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I Can Make A Mess (Ace Enders) has released a surprise digital LP, Growing In through his Bandcamp page. This LP captures the raw emotion and highlights such an honesty in the music. The natural feel of the music is so refreshing and will take you on a musical journey. Ace explains, “I was feeling a little bit stuck creatively before doing the Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties record last year. During the process it sparked something in me and while I was finalizing mixes on the last day, I had about for minuets while a track would bounce out. I was feeling very inspired so I decided to try and write a song during each bounce and at the end of the day I had the beginnings of a record. I used the voice memos from my phone as my only outline. No metronome or edits. I just made songs, didn’t apply any rules and had fun with it.

Well whatever he did, was perfect and the raw process really carries a weight of emotion. It is when music flows freely as on this LP, that you find yourself drawn to its purity and rawness. No need to sugar coat or edit. It is as if you are sitting there in the room with Ace as he records freely. Check out the track listing:

  • 1. caterpillar
  • 2. get normal
  • 3. keep moving
  • 4. undecided
  • 5. back whoas of lavish glass
  • 6. i’m the man (sarcasm)
  • 7. call me everything
  • 8. chartreuse
  • 9. deciduous
  • 10. i love my wife
  • 11. growing into what you’ll grow out of

This definitely carries a lot of weight and shouldn’t be just considered a side project for Ace. It is a stellar LP deserving of your attention. Some of my favorite tracks are Keep Moving, Call Me Everything, Deciduous and Chartreuse.  He brings a blend of styles to life, everything from pop, punk, alternative and indie rock.  So I hope you head over to his Bandcamp page and pick it up.

~ Marisol

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