Now, how did that start? The Pre-Thanksigiving Bash, I heard that it will be your 11th one?

Neal:  There was a club called ?Protocol ? – [indiscernable] back in the day, we really wanted to play there. They gave us a shot on the day before Thanksgiving and realized what a big party day that was. Then it was such a huge show for us, that we were like, ya, we got to do this next year! We just kept doing it. We can’t wait. It is always one of our favorite shows of the year.


Music Junkie Press: That sounds like a great time. What is one of your most favorite holiday traditions that you still like to do today?

Neal: Oh man, for one, start Christmas after Thanksgiving. We always do it that weekend and we just get together, drink hot chocolate and go pick out a tree, put up all the lights and everything and listen to Christmas music all day long. That is one of my favorite ones.

Music Junkie Press: That is so wonderful. It really does get you in the right mood. This year is a short one, right after Thanksgiving, we only have a few more weeks until Christmas.

Neal:  Exactly, my kids are starting to put Christmas stuff already.

Music Junkie Press: With the new album, what stage are you right now for it?

Neal: We got the songs recorded and now we are going through the mixing process while we are out on the road. We got Matt Winegar mixing all the songs. Things should be finalized in the next few weeks.

Music Junkie Press: We are so looking forward to the new album and we can’t wait to catch Royal Bliss out on the road. Lastly, is there anything you would like to share with our audience?

Neal: Basically, thanks for keeping us alive for 16 years, keeping us going, keeping us on the road doing what we love to do. A big Thank You

Music Junkie Press: Thanks so much Neal. We love you guys, will keep spreading the news about Royal Bliss and we hope you feel better soon!

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If you missed our first interview with Neal Middleton from October 2012 you can read it below or check it out here. Make sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their tour dates and latest news!

~ Enjoy, Marisol

Royal Bliss Information & Links

Royal Bliss is:

Neal Middleton – Lead Vocal, Guitar
Taylor Richards – Guitars, Vocals
Dwayne Crawford – Bass, Vocals
Jake Smith – Drums, Percussion




Royal Bliss have announced their release date of February 18th, 2014 for their upcoming album, “Chasing The Sun”. These Salt Lake City rockers have been hard at work on this album. Their first single they released, “Cry Sister” has been climbing the active rock chart! You can pick up the new single today on Itunes here.


I can’t wait to hear more from this new album. So mark your calendars for the release date of February 18th, 2014. We will also see if we can bring you another interview with the band. If you missed our first interview with Neil Middleton from October 2012 you can read it below or check it out here.

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Music Junkie Press:    Thank you Neal for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press! We had the great pleasure of catching a couple of your shows when you were opening up Hinder and Candlebox. We instantly fell in love with your music and we are so excited to tell everyone about your current album, “Waiting out the Storm”.

Neal Middleton:   Awesome thank you very much! Glad to talk with you.

Music Junkie Press:   I understand that this is the first release on your own label AIR Castle Records. Congratulations and we look forward to many more! From that, your single “CRAZY” shot up the charts. How was it to see your baby take it’s first steps climbing up the charts?

Neal Middleton:   It is good. It is really interesting and it is a completely different game than being on a major label. Everything is in your own hands, in your own court. You can kind of do the things how you want. It is amazing! With the years of experience in the industry and all of the great relationships that we built with radio, magazines and everything else and then to have them still get behind us even though we don’t have Capitol Records on the CD is pretty remarkable. I think we are going to stick to it this way. It is really nice to not have the suits telling us what to do and we are able to make it all about the music again.

Music Junkie Press:   This new CD just ROCKS! It has a heavier edgy sound to it that is awesome! Is that something that comes from being on your own label and being able to put out exactly what you want to?

Neal Middleton:  Yes, we got to do the record WE wanted to do. Before, there was some struggle in the beginning with our old management and them wanting us to go in a different direction and do different things. We had written like 80 to a 100 songs for the album and we loved so many of them and they kept telling us, “Keep writing, it’s not there” Finally we said No, you’re wrong! It is there, and these are the songs that we love and we are going to do it this way. That was kind of the deciding factor that we were going to do this on our own and do it for the fans. It is definitely all our touch on this album.

Music Junkie Press:   One of my favorite songs on the album is “Bleed My Soul” can you share a little about that song.

Neal Middleton:  Well, that song actually was when Taylor and I sat down in Shreveport, Lousiana in our old beat up motorhome. Taylor was playing that little riff, that Bleed My Soul riff and I told him to keep that up! Keep it going! Then pretty much, we just wrote it right there. Then we had a bunch of people come from outside, tapping on the bus, clapping and singing along. We knew right then that we had something sweet. It was one of those moments where a song just kind of happens and luckily it was a good one. I love that track!

Music Junkie Press:   How about some advice to all the young musicians out there? It seems that every day you hear more and more about how the music industry has changed, is dead, or is dying more each day. What can you say to the teens to keep them to still pick up their guitar or play their drums and decide to keep the rock alive?

Neal Middleton:  I always go back to Don’t think about how difficult it is or everything else. Think instead about why you played the music in the first place. Why did you picked up that guitar? And, hopefully it is not because you wanted to be famous or to be on TV. Hopefully the core reason is because you love playing the guitar and love rock and roll. That should be the core. And if you don’t, then play in your basement! You have to love it, nowadays in the industry, you have to have such a passion in order to survive or succeed. So I would tell them if you love it, then keep doing it and don’t listen to anyone else. If you get someone on your side who wants to help you out, that is great and fortunate, but never forget why you picked up that guitar in the first place, “It was because you wanted to ROCK!”

Music Junkie Press:   Very well said Neal! Growing up what was some of your biggest musical influences?

Neal Middleton:   My brother was always bringing me home different music. He would bring anything from Suicidal Tendencies to Violent Femmes. Then he brought me home Pearl Jam 10 and that really changed my life. I loved Eddie Vetter, loved his voice, the songs, everything. From that point it changed the game for me. I loved all the classics too; Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Doors, Led Zeppelin, and even Merle Haggard. My parents used to rock out Merle Haggard pretty good. Then there was Sublime, 311, there is still a lot of influences all across the board from old school country to heavy rock. Korn’s first record was a big thing for me. When I sit and think about it, there are a million records that really affected me. It was all about the lyrics and the songs themselves. They had to have emotions behind it and something meaningful that I can connect with and that is kind of how I write my songs too; very honest.

Music Junkie Press:   I am always a strong believer about how music can help people through the roughest patches in their lives or how music can heal a wounded soul. Do you recall a particular moment or can share a story of when music helped you the most?

Neal Middleton:   So many times! It is funny one; but U2’s Joshua Tree was a huge album for me. It’s like when you were a teenager and you are going through love and everything else, and think that you are in love, all the relationship songs get you down. But Joshua Tree always let me kind of escape from all that. Then Pink Floyd has always been one of those too. I could go on forever about songs that have changed my live. Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode and all the ones back in Junior High. A lot of the songs are the ones that had to do with girls and relationships and things. Sublime songs always remind me of my friends.

Music Junkie Press:   Yes, Music has always been a mood changer or there for me. I would like to share that one of your songs on your album, “ I will catch you” is one of those songs for me that personally touched my soul. The first time I heard it I was putting the CD on I was thinking about my father who I had recently lost and the first song that came up on the CD shuffle was “I will catch You” and that is a saying that my father always would say to me and I listened to that song maybe a dozen times that night and I really felt like it was a perfect moment. “The words “Even if I am not around, I won’t let you hit the ground, I will catch you” still bring chills to me and a smile in my heart. It was a beautiful moment and I wanted to share that with you and thank you for that! It isn’t often that I can actually tell someone personally how their music impacted me.

Neal Middleton:   That is awesome. I love that track. I am glad that is something that you can relate to and works for you. I mean it is one of those songs, that one and “Wake Up” on the record that a lot of people can really connect to. That is what it is all about for me, connecting. A father being there for one of his kids, or whether you have a loved one that you are there for no matter what they are going through, if you are losing them to Cancer or Alzheimers or things like that. That has been happening a lot to me in my inner circle of family and everything lately. So, it is something that I can relate to. A lot of my songs are like therapy to get out of my head so I don’t have to just dwell with them.

Music Junkie Press:   If you could do a remake from any song from any genre, what would it be?

Neal Middleton Lately, I would have to say, “(I did it) MY Way” by Frank Sinatra.

Music Junkie Press:   WOW! That is incredible, are you really thinking about doing that?

Neal Middleton:   Yes, I would really like to. I have thought a lot about it in the past. It is so meaningful right now for me. I was recently busting it out in the shower the other night. You know it is one of those things where I have had a lot of people tell me, “You don’t listen and Blah, Blah, Blah”. No, I am sticking to my roots, I am sticking to the reason why I did this in the first place. I am going to do it our way.

Music Junkie Press:   WOW! Neal, I have to tell you why you took me off guard with that response because my Father must be here or something. That song, My Way was my father’s song and he requested we play it at his funeral. It was all who he was! That would be incredible if you could do the remake. My son always wanted to do one in a heavy rock version and I would love to see what you come up with!

Neal Middleton: Oh! That is very cool. Very awesome!

Music Junkie Press:   I have another one for you. If you could go back and talk to your 14 year old self, what advice would you give yourself?

Neal Middleton:   Oh man, at 14?? Always be honest ! Well, I guess it depends on what mood I would be in. There is a lot of things I would tell my 14 year old self. I mean I would be like Don’t worry about girls. Just date as many as you possibly can and have a blast! But honestly, more than anything would be to believe in yourself and never give up. I really doubted myself a lot at that age and was down on myself. I would tell myself that everything will work out. Keep being who you are and don’t try to be anyone else.

Music Junkie Press:   Lastly, I got to see the Royal Bliss Pizza from Santa Monica Pizza Company and have to ask, What if you had a Royal Bliss ice cream named after you guys. What would it be?

Neal Middleton:   It would be Rocky Road! Rocky Road for sure, because it has been a rocky road for us and mix in a little bit of everything. I think that would be a perfect ice cream!

Music Junkie Press:   Neal, thank you so much for your wonderful music and we look forward to telling everyone to check your website for the tour dates and get to a show to see you guys! You are heading out on tour next week?

Neal Middleton:   Yes, we are next Wednesday in Atlanta and then next Friday and Saturday with Marilyn Manson Robb Zombie with All That Remains. Thank you.

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Make sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their tour dates and latest news!

~ Enjoy, Marisol

Royal Bliss Information & Links

Royal Bliss is:

Neal Middleton – Lead Vocal, Guitar
Taylor Richards – Guitars, Vocals
Dwayne Crawford – Bass, Vocals
Jake Smith – Drums, Percussion

Upcoming Tour Dates: 

  • Nov 11  O.N.E. Theater  Mandan, ND
  • Nov 14  Busters Mankato, MN
  • Nov 15  Freaksters Roadhouse   Pontiac, IL
  • Nov 16  Muddy’s              Burlington, IA
  • Nov 17  The Sports Story               Boone, IA
  • Nov 18  BADA BREW       Crest Hill, IL
  • Nov 19  Red Zone             Madison, WI
  • Nov 20  District  Rockford, IL
  • Nov 22  Machine Shop   Flint, MI
  • Nov 23  Intersection       Grand Rapids, MI