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This is it! Our last day of 12 Days of Guitarists and it goes to  none other than the MOST BAD ASS GUITARIST…… Zakk Wylde!!!  Zakk shreds like no other!!!

Zakk has been very busy this year. He released with Black Label Society, “Unblackened”, the new live DVD/Blue Ray and CD.  The double disk release not only featured a stripped down approach to all the classic hits like “Stillborn,” “The Blessed Hellride,” “In This River,” “Throwin’ It All Away,” “Losin’ Your Mind,”  but fierce guitar solos that you love from Zakk. There is also bonus material that includes photo gallery, music video and Interview with Zakk.  Make sure to pick up your copy to add to your Zakk Wylde collection.

Zakk also teamed up with Death Wish Coffee to bring you their newest addition, Valhalla Java!! This is the kind of the coffee that you need after one of those nights when you think nothing can wake you up! Death Wish Coffee Co. known as The Responsible Coffee Company with an Irresponsible Product Try at Your Own Risk! Check out this fun video about the new coffee:


Black Label Society have been busy working in Zakk‘s home studio, The Black Vatican, on their new album! Zakk mentions that the new Black Label Society album should be out in April 2014 and will include more of the heavy-riffing Les Paul-roaring that Black Label Society is known for.

Zakk is amazing with his blistering licks and most notably about his style is his huge vibrato! He has lightning speed and precision alternate picking style. You can try to emulate Zakk‘s guitar playing style, but he  has so  many tricks in  his bag, you will never come close to his AMAZING guitar work!!!

Zakk also came up here to EMG to celebrate their 25th anniversary with Zakk Wylde and the release of Metal Works. To celebrate EMG released a Zakk Wylde Limited Edition Set. We ran in to Zakk when he was up here at EMG and the boys had a great time talking with him.  Check out the picture of Rockin Ryan and Brandon here with him.

photo (42)

Check out the release video here for the EMG pickups from earlier this year:


Now let’s kick back with a cup of Valhalla Java, play some songs from Unblackened and dream about the new Black Label Society album and tour!  I will leave you with a couple music videos from Zakk‘s visit to EMGtv which includes an acoustic performance by Zakk of Lovin Woman and another of his smokin solo work over an Andy James track provided by Jam Central Track.

Enjoy, Marisol




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Today is not only Christmas Eve but we are on Day 11 of 12 Days of Guitarists!  Today we feature Satchel of Steel Panther. Just yesterday, Steel Panther ranked in at the Number 2 Spot for bands to rule 2014 and today is Satchel‘s day.

You might be surprised to find a guitarist from a so called “parody band” on the list, but Satchel has the full package! He not only shreds on his guitar and has incredible solos, but also one of the best stage presences EVER! Yes, it may be,  because he personifies all the great ’80 rockers/metal heads into his own style but nonetheless, he is a BAD ASS and DAMN FUN to watch.

Check out Satchel in the tribute video that Rockin Ryan put together which includes footage and photos from their San Francisco show at the Regency Ballroom earlier this year.


Satchel is on tour with Steel Panther and next year they are releasing their highly anticipated new album, All You Can Eat. Make sure to catch him out on their tour and get ready for a fun night!  Their new single, Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World has a crazy ass video that you have to check out.


So have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and check out our featured Day 11 guitarist, Satchel holding his balls:




~ Enjoy, Marisol

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Only three spots remain on our 12 Days of Guitarists for 2013 and Day 10 goes to one of my personal favorites; Steve Stevens. Steve is most notably known for his 30 year career as guitarist and songwriter for Billy Idol.  Steve is also know for his solo work, collaborations as well as frequently playing with the all star band, Camp Freddy and other projects including soundtracks.

Just this past weekend Camp Freddy had three sold out packed to gills shows at The Roxy. Steve was there and he was just a madman on his guitar as usual. I didn’t get to catch him at the most recent Camp Freddy shows but I have seen him many times perform with Billy Idol and he is just spectacular live!

One thing is for sure about Steve, he can play so many different styles and make them his own. His guitar playing knows no genres or boundaries, just pure talent all the way through.  He truly perfects one of my most favorite styles; flamenco. When he performs with Billy and he does his flamenco solo, I am just in awe. I literally can’t take my eyes of his fingers glide across his guitar at lightning speed. Check out this video of Steve Stevens performing live:


Steve is not only an amazing musician but is also one of the nicest guys out there. We have had the chance to chat with him several times during NAMM over the years and he really is just a great down to earth guy. I look forward to catching him once again at NAMM 2014.  For now, how about checking out Steve as he performed with Camp Freddy this past weekend, and Billy Idol came out to sing a couple songs with them. Here is Rebel Yell:


Make sure to head over and visit Steve‘s social media sites as well as pick up some of his merch on his webstore here. You can also check out Steve’s beautiful wife Josie who is featured in our Holiday Q & A Part 1 here where she tells what kind of ornaments Steve and her collect and answers more Holiday questions.

~ Marisol

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Today is our Day 9 of 12 Days of Guitarists and we are pleased to announce Orianthi as our feature.  Orianthi has had a long history shredding on the guitar and is absolutely amazing. She first picked up the acoustic guitar when she six years old and at age 11 she moved on to the electric and the rest is history.

At the young of 28, this Greek Australian guitar virtuoso has led quite a successful career as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and an amazingly all around talented musician.  Many might know her as the guitarist for late Michael Jackson and his ill-fated “This is It “Tour. She went on to not only perform with Alice Cooper’s live band, but her own highly successful solo career.

Orianthi is amazing to watch. She makes it look so easy as she shreds on her PRS guitars. You are completely mesmerized as she displays her impeccable technique. This guitar rock goddess not only plays some bad ass guitar but she has an undeniable charismatic stage presence.  You can check out Orianthi in the following video where she performed at the 100 Club in London earlier this year:


Orianthi is currently gearing up to perform for an upcoming gig in Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day. Here is the catch, you might be able to be part of her BAND! She is working with Dave Stewart (co-founder of Eurythmics) on an innovative way to find her other band members. BeMyBand is a collaboration with Dave’s company Weapons of Mass Entertainment and Talent House to find her missing 4 band members. Musicians can submit their video of their best live performance and they may just end up on stage performing with Orianthi. Here are the positiions available:

  • drummer
  • bassist
  • guitarist
  • keyboard player

Musicians have until January 24, 2014 to submit their video and you can get more details on the website. To play along side Orianthi,  you better bring on your A game because she is one spectacular Rock Goddess! Check her out in her video for Heaven In This Hell:


Make sure to check out Orianthi‘s social media sites and stay up to date on her latest news. Now it is time to crank up some Orianthi!

~ Marisol

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Today on Day 8 of our 12 Days of Guitarists, we are pleased to feature John 5! John 5 has had quite an extensive guitar career, from playing with David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson, and others. In addition to playing with Rob Zombie, he has continued to have quite a successful solo career. He is an amazing guitarist that shreds when he plays. He is a guitar virtuoso who can play you anything from bluegrass to flamenco, instrumental to country, and metal to rock and anything else in between.

John started playing the guitar at age 7 and attributes his watching of Hee-Haw as a child for his love of Telecasters. He explains about on Hee-Haw, “they all played teles, so I thought that was the only guitar out there. I was so young and I thought I wanted an electric guitar and so it was a Telecaster. Lucky for me it was the greatest guitar in the world for me.”   

John has recorded six guitar albums; Vertigo (2004), Songs for Sanity (2005), The Devil Knows My Name (2007),Requiem (2008), The Art of Malice (2010) and God Told Me To (2012) as well as a remix album, Remixploitation (2009) He is definitely an incredible guitarist that you can’t help but enjoy watching.  His album God Told Me To has one of my most favorite songs of all time, “Noche Acosador” which literally gives me chills when I listen to it. His guitar delivers seduction and intensity with every note. Check it out here:


That song just creates pure bliss for me!  It seems John 5 has no limitations on his playing as he really plays guitar across the board; no genres, no boundaries. Just Kick ass Guitar playing that will enliven all your senses. Another amazing video to check out is “Welcome To Violence”, check it out here:


Earlier this year, I got to go to the live taping of VH1’s Heavy Metal Show and I was ecstatic to see that John 5 was one of the guests on for that taping. He not only has spectacular guitar skills, but he has such a genuine and charismatic personality.  Definitely a class act. Make sure to head over to Itunes and pick up his tunes, but be warned; he is truly ear porn and addictive!

~ Enjoy, Marisol

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Get ready, it is going to get hot in here…. For Day 6 of 12 Days of Guitarists, we bring to you Brody DeRozie of American Monster from Las Vegas. We had the opportunity to watch Brody play with Hell or Highwater during the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento.  Brody is a madman on his guitar!  He is belting out riffs, smoking solos  and he just makes it look so easy. You can definitely tell that he loves playing and is a crowd pleaser.

We had the opportunity to talk with Brody about American Monster and he told us,  “American Monster is slotted to have a debut show back onstage in the early winter months of 2014 with the original lineup in Las Vegas. The following months will consist of shows in the southwest region of the US with some pretty familiar bands. In spring, we plan to record new songs, while re introducing original singer Mikey Lorenzo to the heavier current AM sound. Also as promised, merchandise! T-shirts, sticker, posters, etc.”

We are so excited to see and hear more of American Monster. To hear that they are back and ready to ROCK is music to my ears! When we asked about what is in store for 2014, Brody mentioned, “2014 is %100 American Monster. This band has a lot to offer the music world and I’m proud to be apart of it.”

American Monster


So in 2014, you will get to see a lot more of Brody’s high energy guitar playing. Check out a video of Brody shredding at Vinyl in Las Vegas here:


Brody is also included in our Holiday Q & A and we can give you first peak at his responses here:

* * * * * *

What is the oddest gift you have ever received?

One year my great grandma got everyone these super ugly matching hats, we took a pic together with them and never saw the hats again.

What is your favorite Holiday Food Item?

Stuffing. Ill get down on that for sure. haha

What is your favorite Holiday family tradition that you still do today?

Getting the see all the So Cal family!

Do you have a favorite holiday movie or song?

A Christmas story. Some channel plays it for 24 hrs straight every year and I always end up watching it a few times. the Gremlins too. Love it!

Do you have a specific memory of a certain ornament or holiday decoration?

A Kiss ornament that I’ve had since I was a kid. Don’t know how its still in tact.



* * * * * *

Make sure to visit Brody’s Facebook page here and other social media links to stay up to date on the latest American Monster news. You will definitely be hearing more from American Monster in 2014!  I will leave you with a couple videos. First, is the tribute video that Rockin Ryan put together for Hell or Highwater set from Aftershock that features Brody and second, is one of my favorite American Monster songs, “Skies of Fire”.

~ Enjoy, Marisol



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