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Contributed by Alexandra 

 Arriving a bit later than usual (it was about 30 minutes before show start) most people were already inside. The crowd was pretty mixed age-wise, the average definitely older than 30 I’d say, which in my opinion resides in the main act Lacuna Coil being around for quite some time in the music business and having a fan-base that started to build a while back.

8pm was show start. There’s really not much to say about the first opener Devilment. The music itself wasn’t that bad, but you have to be into the kind of singing their vocalist Dani Filth does which is high pitched screams or low voiced growling. The crowd waited for what was about to come.

Next on were Motionless In White. They already had a fan base and I’m pretty sure they gained some new ones that night. It was a very energetic set. They started out with the first single of their recent, same-titled album, ‘Reincarnate’. Their 10 song set-list consisted of songs like ‘Abigail’, ‘Break the cycle’, ‘Generation lost’ and ‘Puppets 3’, also a song from ‘Reincarnate’ on which Dani Filth does guest vocals on the record.

It was awesome to watch vocalist Chris Motionless interact with the crowd, running around on stage and climbing monitor stacks. One time he suddenly ‘disappeared’ from the stage to stand in the middle of a small gangway under the roof of the club, singing to the audience and encouraging them to clap and sing along, hugging his girlfriend quickly, only to head straight back to the stage like a whirlwind. During the set you felt the people getting closer to the stage with every song, so even the ones that were mainly there for Lacuna Coil enjoyed their music and just adopted the joy that the band obviously had in performing. They finished their set with ‘Devils Night’. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was absolutely blown away by how awesome the songs sound live and by the performance of the band. Hopefully they’ll come back soon on a headline tour! Many bands that come to Germany as openers, return sooner or later to play as headliners, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a tour in 2015!!

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Right after their set, the greater part of the first two rows left. They were only there to see Motionless In White, which makes me all the more confident in hoping for an imminent return! As I wrote earlier, the average age was beyond 30, the greater part of the under 20’s left the club at that point.

Lacuna Coil started their set at around 10 pm. Most of the people knew every lyric to the songs they played. They also did a cover of ‘Enjoy the silence’ by Depeche Mode, encouraging everyone to sing along. It was a 60 minutes set. A bit short and considering peoples talks everyone hoped for a longer show, but nonetheless the atmosphere was great and everyone had a blast!

Contributed by Alexandra