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Earlier this year we brought you an interview with the amazingly talented Brev Sullivan (Rock of Ages). In case you missed it, make sure to check it out here. Interview with Brev Sullivan.  Brev has been quite busy, with the release of his contemporary jazz guitar CD, Brand New Day (available on iTunes here) and performing with his bands. His band, Snakebite are about to set sail next month for the 4th KISS KRUISE which will sail to the Great Stirrup Cay on October 31st to November 4, 2014.   The headliners of the cruise feature Kiss, Cheap Trick, Robin Zander’s, and Pat Travers. Snakebite will be performing on the Soundcheck Stage and will deliver some old school Original Heavy Vinyl Rock definitely proving that Rock n Roll is alive and thriving!


Snakebite are also set to release their new CD, Feel the Bite in early October. Just in time for you to be singing along with them on the Kiss Kruise! Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.  Make sure to also pick up Brev’s CD, Brand New Day on Itunes or CDBaby.

Brev Sullivan at NAMM 2014

Brev Sullivan at NAMM 2014


Snakebite features:

  • Tim Brown (McBrain Damage): lead vox
  • Brev Sullivan (Rock of Ages): guitars, vox
  • Patrick Johansson (Yngwie/WASP/Lynch Mob): drums
  • Crystalline Entity (Brubaker Artist): bass, background vox

Get ready for their new CD Feel the Bite and if you are in the Ft. Lauderdale area, don’t miss their show this Saturday on September 27th at Cheers, Food and Spirits. Visit their Facebook page for more details:

~ Marisol

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In August 2010, Prog Sphere released its first ever Progstravaganza compilation. After four years, twenty compilations, over 460 bands showcased, and more than 65,000 downloads, Prog Sphere Promotions is ready to release its first physical compilation CD. Progstravaganza: Beyond Frontiers, is ready for pre-order Progify store, and will be released on October 14th, 2014. This new compilation includes twelve progressive rock and metal bands from all around the world who are itching to show their talent to global audience.

From the very beginning, Prog Sphere Promotions has sought to bring the very best upcoming progressive rock and metal bands to its audience, while also offering a presentation that the discerning prog lover has come to expect from his or her collection. To this end they have enlisted the talent of Frank Gingeleit of Living Tunes Mastering to master the newest compilation. For those with an eye for beautiful album covers, Prog Sphere Promotions have retained the services of the talented Chris van der Linden of LindenArtwork for the artwork and six-page digipak.

You can listen to a track off the new CD, I’m All Alone by Seconds Before Landing. It takes progressive rock through an ambient haze and what you are treated to is an ethereal fused track that balances between atmospheric and mood altering. It is a great track to check out.

The track list for Progstravaganza: Beyond Frontiers, is as follows:

01. Seconds Before Landing – I’m All Alone (USA)

02. Fughu – Quirk of Fate (feat. Damian Wilson) (Argentina)

03. Traffic Experiment – The Weight of the World (UK)

04. Machines Dream – Broken Door (Canada)

05. The Moonling – Backstage (Switzerland)

06. Rolf Remlinger – Corrosive Exponent Too (USA)

07. Riccardo Sandri – Campi Verdi (Italy)

08. Cea Serin – The Victim Cult (USA)

09. Overhaul – Three Judges (The Netherlands)

10. Celluloid Winter – Feigning Insanity (Part I) (USA)

11. The Amber Herd – Tin Man (UK)

12. Fred Colombo – Midgar (France)

You can pre-order the CD at  Progify StoreVisit the social media sites so you can stay up to date on the latest news.

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I just got turned on to a great new band from Seattle, Washington. Allow me to introduce you to Direct Divide. They are an Alternative/Cinematic Rock band out of Seattle, Washington. Their music is melodic and cinematic, featuring violin, female vocals, piano, bass, distorted guitars, and drums.  Direct Divide is Razz on Violins/Vocals, Kevin Proctor on Guitar/Keyboards, Gabe Soto on Bass and Valdemar Huguet on Drums.

Direct Divide have a full length album “Bridges” which was released today. The album was recorded at Gossard Recording Studio, CrackleNPop Recording Studio and mixed by their own guitarist Kevin Proctor and mastered by Dave Cooley (producer of Silversun Pickups) at Elysian Mastering in LA. The album simply became a grand work of musical art and includes unique instrument’s such as Razz’s Wood Viper Violin ((6 string electric violin capable of handling 4 octaves), Hammond B3 organ, lap steel, pedal steel, acoustic guitar, cello, viola.


“Bridges” is an amazing album that includes emotionally driven songs laden with passionate vocals, melodies and harmonies with depth that take you on a ride through their life experiences.  The music can be described as an alternative hard rock style yet with a symphonic flare that perfects it. Fusion of music at it’s finest. Razz’s vocals are beautiful and captivating and have such a powerful presence.  The songs also have some rocking guitars and drums that give it a rock/punk edge at times. I absolutely love the diversity of this album.

Meteors is a heartfelt song that highlights Razz’s vocals. She reminds me of a cross between Ani DiFranco and Natalie Merchant with her amazing tones and a rockin edge like Pat Benatar. The violin and the harmonies on this song are like sweet caressing kisses.  Running brings out a much heavier rock style as  Valdemar adds some energetic drumming and the guitars build up the intensity. I love the angst ridden passion in Running and it is a personal fave of mine. Break the Cycle is another rockin song that has the most amazing violin work, it is intense and will leave you in awe.

Head over to Bandcamp, or Itunes and pick up your copy of Bridges. It is a must have add to your playlist. In a time where so much music has almost become a disposable commodity, Direct Divide deliver a true musical gem that will withstand the test of time. I look forward to hearing much more from them. I will leave you with a video of Direct Divide performing Writing on the Walls at the Cave in Big Bear.

~ Marisol


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Electric Black Horse

Remember a time when Sexy Rock and Roll was the music of the scene? You were treated to rock and roll full of catchy hooks, sexy flash and flare that left you begging for more. The time has come for Electric Black Horse to revive our need for Sexy Rock and Roll baby! They not only carry the glitz and sexy glam but have the rock and roll to back it up.

Straight from New York City are four guys bent on delivering rock and roll complete with their high energy and  glam-tastic flare. They are known to have an amazing stage presence and always give it 150%. I am hoping that they will be coming out to California now that I am hooked on them! Want a taste of them, well then check out my favorite song, Boys and Girls from them “Cheap Party Favors


Electric Black Horse is Michael Pate on Vocals/Guitar, Merx on Lead Guitar, JT Hardy on Bass and Shane Considine on Drums. Combined, they bring to life the groove and attitude amidst harmonious vocals and rockin tunes.

Another one of the songs that I love is Champagne on Ice, where you will be singing along in no time and ready to have some fun. It reminds me of mix of early Van Halen, T. Rex and Kiss.   You are going to love them. You can pick up their new CD, Cheap Party Favors which is available on CD Baby here, Itunes here, and Amazon here. Head on over and pick up your copy today!  We will see if we can bring you an interview soon.

~ Marisol

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Photo by Max R. Sequeira Photography

Photo by Max R. Sequeira Photography

NAMM 2014 was once again filled with so many great displays, new gear, artists performing. We looked forward to seeing Brev Sullivan once again and he was awesomely shredding away! We will have to try and get some videos up so you can check him out.

Brev not only is an amazingly talented musician, busy performing with his many bands; Lazy Bonez, FOF, an Snakebite to name a few, but he also shares his passion for music by teaching as well.

This week he had the opportunity to catch up with Brev and are pleased to bring you that interview here:

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Music Junkie Press: Thank you Brev for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press! It was great seeing you once again at NAMM. This year was a great one. How was your NAMM trip?

Brev: It is always an adventure and it gets better every year. I love it!

Music Junkie Press: You have been quite a busy man, what are you currently working on?

Brev: I just finished up a contemporary Jazz CD entitled Brand New Day. It has 8 tracks on it, a variety of contemporary sounding or smooth jazz original compositions. 4 out of the 8 feature my father (renowned jazz musician, Ira Sullivan) playing one of his many horns and he is a multi-instrumentalist so that could be any tune could be sax or flute or both.

Music Junkie Press: That is great! You told me before about how your father was instrumental in getting you into music. How was it working with your father?

Brev: Yes, well, my father is a mentor and a teacher to all, so it is no different him working with his son, than working with any of the many young people he has worked with throughout his careers, starting with Jaco Pastorius back in the ‘70s to now. So he won’t let me slip up either, just because I’m his kid.

Music Junkie Press: How old were you when you first picked up and played the guitar?

Brev: I actually started late. I didn’t really get serious until I was about seventeen, but my earliest memory was playing.. plinking around on the classical around 15.

Music Junkie Press: Do you remember what was the first song you learned to play in it’s entirety?

Brev: Yes, it was “GreenSleeves”. Well, you hear it around the holidays but it is considered a secular tune even though they play it at the holidays. I got to play that quite often.

Music Junkie Press: Do you remember what was your first guitar?

Brev: Yes, I do. That was the classic story, I was kid and I worked all summer cutting grass and trimming trees and I got a Palmer.

Music Junkie Press: Do you still have it? I know many like to keep their first guitar.

Brev: Not that one. Oh No, I don’t remember what happened to that.

Music Junkie Press:  How about now, what is your current rig rundown?

Brev: I have two separate rigs that I am trying to combine. I have been currently using a combination of Bogner amps, DV Mark Amps which is still relatively new to the scene and they are wonderful amps. And then, I have been making use of some of the modern digital technology, I have been using the Axe FXs.

Music Junkie PressCheck out Brev and his band FOF as they performed at Sam Ash Music and utilizing the Axe FX II:

Music Junkie Press: In addition to being so active in performing, recording you also teach music. With all the different genres, sub genres, and that seems to be changing and ‘80s style Rock n Roll is definitely making a big comeback! Do you see a rise in young students who want to learn and play more original style rock n roll?

Brev: That is an interesting question. I see a rise in certain musical groups and artists out there that want to play, that are making headlines or headway in different style but, I see with most of my students that I encounter, I see them revisiting the old grassroots techniques of Jimmy Page and Hendrix. They find it new today as I did when I was growing up and as the people before me did. So, I would say in seeking originality, they would have to seek the grass roots first.

Music Junkie Press: Right now, it is so funny to see the young teens out there and you introduce them to other styles of original music, some of them just grasp on to it and they start researching all types of music on their own. Then they can incorporate it into their own style.

If you could go back and talk to your 14 year old self, what advice would you give to yourself?

Brev:  That is a good question. At the time I was growing up, all these great bands that as you just mentioned are coming back and are still touring and still surviving, market themselves as a gang or as four great friends and that nothing can go wrong. I think that is a great model because they wouldn’t be able to sell what they are selling, which is great music and cool posters, cool lifestyle, however, it can limit your ability to survive in the real world which is, what I would tell myself, ‘These are great bands but maybe you should learn a few more tunes like the blues, some adventurous tunes, I know as silly as it sounds some Frank Sinatra, because these are the decades of music that people for the last century have listened to time and time again.” That music will allow any musician who can play to work constantly.

Music Junkie Press: Rock Of Ages was an iconic film that we loved. We can’t get enough of the ‘80s! Did you get to keep some of those crazy ’80 outfits from it?

Brev: Well, some of that stuff was my own, so Yes.

Music Junkie Press: What song from the ‘80s era would you say is your theme song or anthem song?

Brev: Well, interesting enough Mari, the music from Rock of Ages, I was aware of it and I loved it but I was more of a progressive guy. I was into Rush and I was into Van Halen, so Panama or Jump or something like that was more my theme song.

Music Junkie Press: That is great. Now do you have any shows coming up with Featured on Fridays or SnakeBite?

Brev: Yes, I do. In fact I have an interesting day tomorrow. I am playing with LazyBonez at Pirate Fest on the Treasure Coast in Florida and then I have a gig in the evening with Snakebite at the Coconut Creek Casino so geographically, I will need a plane to get to both gigs but it will be great.

Music Junkie Press: That is a busy one for you, a weekend of music!

Brev: Yes, and that is how I like it. FOF, Features on FridayBand will be throwing my CD release party in March, I haven’t set the date yet.

Music Junkie Press: So your CD will be released in March?

Brev: The CD is actually available now on Itunes, CDBaby under Brev Sullivan “Brand New Day”.


Music Junkie Press: We will definitely share those links on our site. Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience?

Brev: What I would like to share is, keep in mind that music played on a guitar, or a piano, or a trumpet, or any type of instrument is an age old tool that has absolutely no microchips, it doesn’t have the screen on it, it doesn’t have any texting on it, it is an age old creation of wire and wood and to this day, it is still the center of our universe as a musician or a fan and that is very powerful.

Music Junkie Press: That is so beautifully said. Music truly can heal them, help them,  be there for them through the hardest times as well as be there for all the range of your emotions. I know for myself, it has been all those things. I am glad to see the younger generation finally appreciate that and get to the point where they know the music is there for them and it takes you on the journey of your life.

Brev: Yes, and I get that vibe when I look at It sounds like it is run and orchestrated by very excited people and seems very hip and up to date and very cool. Thank you for having me be a part of it.

Music Junkie Press: Thank you so much Brev. We are so excited to feature you and we will be sharing all your social media links and also where to pick up your new CD. Thank you so much for your time and have a wonderful weekend.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

We are excited to hear about the new CD, Brand New Day. One thing is for sure, listening to Jazz makes me feel so alive and that is exactly what you will feel listening to Brand New Day. It takes you on a musical journey filled with vibrant melodies, lively beats, and guitar tracks that actually sing to you. It is amazing and just after my first listen today, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you my favorites since they all captivate me.  Blue City is the first song and sets the perfect tone for the whole album. Get ready to feel invigorated and Coming Home does just that for me. It literally took me back to the late 1970s as I would watch my older sisters sing and dance around in the garage, a time of simple fun and innocence. It has such a fantastic 70’s vibe meshed with amazing guitar and instrumental work. All the songs are magical and captivating and literally tell a tale with each song as the instruments speak to you in such a personal way. I have to thank you Brev, for reminding me of my long lost love of Jazz and congratulations on your excellent album.

I hope you have the chance to pick up Brev‘s new album and also visit  his social media sites so you can stay up to date on all his latest news. If you are in Florida, see if you can catch one of his shows tomorrow! I will leave you with some videos of Brev performing.

~ Marisol

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Next week hERETICS iN tHE lAB are set to release their new album, Suture on November 12, 2013 through Sacrific Records. This industrial metal band has a sound that reminds me of a blend of Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. They have had great success in the underground goth/industrial scene and are now making great headway in the mainstream of heavy metal and rock genres and making new fans each day.

They have been known to put on intense live shows that leave the audiences in awe. They will be having a CD release party at The Wave in Norfolk, VA on November 12, 2013. They are set to perform their whole album in its entirety. For details on the show you can visit

image001 (7)

You can check out two of the songs of their album here. First is their single Skin and second is a lyric video for Some People.

You can check out more about  hERETICS iN tHE lAB through their social  media sites. Also mark your calendars for their album release on November 12th.  We will see if we can bring you an interview with this aggressive cutting edge industrial rock band!

~ Marisol

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Another band that we saw at Aftershock Festival in September and always entertaining is A Day To Remember. They really put on an excellent crowd pleasing show. They will now have their 16 track album, Common Courtesy available on-line and in retailers on November 25th, 2013!

It will great to finally have this album, the band has worked so hard and dedicated to get this album into the hands of their fans. You can pre-order the album here on Itunes. You can also head straight over to their website and pre-order the album with merch bundles, which I always love! Read their post from Instagram that mentions the free downloads that you can also get.


They have also announced they will have Every Time I Day with them on their UK/Euro tour for next year. Dates are already selling out so  make sure to get your tickets quick! Make sure to follow their social media sites to stay up to date on tour dates and news.

I will leave you with Rockin Ryan’s photos from their set at Aftershock Festival as well as a Tribute video with photos and footage from that set.

~ Enjoy, Marisol

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I remember the first time I ever saw Sebastian Bach. He was with Skid Row (who are we kidding… HE IS SKID ROW, anyway back to the story!!!) and they were the opening act for Aerosmith at the Cow Palace in Daly City (near San Francisco) and it was 1989. I had waited in line since 7 am with about another 100 crazy Aerosmith fans just so we could be up front and on the rail.  It was amazing because as I was front and center ready to watch Aerosmith, I didn’t know that I was about to meet what soon became one of my all time favorite bands…..  Skid Row came out and Sebastian Bach just had everyone on their feet and READY TO ROCK!! The crowd was rushing up front at the first song… Yes, security was even yelling….. GET BACK or should I say…. GET BACH!!!! Ok, seriously it was intense, I knew that this young kid was soon going to take over the rock and roll world.

Fast forward to today and Sebastian Bach continues to KICK ASS with his rock and he has continued to take over the rock and roll world! In addition, he has expanded his singer/songrwriter career to include actor/entertainer . Sebastian has been hard at work on his new album which is set to release in the spring of 2014 through Frontiers Records. This album is going to be amazing and he has some great talent working on this one! He is working with Duff McKagan, John 5 and Steve Stevens as well as Devin Bronson on guitars and Bobby Jarzombek on drums.

Sebastian explains more about this album, “I am happy to say we have completed the drums and most of the bass guitar for the new record. It is a pleasure to write songs with Duff, Steve, Bob, and Devin. The album will be mastered by Tom Baker who has mastered my last three albums. This CD will be balls-out, in-your-face high-energy rock ‘n roll which just so happens to be my favorite style of music. I look forward to releasing the record and playing these songs live for you all in 2014!

Now to get you all excited about some new music from Sebastian Bach,  make sure to check out this video for ‘Big Guns” which is off of his recent Live CD/DVD package ABACHALYPSE NOW and was released last March.

We had the pleasure of watching Sebastian Bach as he was the host of the Revolver Golden Gods Awards earlier this year. We even featured our recipe for “Sebastian Baby Bach Ribs” on our Golden Gods Party Guide and you can check that out here.  

Sebastian Baby Bach Ribs

So make sure to head over to Sebastian’s website and pick up your copy of ABACHALYPSE NOW and follow him on his social media sites to stay up to date!

~ Marisol

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Guess what arrived yesterday?? Something I have been waiting for and it was definitely worth the wait! It was Miggs‘ new full length album, 15th & Hope.  I know I told you a little bit ago about how you have to take a listen to them well now I AM SHOUTING IT TO YOU! In case you didn’t get to pre-order the CD, get your butt online and download it from Itunes or order it from Amazon or maybe be like me and get a download and a CD!

I immediately starting playing it and I have been in love with it ever since. They have such a successful  blend of alternative and melodic pop rock that brings you some great upbeat and fun music. This album reminds me when I first fell in love with Train or Matt Nathanson. It gives you that feel good music that you can listen to anytime of day. Make sure to take a listen and add MIGGS to your playlist.   15th & Hope was produced by 15 time Grammy Award Winner;  Phil Ramone so it will be no surprise when this album starts climbing the charts.

This Friday September 14th will be their CD Release Show at the Orpheum in Tampa, FL and then they will head out around the US in support of their new album. For me, I have to wait until October 19th for their show at one of my favorite San Francisco venues; Cafe du Nord.  But you should head over to their website to see which show you can make it out to.

My personal favorites of this album are Pretty  that has some great guitar work and gives me that push to get back in the game even if I feel lost. Full of Doubt is a great self reflective song that has such great emotion. Hole is such a darker song that I just get pulled into. I love it’s uniqueness. Of course my super favorite is Stars which as I mentioned before a catchy upbeat song that I start off every day with! It is like a dose of adrenaline every morning.   If you didn’t get a chance before, take a look at their recently released lyric video for their first single from 15th & Hope, Stars.


The newly released video is here on Vevo. So you have to sit through the ad but it is worth it!  Click this link for the Official Video for Stars:

So let me know which is your favorite song and also where you are planning on seeing Miggs at on their upcoming tour!

Enjoy, Marisol