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BullyWest, an indie rock band from Oakland may have had to weather a few bumps in the road, but these determined rockers prove that nothing can stand in their way and their need to ROCK! With a sound that blends grunge/rock/alternative/blues/americana and classic rock into their own unique style, they will truly capture your attention. We had the chance to see BullyWest perform at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, last Saturday night and they blew us a way. I was bummed to have not heard of them before because it would have insured Music Junkie Press’ presence at their performances!

IMG_9864 2

The band has had to endure through the recent challenge of having thousands of dollars of their gear stolen at a recent show. This in no way, will stop them from forging ahead. Their fans and friends quickly stepped up with support and they held a benefit concert with Iron Heart, Six Gun Saints and other bands performing at Red Hat. They raised some money but still have an upward climb to replace their gear. They have created a GoFundMe campaign and you can check it out here and see how you can help:  We had the opportunity to talk with members of the band after their bad ass set at the Phoenix and are pleased to share that with you here:

Their set was really spectacular and had me already thinking about their next show. Manny on guitar and vocals is really mesmerizing, he has a soulful voice that brings back flashbacks of early Chris Cornell. He brings out this great emotion through his songs. Shane on bass is a madman and has a great stage presence, he lays down his bass lines as he is bouncing around his area. Bernt on drums delivered a solid heavy set and you can feel his energy. These guys are great and I can’t wait to catch them again. Check out the photos by our Rockin Ryan of their set:

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Make sure to visit their social media sites, support them on their GoFundMe or share the links, and be sure to stay up to date on their latest news. I will leave you with several videos from their set at the Phoenix.

~ Marisol

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Three Times Bad from San Francisco are breathing a fresh new life to American bluegrass. The band was formed by bandleader Jesus Angel Garcia and was inspired by his acclaimed transmedia novel, badbadbad (New Pulp Press), and a number of lyrics on American Sojourn come directly from stories in the book. Born from the words of his story and brought to life with a variety of musical influences such as hillbilly swing, outlaw country, Gypsy jazz, honkytonk, folk songs and much more. Three Times Bad have released their debut album, American Sojourn in May of this year and is available on iTunes here.

You can check out a sample of the album here:


There was a time when music was the glue that brought communities together. It was a time when country folk would gather after a long day of hard work and sit back swill some brew and sing songs and created a camaraderie amongst your neighbors. Three Times Bad bring back that nostalgic feel for a time where music held a common thread that cemented friendships and bonds were forged. It was a simple time where you could gather on a front porch and bring your own musical instrument to join in and jam, telling tales and stories through song.

Upcoming shows:

  • Aug 01  Paso Robles Brewing      Paso Robles, CA
  •  Aug 07  HONKYTONK HACIENDA @ El Cid              Los Angeles, CA
  •  Aug 08  TRIP       Santa Monica, CA
  •  Aug 09  Top of the Notch              Mount Baldy, CA
  •  Aug 15  The Hideout Saloon        Mariposa, CA
  •  Aug 16  Evergreen Lodge              Groveland, CA
  •  Aug  22 Bottom of the Hill            San Francisco, CA
  •  Aug 24  Berryessa Brewing          Winters, CA
  •  Sep 21   Berryessa Brewing          Winters, CA
  •  Nov 16  Berryessa Brewing          Winters, CA


We are hoping to make it out and cover the San Francisco show and we will try and bring you an interview with these eclectic musicians. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news and pick up American Sojuorn on  iTunes here. I will leave you with their video for their song, No More, No Less which is off American Sojourn.

~ Marisol

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Last night we ventured out to the new music venue at Sonoma Mountain Village for the inaugural concert which featured Goo Goo Dolls. It was an awesome night. Check out coverage of the Goo Goo Dolls here:  Goo Goo Dolls at Sonoma Mountain Village 

Let me tell you about the opening band. The Goo Goo Dolls are currently out on tour with Daughtry and the Plain White T’s. This show was off of their regular tour dates and we were unsure if there was going to be an opening band. We were excited when we saw another drum set on the stage giving us the assurance of an opening act. What I really love is seeing a completely new band with out knowing anything about them. I wish more people would get excited about warm up bands. You never know if you are about to find yourself a new favorite band. Well that happened last night for us.

The band happened to be a local band from Santa Rosa, Girls & Boys and they blew the crowd away. Their music is a blend of alternative, Americana Rock and sweet blues thrown in the mix for good measure. We loved them and the crowd did too. I am really looking forward to finding out more about this band and hoping to catch them at their next show.

Band Members: 

  • Brianna Lee – Vocals, Guitar
  • Josh Barrett – Bass
  • Mark Tarlton – Drummer
  • Nick Simmons – Guitar

Brianna’s vocals were mesmerizing and she could take you from powerful song into a subtle gentleness, very versatile and truly has her own unique style. Mark was keeping the beat and was excellent at creating a powerful large sound which can be hard to do from an opening band’s kit. Nick shredded on his guitar and he would dish out these great blues licks that just got the crowd pumped. Josh, oh Josh, he was awesome and I have to say a true highlight. His energy on that bass was fierce and unstoppable, he has a great stage presence and is a cameraman’s dream. Collectively these four delighted the crowd and won over the entire audience. Check out a slideshow of photos from their set by our Rockin Ryan here:

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Girls & Boys currently have their debut album out, the feel of the sun which we picked up at the show and listened to on the way home. Some of our favorites on it so far are Wanna, Stranger, Winter Moon and Splinter in My Heart,  yet it is a solid album from start to finish so it is hard to pick faves!  You can pick up their album by heading over to their website here.  They also have a couple upcoming shows that I hope you make it out to:

Aug. 01 6 p.m. The Cliffs (acoustic) Pismo Beach, CA
Aug. 02 3 p.m. Hawkes Winery Healdsburg, CA
Aug. 07 10 p.m. Luna Red (acoustic) San Luis Obispo, CA
Aug. 15 6 p.m. The Cliffs (acoustic) Pismo Beach, CA
Aug. 22 6 p.m. The Cliffs (acoustic) Pismo Beach, CA
Aug. 24 1 p.m. The Cliffs (acoustic) Pismo Beach, CA
Aug. 30 noon Viansa Winery Sonoma, CA


Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. We will see if we can bring you an interview soon with these talented musicians.

~ Marisol

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The Gallery

American infused rockers, The Gallery have announced tour dates for their summer headlining tour. The tour begins in San Francisco on July 22nd and wraps up in Flagstaff, AZ on August 26th. Performing alongside the Americana-infused rock-and-roll band will be co-headliner Honor By August, and openers, Alexis Keegan, Shayna Leigh, and Mikey Wax. Tour dates are listed below:

  • July 22                        Bottom of the Hill                               San Francisco, CA #*
  • July 23                        Hotel Cafe                                        Los Angeles, CA #*
  • July 24                        Slidebar                                            Fullerton, CA #*
  • July 25                        Pub Rock Live                                    Scottsdale, AZ #*
  • July 28                        Holy Mountain                                    Austin, TX @
  • July 29                        502 Bar                                            San Antonio, TX @
  • July 31                        Southport Music Hall                            New Orleans, LA
  • August 1                     The Loft                                           Columbus, GA
  • August 2                     Vinyl                                                 Atlanta, GA #
  • August 4                     The Windjammer                               Charleston, SC #^
  • August 5                     Evening Muse                                    Charlotte, NC #
  • August 6                     The Pour House Music Hall                   Raleigh, NC #
  • August 7                     Jammin Java                                     Vienna, VA #
  • August 8                     Iron Horse Music Hall                          Northampton, MA #
  • August 9                     Brighton Music Hall                              Boston, MA #^
  • August 10                   Mercury Lounge                                  New York, NY #^
  • August 12                   World Cafe Live                                  Philadelphia, PA #^
  • August 13                   Southgate House Revival                      Newport, KY #+
  • August 14                   The Rathskeller                                  Indianapolis, IN #+
  • August 15                   Martyrs                                            Chicago, IL #
  • August 16                   Nether Bar @ Mill City Nights                 Minnapolis, MN #+
  • August 17                   Columbia Park Bandshell                       Marshfield, WI #+
  • August 18                   Gas Lamp                                         Des Moines, IA #
  • August 20                   Exit/In                                              Nashville, TN #+
  • August 23                   The Vanguard                                    Tulsa, OK
  • August 26                   The Hive                                           Flagstaff, AZ

Special Guests

  • # – Honor By August
  • @ – Mike Pearsall of Honor By August
  • * – Alexis Keegan
  • ^ – Shayna Leigh
  • + – Mikey Wax

The Gallery, featuring Brendan Cooney (vocals), Ben Lozano (lead guitar), Dave Mozdzanowski (bass), and Ryan Cooney (drums), built a grassroots fan base through both word-of-mouth and relentless touring. By playing nearly 300 shows in more than 35 states, the foursome has shared their music on the road with fans across the US. The band has captivated packed crowds at such well-known venues as the House of Blues Sunset and the Troubadour in their current home base of Los Angeles, as well as the Iron Horse Music Hall andPearl Street in their former hometown in Western Massachusetts.

The Gallery‘s album Restless successfully alternates up-tempo rockers like “The Runaround” and “Fast Friends” with stunning lyrical ballads like “Ballroom of Broken Hearts” and “Restless Soul.” The band’s versatility allows them to combine elements of folk, country and rock-and-roll to create a raw, honest record with broad appeal. Existing fans will gravitate towards the catchy riffs that drive songs like “White Noise Town.” For newcomers, Restless is a great place to start. Check out one of our favorite songs, Fast Friends:

We will see if we can bring you coverage from their kick off date which is held here in San Francisco at the Bottom of The Hill. Make sure to visit their social media sites for more information.

~ Marisol

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railroad earth

Today our Bottle Rock Napa Featured Band is Railroad Earth. For today I wanted to introduce you to a band with a great big sound. Railroad Earth is that band and you will love what they bring to the music scene. There is no genre or style that you can place them since they are just bent on making great music and guaranteeing a fun time when they perform. Their music can give hints of their influences ranging from bluegrass, classic rock, Americana, Country or most simply: Rock and Roll.

They are definitely great performers and very talented musicians, as the band members are very skilled at a variety of musical instruments. They have recently released their latest album, Last of the Outlaws which is their seventh studio album. They are currently touring in support of the new album and will be touring through Summer. You will have to make sure to check their tour dates so you don’t miss one of their amazing performances. Their sets are full on entertaining and can even be considered a jam session since they so perfectly improvise their songs or sets. They have a very strong and devout fanbase that will be there singing every word and I hope you join me in singing along at this year’s Bottle Rock Napa Festival.   Here is our quick band feature:

Band Members:

  • Todd Sheaffer – Lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
  • Tim Carbone – Violin, electric guitar, accordion, vocals
  • John Skehan – Mandolin, Irish bouzouki, vocals
  • Andy Goessling – Acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, dobro, lap steel, mandolin, flute, pennywhistle, saxophones and vocals
  • Carey Harmon – Drums, hand percussion, vocals
  • Andrew Altman – Upright and electric bass


Music:  Last of the Outlaws   

Songs to Check out:  Chasin a Rainbow from Last of the Outlaws  which is available on and iTunes , as well as the RRE Store.

and Chasin a Rainbow Promo Video here:



Check them out out and make sure to visit their social media sites for the latest news. Also mark your calendars for the weekend of May 30- June 1st for the Bottle Rock Napa. You can get more details about the festival and pick up your tickets at  You can check out below all the bands that have been announced and there are still more to come. Stay tuned for a new band featured each day for Bottle Rock Napa.


~ Marisol

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As many of you know, I am a big supporter of musicians utilizing the crowd source funding as options to create their music and become their own label.  With sites like Kickstarter, PledgeMusic and IndieGogo they allow the artists to create their album on their own and you can be a part of it with your contribution. Also along with your contribution, you can get some cool perks.

Tonight I want to share with you the IndieGogo campaign of The Brave Ones. The Brave Ones are from Los Angeles and deliver high energy music that is fused with aggressive guitars, compelling vocals and well written melodies.  They remind me of a blend of alternative rock meshed with fun Americana sprinkled with some punk attitude  From the first time I heard their song, Go Get Em Kid and Daybreak Sun, I was hooked!  The Brave Ones is Gene Louis on Vocals/Guitar, Amy Davis on Vocals, Ben Palmer on Guitar, Felipe Rodrigo on Guitar, Taylor Sullivan on Bass and Jay Pinfold on Drums.


Now let’s talk about what they are working on. The Brave Ones are set out to complete their first full length album and they need OUR help to fund the album. They have set up their campaign on Indiegogo and they have some cool perks for your donation. You can get the album, T-shirts, phone call from the band, your own song written about you or even vocalists/Guitarist Gene’s car!  What is also more important, is that with the production of this album, they want to help in the fight against breast cancer by donating a portion of their proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. They are passionate in their cause since breast cancer did affect band members’ mother. Check out their Indiegogo video here:


So now that you are ready to join in the fight against breast cancer and support The Brave Ones in completing their new album, head over to their Indiegogo page here for all the details.  If you can’t donate, please do your best to share their campaign and video with others so we can see them fully reach their goal.

If you want to hear more from The Brave Ones you can check out their music at their Bandcamp page here and you can download a couple songs! It is time for me now to crank up loud Go Get Em Kid, my fave!!! I will leave you with their video for Go Get Em Kid: 


~ Enjoy Marisol

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