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The countdown has begun on Shawn Mendes website and it is for something big! Check out his page at which features a countdown for SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING set for November 10th. Maybe we could be treated some new music. For now, check out the lyric video for his latest single, Life of the Party:


You can also pick up his current EP The Shawn Mendes EP on iTunes here. You will be treated to vocals that just capture emotions and takes you on a musical journey with your heart. Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on his latest news.

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Earlier this week, when I visited my 81 year old mother whom is recuperating from an infection in a skilled nursing facility, I was left to hear the complaining from the seniors about the younger generation, and exclamations of “What is the world coming to? Young men and women are not as passionate as they used to be, etc “. I simply do not agree since it seems that the spotlight is often on those that are not creating or passionate about their arts or even life in general. I know a young man who is amazingly talented and passionate in all that he does, that I would like to place in the spotlight and let the world enjoy his great gift of music and that young man is Ethan Teel.

The solo project of Ethan is The Owl-Eyes and earlier this year he released his debut EP, Wild Child. Ethan displays his great affection for various genres of music as he experiments with everything from pop, jazz, heavy metal, alternative, metalcore, hip-hop, punk, and so much more. In addition, he is not only a songwriter but a multi instrumentalist playing the guitar, drums, bass, and vocalist.

We had the opportunity for a Q & A with Ethan and are pleased to bring that to you here:

* * * * * * * *

Music Junkie Press:  Thank you very much for taking the time out to talk with us  here at Music Junkie Press. Can you tell us about the latest with what is going on with your music, The Owl Eyes?

Ethan: As of right now, I’m working with a group of guys to play my music live. Our plan is to hit the open mics in the St.Paul, MN area, and through word-of-mouth, talk to some local bands about opening up for them. Eventually, through all this, we’ll develop a relationship with the club and venue owners and having our own gigs will become easy as pie.

On top of that, I’m always recording and writing. There is one song I plan to launch for free on my website. It’s a collaboration with EDM/Pop artist “Madd Oso.” So far, it sounds bad-ass.

And there’s always web content. Keep checking my website for the latest news, blogs, videos, etc.

Music Junkie Press: I love the new Owl Eyes because it just seems that they are there taking the world in and just watching everything around them, always thinking. How did you come up with calling yourself Owl Eyes?

Ethan: The Owl-Eyes has always been the creative outlet for any of my works of art; whether it be film, poetry, and in the case so far – music. Since The Owl-Eyes is one person (me), there were some in the beginning thinking it would be much easier and simpler to just go under my name, seeing as how I am a “solo” artist. However, many producers and contributors in the past told me that going under a band name would be more marketable. Aside from that, what I do with my music is the same exact thing Trent Reznor does with “Nine Inch Nails.” So I basically told myself, “why bother with my legal name and just make a ‘band’ to go under?” And so I chalked a whole bunch of names down on my phone. One of them was “The Owl-Eyes,” and when shooting my music video back in the late summer of 2013, the video director said that she liked it, and so we went with that.

The origin of the name itself comes from the novel “The Great Gatsby.” In it, there is a minor character called, “The Owl-Eyed man,” and he is discovered in Gatsby’s library during a party. He is amazed that Mr. Gatsby actually has REAL novels in the study, and not just props. However, as the character points out to the protagonist, Mr. Gatsby hasn’t actually read the novels. He just keeps them in the study.

The point of this scene is to prove that Mr. Gatsby is a pseudo-intellectual. He seems smart on the outside – with his vast amount of books, wealth, and worldly experiences. But all of this is a front to trick people into think he’s smarter than he actually is; and it took a pair of “Owl-Eyes,” (Owls being a symbol of wisdom) to point this out.

Pseudo-intellectualism is horrendously large in the music world these days. There are multiple bands naming themselves after great philosophers, works of literature, a passage of scripture, etc; Yet their music, sound, and identity has nothing to do with the name at all. The name is basically a way for marketing to promote the band to teenagers who want to listen to something other than mainstream pop. The kids believe they are getting music with substance because of the name. But the only substance they are getting is blast beats or corny lyrics.

How does this connect to me? I hate pseudo-intellectuals, even though I am one. Pseudo-Intellectual’s talk out of their asses all the time to impress people, and while I recognize this as a pet peeve I hate, I do this literally ALL THE TIME. I figured, “what if I made myself to be the BIGGEST PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL OF THEM ALL?!? I’ll be the hyperbolic mirror held up to the masses, so that people can look upon me and go, ‘Oh, I get it now.’ and then we can go on to bigger and better things; while also enjoying the music I create.”

And that’s why I called the band “The Owl-Eyes.” We are going to be the mirror that reflects to the world what we have become.

Photo Credit: Fairlight Hubbard

Photo Credit: Fairlight Hubbard

Music Junkie Press: With being so young and having such a great passion for music, did you grow up in a musical family or when did you see yourself immerse yourself into songwriting and creating your own music?

Ethan: Most of the music stuff comes from my mother’s side of the family. My grandfather could play trombone, tuba, and trumpet; whereas my mother played piano (she still plays piano for my hometown church). My grandfather was the first music “geek” in the family. He had an album of “The Mills Brothers,” that he would play over and over again. We actually played that album during the visitation when he passed away. It was such a strange yet welcoming juxtaposition; he was gone and yet we had all this really happy music playing. It was chill.

The seeds for my love of music began when I was 8 years old. I wanted to learn how to play the drums because I saw one kid play them at a local town jamboree. From there, the kid gave me lessons and I was learning about all these cool bands like “Black Sabbath,” and “Lynyrd Skynyrd.” But things really didn’t take off until I was 12; that’s when I discovered “School of Rock.” School of Rock is a for-profit, music education program serving nearly 10,000 students in over 138 locations. There are several different courses within the School itself, but all of them are performance based programs where kids learn a set list and then perform that set list in front of a live audience. It was at School of Rock that I met my local brand of mutants. There were kids just like me, who had the same passion and drive for the arts as I do; and because of this, we shared music recommendations like crazy and I started listening to way more music than I would have otherwise.

The nail on the coffin though – the moment where I decided that music would be my life – came at around 14 years old. I’ve always loved film and for a while I saw myself as possibly becoming a film director. I went to this camp called SOCAPA (School Of Creative And Performing Arts) where I got to direct, edit, write, and produce 2 original short films in the time span of two weeks. I had so much fun while I was out there, but I thought making movies would be as simple as putting my dreams and perceptions onto celluloid. I came to find out that the process was so much harder….maybe not even worth trying?

So I’m sitting in my parents RV, staring up at the ceiling at like 1:00am, and I was thinking to myself “well, what now Ethan? You’ve always wanted to be a film director right? You’ve looked up all these colleges about film, and now you’re having second doubts? What are you gonna do with you life?”

I had Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” on CD, and I had suddenly realized that I’ve never truly listened to an album all the way through. I decided to have a classic be my first album experience, and I played the entirety of the album, all the way through, on a low volume to where the music was crisp, clear, and never distorted. It was a soft and chill moment; the notes just spilling into my ear canal.

When it was all over, I clicked off the Cd and said, “That. I want to do that. I want to be in music forever and eventually create something like I just experienced.” And that’s how I got into music.

Music Junkie Press: What advice could you give to the youth who struggle to continue with their passion for music, either by being told to stray from the type of music they want to create or to follow a different path completely?

Ethan: I say do you. We all got that special drive and sometimes it just takes a lot of experimentation to find that one thing that makes us truly happy. When we do find that one thing, there is nothing better in the world. So do what you feel is right, cause if it ends up with you doing something you absolutely love, eventually people will come around to standing beside you. As long as you have the passion for it, and you express that passion vigorously through hard work and determination, with love and happiness…eventually others will stand beside you. Just remember, there’s no vanity in the presence of gratitude.

But to be more blunt, there’s actually two quotes that I can use to sum all this up.

“Men have called me mad: but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the excellent intelligence – whether much that is glorious – whether all that is profound – does not spring from disease of thought – from moods of mind exalted at the expense of general intellect.”

-Edgar Allen Poe

and finally…

“All works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination?”

-Carl Jung.

Music Junkie Press: I understand that you are a multi-instrumentalist, do you have an affinity for one instrument versus the others.

Ethan: The first instrument I ever learned how to play was the drums; and they still remain to be my favorite instrument to perform live. I love being the front man because I can control the audience. I love the freedom of expression that being a front man allows for as well. But personally, I just love playing the drums because unlike guitars where your patterns are more melodically based (and therefore, you have to deal much more with music theory) on the drums, the patterns are more rhythmically based. With guitars, vocals, and other types of melodic instruments, you hear the music. But with drums, you feel the music.

To sum it up, lead vocals live and playing the drums are the two instruments in my wheel house of tricks that I always love coming back to.

Music Junkie Press:  Do you have any upcoming performances you can tell us about?

Ethan: As of right now, no. But we are working on it everyday. Keep checking the Facebook page and the website for more info. Whenever we get a live gig, those two places will have the details STAT!

 Music Junkie Press: Who are some of the most influential musicians that made an impact on you?

Ethan: All of the artists that I have ever listened to have influenced my sound and writing to some degree. To prove this, here are my top 20 Artists of all time (in order). See if you can hear the influences from them in my music.

  1. The Rolling Stones
  2. The Kinks
  3. The Pixies
  4. Dream Theater
  5. Lamb of God
  6. Slipknot
  7. Death Grips
  8. Sonic Youth
  9. Gorillaz
  10. Led Zeppelin
  11. TOOL
  12. Nine Inch Nails
  13. Rush
  14. The Black Keys
  15. Mewithoutyou
  16. The Flaming Lips
  17. Primus
  18. Radiohead
  19. The Beatles

Pink Floyd.

Music Junkie Press: What are three things about yourself that you can share with us?

Ethan: I busted my head open once and had to get it “glued” back together. No joke. My father and I built this bridge that spans over this little creek towards my Grandmother’s house, and one day when I was 10 years old, while climbing around it, I fell off and cut my head open on some sharp rocks. They took me to the hospital and the cut was deep enough that stitches could’ve been a possibility, but frankly, I was freaking out so bad (cause I had never gone through any trauma ever before then) that they thought giving me stitches would do more harm than good. So they grabbed this stuff called “medical glue,” and, for intensive purposes, “glued” my head back together. Pretty neat huh? No wonder I’m so weird.

I write fanfiction. I haven’t been able to write as much now since I’m in college, but I still do. I geek out over everything and I also love to write. Naturally fan fiction would result out of these two things. It’s just an extension of what I do with my writing. I’ve written fan fictions for Avatar the Last Airbender, Artemis Fowl, Teen Titan, Sly Cooper, and Gorillaz. And I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but I’ll hold nothing back. Some of those fan fics got STEAMY!

My first performance ever with the School of Rock, I was attacked on stage by an elderly woman who came down to our school to complain about the noise. She literally pushed my head into the snare drum while she tried grabbing the over head microphones. But I still kept the beat going, and after she was taken off stage by management (while I was still keeping a steady tempo) we were given a standing ovation. TAKE THAT ELDERLY!

Music Junkie Press: If we could peak into your Ipod, what artist or song might we be most surprised at finding in there?

Ethan: Die Antwoord. Yes, I love South African Rave Hip-Hop. I also really dig August Burns Red and Suicide Silence. But I think mostly you’ll be surprised that I have Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Childish Gambino on my IPod because I create alt-rock music, and all those acts are SUPER hip-hop. I think we are entering a renaissance age for Hip-Hop. We got all these forward thinking people within the genre right now. “Telegraph Ave. (Oakland by Lloyd)” has been playing on my phone non-stop. It’s slowly becoming my jam, and quite possibly a contender of my top 20 songs of all time.

Music Junkie Press: With music being so powerful and can help, heal, inspire people, can you share a time in your life when music was there to help you through something. Maybe a particular song or artist that was instrumental in getting you through something tough?

Ethan: There of course was the incident about Pink Floyd I mentioned earlier, but that wasn’t necessarily healing. I just wasn’t so sure what I wanted to do with my life, and the music I heard on “Dark Side,” was so awe-inspiring and jaw dropping that I made it a mission in life to recreate that moment of awe through my music.

I guess a good moment of healing through music always comes from Gospel music. Whenever I’m feeling blue, I just bust out my guitar and play “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” I do this gospel bluegrass version that this hymnal in our church has. Every time I sing it, I feel a rising in spirit and in confidence. Sometimes I just gotta remind myself that this plan of existence is only temporary (and to a certain extent, it isn’t really even real; cause what is reality other than a collection of our perceptions) and that “I gotta home on the other side.”

Photo Credit: Fairlight Hubbard

Photo Credit: Fairlight Hubbard

Music Junkie Press: With your emotionally driven lyrics, do you have a particular song writing process?

Ethan: Most of my song writing comes out of fail attempts of trying to play someone else’s tune. I then modify it into becoming my tune. For example, there’s a song I’m working on with a working title “Cigarettes and Dead Daydreams.” I basically came up with the song when I was trying to play “You’re So Great,” by BLUR. I couldn’t get the riff down right, so I just basically modified what I was doing until it became original. I even incorporated a riff from the song “Down by the River,” by Neil Young.

That’s the music side of the equation. Sometimes I will just have a lick that appears out of nowhere in my head that I have to write down (like in my song “Crazy Little Lady.” The main lick of that song just was playing in my head and I had to write it down). But most of the time, the music I create is a jumbled up version of every single song I’ve ever heard ever; I then throw three or more songs together, blend them, and modify the lick into becoming my own original lick. Not plagiarism. It’s Inspiration.

The lyrics themselves come after the song is written, usually. Sometimes there will be fair occasions where I’ll just have a poem in my head I want to put to music. But 9 times out of 10, the lyrics are set to the music after the melody is written; therefore I can come up with good lyrics to fit the mood of the song. You don’t want a happy-fun time song juxtaposed with sad emo lyrics. You want both to match in tone, theme, and mood.

They lyrics basically are portions of my emotions exaggerated to the point of hyperbolic nature. For example the lyrics for “Wild Child,” come from my punk rock, loner, rebellious side; just exaggerated to the sense of goofiness. “Hopeless,” is my hopeless romantic side (pun intended) turned up to 11. All lyrics I ever write are genuine emotions I feel and want to express, I just turn them up to an 11 so they get more specific in nature, yet broader in scope.

And that is my writing process.

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, is there anything you would to share with our audience and your fans?

Ethan: World Domination is at hand. Spread the word, share the website and facebook page; and you’ll be seated at the right hand of


* * * * * * * *

What an amazing young man with a wealth of talent and passion. I can’t wait to see what is next in store for this talented musician. When you look at Ethan and what he has to offer this generation, he gives us hope and rest assured, we will be in good hands.

You can pick up his EP Wild Child here on iTunes. He has also just released his latest EP, Schizo Girlfriend in August and you can pick it up on iTunes here. Both EPs are also available directly through his website here:  You are going to love it and soon you will be telling everyone about your new favorite band, The Owl-Eyes! Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on his latest news.

~ Marisol

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Sweden’s own DJ/producer/songwriter Aron Ekberg – otherwise known as AronChupa – has unveiled the official music video for his smash hit single “I’m An Albatraoz.” The track was originally released in Sweden in August, and has since garnered over 20 million streams on Spotify (on its way to triple platinum) and over 1 million views on YouTube. “I’m An Albatraoz” was released on iTunes in the U.S. last week, and the official video premiered exclusively on VEVO on 10/13.

Aron had spent quite some time wanting to create music in English, so he asked his sister if she could sing on a track that he began producing. The result was “I’m An Albatraoz,” which exploded to #1 on Spotify in Sweden and topped the viral charts. “I think this is insane and unreal, but very, very fun,” says AronChupa on his success. “I will try to live in this moment as much as I can, because it could all be over tomorrow.” Check out the video here:

You can purchase on iTunes:  or Stream on Spotify:  Make sure to visit his social media sites for the latest news.

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kat ukelele

The thing about Kat McDowell is that she is just plain fun to listen to. And remarkably, she is fun to listen to in two languages, English and Japanese.  And that’s not an easy thing to accomplish, given the difference between the two languages. But  Kat McDowell does it so well that in any language her music can make you sit up and take notice, or just let you happily tap your feet. Either way, she is a musical force on a fast track.


Born in Japan, raised mostly in New Zealand, with many parts of both cultures inside her, she combines pop, J-Pop, calypso, rock and a positive musical attitude in a mixture that is like sunshine to listen to.  She built a successful career in Japan and now is in the USA, Los Angeles to be geographically exact, enjoying its surf (she is avid surfer), its plethora of recording assets and a world  class population of collaborating artists.  The first fruits of that relocation, the album Rise Above,  is due out in two weeks  and it is a winner from the first note.

kate singing up

Rise Above is a substantial work;  10 songs, one in Japanese and English, the others in English, each one  distinctive,  but still well within the upbeat universe that Kat constructs even from the most somber of contests.  The album’s breakout single, “Human” is  her musical follow up to a very nasty argument that moves from Just one of those days when I don’t want to get out of bed to  Surely we can be human. Framed with a ukulele, light guitar  strum and drum brushes, it makes you smile and tap your feet as you think about – why can’t we all just get along and be human.  You know you are in Kat’s World and you love it.

“Still Learning How To Start” picks up the pace with heavier guitars and a  solid pop beat, but it is still Kat McDowell Sunshine,  even as she sings of  promises made  under the stars at night.. The chorus Here we are, you still have my heart” and here we are and we’re still learning how to start  is a first class earworm hook, tailor-made for top  40 radio and a crush of fans singing and  waving their arms and cellphones at a concert (I’ll be there).

“Lovely Day” is exactly what you want to wake up to…bright shiny pop notes and lyrics that tell you no matter how bad you feel, it is  a beautiful day.  There’s always some kind of crises, she reminds us and tells us to put a smile back on our face and be the change we want in our life. And she says she will help you carry on – and she does. Not profound, but it works and is especially welcome in a rock universe with so much music that makes you want to stay in bed.

My favorite song on the Album is “Goodbye”, which introduces a more Caribbean feel, and is little  more serious, although Kat’s trademark cheery voice and the upbeat arrangement is well within sunshine land.  You’ve had to say goodbye so many times, You can’t remember why you even bother sings the woman who played at 1000 gigs on three continents and is now living in her third country. This is not about her, but it is very intriguing…makes you wonder  while you tap your feet.

The remaining 6 songs on the album are all musically addictive and emotionally thoughtful as they venture into shadows as well as sunshine. Standouts include  “Walkaway”, a quiet poetic story performed with a guitar and no happy ending as she walks away from a relationship, “Dianna”  moved along with an EDM-style beat and syncopated keyboards and electric guitar in a classically–assembled pop arrangement with a twist, and the pop ballad  “Final Win”  with a 80’s rock feel in which she reminds you that you have never heard my roar (we will). And finally, the Japanese version of  “Still Learning How to Start” which shows how she elevates her voice to a higher key and enunciates the Japanese lyrics a little faster  than the English.

This is an album you can put on in the background as you go about your day,  or on your earbuds with your eyes closed while you lie on the beach and think about life, hers and yours.  It is a perfect introduction for Kat McDowell into the US market and should carve out a space for  her that she can build on, and she certainly will. Above all, Rise Above  is pure musical sunshine.

Patrick O’Heffernan, Host Music FridayLive! radio


kat guitar trees large


Allow me to introduce you to Charlie Overbey’s new band, Charlie Overbey and The Broken Arrows. ‘Charlie spent years evolving as a musician, from Sunset Strip band Big Bang Babies to cowpunks Custom Made Scare to Deadbolt and Charlie And The Valentine Killers. Now he has emerged — not entirely unscathed — as a pretty serious songwriter.’

Today, Charlie is ready to shine in the spotlight as he makes his debut with his new band at The Viper Room on November 6th for their debut show. The band features Jimmy James (Hangmen, Masons), Dave James (Superbees), Jordan Shapiro (Supersuckers), Joe Ginsberg (Chuck Ragan) — and the new kid Charlie Nice – round out Charlie Overbey‘s stellar new band The Broken Arrows.

Charlie says, “We’ve all lived a lot, we’ve all toured a lot, and we’ve all loved and lost a lot. I believe this is the key to a group of dudes that can relate to one another, and hang with mutual respect as a cohesive traveling unit and as a Band Of Brothers. Only with this kind of bond can the magic translate on stage. The Broken Arrows have that magic.

They are just about to release their debut record, The California Kid and you can check out their title track here:


Those vocals are so captivating and his songwriting takes you on a musical journey filled with emotion and vivid imagery. He definitely lands himself right next to some great singers/songwriters like Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen and many more. This is one new band that is very deserving of your complete attention so I hope you get a chance to check them out.

We are going to see if we can make it down to the debut show and bring you an interview. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

~ Marisol

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I Can Make A Mess (Ace Enders) has released a surprise digital LP, Growing In through his Bandcamp page. This LP captures the raw emotion and highlights such an honesty in the music. The natural feel of the music is so refreshing and will take you on a musical journey. Ace explains, “I was feeling a little bit stuck creatively before doing the Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties record last year. During the process it sparked something in me and while I was finalizing mixes on the last day, I had about for minuets while a track would bounce out. I was feeling very inspired so I decided to try and write a song during each bounce and at the end of the day I had the beginnings of a record. I used the voice memos from my phone as my only outline. No metronome or edits. I just made songs, didn’t apply any rules and had fun with it.

Well whatever he did, was perfect and the raw process really carries a weight of emotion. It is when music flows freely as on this LP, that you find yourself drawn to its purity and rawness. No need to sugar coat or edit. It is as if you are sitting there in the room with Ace as he records freely. Check out the track listing:

  • 1. caterpillar
  • 2. get normal
  • 3. keep moving
  • 4. undecided
  • 5. back whoas of lavish glass
  • 6. i’m the man (sarcasm)
  • 7. call me everything
  • 8. chartreuse
  • 9. deciduous
  • 10. i love my wife
  • 11. growing into what you’ll grow out of

This definitely carries a lot of weight and shouldn’t be just considered a side project for Ace. It is a stellar LP deserving of your attention. Some of my favorite tracks are Keep Moving, Call Me Everything, Deciduous and Chartreuse.  He brings a blend of styles to life, everything from pop, punk, alternative and indie rock.  So I hope you head over to his Bandcamp page and pick it up.

~ Marisol

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The soulful folk pop singer, Alexz Johnson is set to perform at the Official 2014 CMJ Marathon. She will be playing several shows including the Big Picture Media Showcase at The Living Room in Brooklyn. Alexz recently announced her upcoming full length album, Let ‘Em Eat Cake which was produced by David Kahne (Stevie Nicks, Regina Spektor, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen) and will be released on October 14th. You can check out the title track here:

The song truly captures the sultry vocals of Alexz which carry a great depth of tone and passion as she sings. She has an amazing range and you will be captivated when her powerful vocals take charge.   In support of her new album, Alexz is joining Jared & The Mill on a Fall tour that will kick off October 16th in Boston, MA and wrap on December 6th in Philadelphia.Check out the dates below and I hope you will get a chance to catch her at a show:

Tour Dates:

*With Jared & The Mill

  • Oct 16                         Boston MA                                        Café 939*
  • Oct 17                         Providence RI                                   The Spot Underground*
  • Oct 18                         Burlington VT                                    Higher Ground*
  • Oct 19                         Northampton MA                               Iron Horse Music Hall*
  • Oct 21                         Portland ME                                       Empire*
  • Oct 22                         Brooklyn NY                                    The Living Room – CMJ
  • Oct 23                         New York NY                                   The Marlin @ Webster Hall- CMJ
  • Oct 25                         Toronto ON                                        El Mocambo*
  • Oct 26                         Cleveland OH                                   Cambridge Room*
  • Oct 28                         Pittsburgh PA                                    Hard Rock Café*
  • Oct 30                         Indianapolis IN                                  Radio Radio*
  • Oct 31                         Chicago IL                                         Space*
  • Nov 2                          Madison WI                                       High Noon Saloon*
  • Nov 3                          Minneapolis MN                               7th St. Entry*
  • Nov 4                          Omaha NE                                        Reverb Lounge*
  • Nov 6                          Kansas City, MO                              Riot Room*
  • Nov 8                          Denver CO                                        Moe’s*
  • Nov 9                          Salt Lake City UT                             The Loading Dock*
  • Nov 10                        Jackson Hole WY                            Million Dollar Cowboy Bar (Free Show)*
  • Nov 12                        Portland OR                                      Mississippi Studio*
  • Nov 13                        Seattle WA                                        El Corazon*
  • Nov 14                        Boise ID                                             Revolution Concert House*
  • Nov 16                        San Francisco CA                           Hotel Utah*
  • Nov 18                        Santa Barbara                                  Soho House*
  • Nov 19                        San Diego CA                                  Soda Bar*
  • Nov 20                        Los Angeles                                      Bootleg Theater*
  • Nov 21                        Phoenix AZ                                       Crescent Ballroom*
  • Nov 24                        Santa Fe NM                                     Skylight*
  • Nov 26                        Houston TX                                       Bronze Peacock @ HOB*
  • Nov 28                        Dallas TX                                          Cambridge Room @ HOB*
  • Nov 29                        Austin TX                                           Stubbs Jr.*
  • Dec 1                          Birmingham AL                                 The Nick
  • Dec 2                          Nashville TN                                     12th & Porter
  • Dec 3                          Atlanta GA                                          Smith’s Olde Bar
  • Dec 4                          Charlotte NC                                      Double Door
  • Dec 6                          Philadelphia PA                                World Café Live


Make sure to visit her social media sites and stay up to date on her latest news. Be sure to pick up her new album this week.

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The guitarist/vocalist Sean Danielsen from Smile Empty Soul is set to release another solo EP. This time his EP, Food Chain will feature five full band songs recorded at Babylon Studios in Van Nuys, California. “I’m really excited to be releasing my own solo music and doing my own shows,” said Danielsen. “It’s a nice change of pace for me, and a challenge that I’m looking forward to.”


Sean is planning on setting out on a fall acoustic tour which is set to start on Halloween. Check the dates below and see if you will be able to catch one of his shows:

  • 10/31 – Houston, TX @ BFE Club
  • 11/01 – San Leon, TX @ 12th St. Pier
  • 11/02 – Tyler, TX @ Clicks
  • 11/06 – Tulsa, OK @ Downtown Lounge
  • 11/07 – Sioux, City IA @ The Chesterfield
  • 11/09 – Des Moines, IA @ House Of Bricks
  • 11/10 – Algona, IA @ Afterlife Lounge
  • 11/11 – Waterloo, IA @ Spicoli’s
  • 11/12 – Bloomington, IL @ Castle Theater
  • 11/13 – Lafayette, IN @ Hideaway
  • 11/14 – Battle Creek, MI @ Warehouse
  • 11/15 – Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
  • 11/17 – Akron, OH @ Rippers Rock House
  • 11/18 – Mogantown, WV @ Schmitt’s Saloon
  • 11/19 – Louisville, KY @ Diamonds Pub
  • 11/20 – St. Louis, MO @ Mad Magician
  • 11/21 – Joplin, MO @ Rock 3405
  • 11/22 – Cape Girardeau, MO @ Pitter’s

Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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Ed Kowalczyk, the legendary songwriter and former lead-singer of the multi-platinum rock band LIVE, announces the first leg of his Throwing Copper Unplugged – 20th Anniversary Tour. I can only imagine the atmosphere that the stripped down, acoustic versions will bring to the intimate settings as Ed Kowalczyk will perform some of rock’s most profound anthems. His signature vocals has attracted legions of fans for more than two decades. For complete tour and ticketing details, visit:


I still remember the first time I heard the amazing voice of Ed, it was back in the ’91/’92 and as usual, I went out in search of live bands on a Friday night.  My group of friends and I went to the Paradise Lounge and the DNA Lounge in San Francisco and LIVE was just about to perform there. I remember getting up and going right to the front of the stage and watching the entire set in awe of that amazing voice. Ed’s voice is powerful yet vulnerable, commanding yet inviting, just pure blissful. This is one tour that I strongly encourage you to see.

The first leg of the tour includes the following locations:

  • Wed-Feb-04 The Center for the Arts Natick, MA
  • Thu-Feb-05 Narrows Center for the Arts Fall River, MA
  • Fri-Feb-06 Flying Monkey Perf. Center Plymouth, NH
  • Sat-Feb-07 The Ridgefield Playhouse Ridgefield, CT
  • Thu-Feb-12 City Winery New York, NY
  • Fri-Feb-13 City Winery New York, NY
  • Sun-Feb-15 Boulton Ctr for the Perf. Arts Bay Shore, NY
  • Fri-Feb-20 Rams Head On Stage Annapolis, MD
  • Sun-Feb-22 Altar Bar Pittsburgh, PA
  • Tue-Feb-24 House of Blues Cleveland, OH
  • Wed-Feb-25 Pasant Theatre at The Wharton Ctr E. Lansing, MI
  • Fri-Feb-27 Blueberry Hill – Duck Room St. Louis, MO
  • Sat-Feb-28 City Winery Chicago, IL
  • Sun-Mar-01 City Winery Chicago, IL
  • Mon-Mar-02 Cedar Cultural Center Minneapolis, MN


I am hoping that they will be announcing some California dates soon. Make sure to visit his social media sites to stay up to date on the latest news.


~ Marisol

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When I listen to an album that has the ability to take me on a journey of emotions and guides me through a trail of experiences, it is a true gift. The music of the brilliant Michael Marquart and his music project A Bad Think is quite magical and precious and does just that. He recently released his fourth studio album, Sleep this summer through Windmark/The Orchard and I describe it as a “zen inducing musical gem” and it is definitely a must have. It is rich in musical tones, emotion and his passion shines through with each note and lyric.

You may be familiar with Michael from his stint in the 90’s as the drummer for British Grammy Award band, Flock of Seagulls but what I really want you to familiarize yourself is with his solo work. He is the sole member, singer-songwriter of A Bad Think. With songs on the album like On and On, Photographs and Happy Little Pills, you can’t help but feel his voice wrap around you and embrace you as you experience his gift of music. I can’t express enough how impressed I am with his work and we recently had the opportunity to chat with him. We are pleased to bring you that interview here:

* * * * * *

Music Junkie Press: Hi Michael, we are very excited to talk with you. We have been listening to Sleep, which came out earlier this summer, love it. Amazing songs and I can only describe it as a zen inducing musical gem.

Michael:  Michael: What a very nice compliment.

Music Junkie Press: I mean it is really amazing, whatever emotions you are going through, you seem to capture this dark place in a beautiful way. How was the recording process for you, was it as emotional?

Michael:  Ya, It really is. I go in the studio, I am in there all day, no one ever comes in, no one ever bothers me, and I just get lost. I start working on something and five or six hours go by and I kind of even forget where I am and I get kind of taken away. You know I really kind of thrown, taking a ride into the music on all that stuff. So absolutely. It is a very emotional process going through all of it.

Music Junkie Press:  I can imagine. It is definitely very passionate. I have to ask, who did the artwork for work the album cover? Where did that come from?

Michael:  You know it is actually this guy, I commissioned this guy to do this painting and he won Album Cover of the Year for last year with a band called White Lies, I think. And he won Album Cover of the Year throughout the world. He is kind of a local guy and you know I heard he was kind of a starving artist in New York and everything and so I commissioned him to do that painting. And then he was a quarter way into it and then he won this Award and then has this big show in Manhattan and now he is like the man right now.


Music Junkie Press: It is great, the artwork brings out these rich tones and colors which is so much like the music. He captured that perfectly.

Michael:  I know, he did an excellent job and I love it.

Music Junkie Press: Now this is your fifth album for A Bad Think on Windmark Records. What would you say would be more of the inspiration behind this album versus the others.

Michael:  Correct. It is like a nonstop process for me. I keep kind of waiting for the creativity and all that stuff, the writers block, kind of waiting for a dry spell to kind of happen but the ideas just keep coming and coming and coming and I just chug along and it is like I have six songs already going for the next one. It is just something that keeps going on. Some of the albums have kind of a concept feel to them. The Sara Lee album was a concept album but the rest of them were not, they are just songs of where I was at the time and you know what I was thinking about and sounds I was experimenting with so they all sound like they belong on those albums but they are not concept albums. But I just chug along and try to stay out of the way of the songwriting process and let the songs go where they want to go and not get in the way.

Music Junkie Press:  That is it, the songs are so fluid and just flow on the album.

Michael:  I am so lucky or I don’t know if it is luck or a curse. You know, I start thinking about it, thinking about it, day and night and I can’t sleep, I have this melody going through my head and I am just going, “Is this fun or not?”

Music Junkie Press: Yes, it has the pros and cons to it! It is interesting because one of the songs on the album that just grabs me and captivates me is Photographs. What is the history behind that song?

Michael:  Oh, well thank you. I wrote that song on the piano so that is why it is a little bit different sounding than some of the other ones. You know that song is kind of about my daughter, you know she is all about selfies and photographs and all that stuff and eventually all those pictures, these smiles frozen in time, you can’t always go back, so, it is good to keep your eyes looking forward.

Music Junkie Press:  You touched on the fact that we are in this digital age, completely overload it seems but is there something from today’s technology that you wish we would have had growing up?

Michael:  Today’s technology makes it really easy for someone like me to create because I grew up the old fashioned way. There was no autotune, there was no beat detective, none of this stuff. You would have to play stuff from the beginning of the song all the way to the end right and if it wasn’t right, you would have to do it again, and you do it again, again, until you got it right. So you can do so much more creative wise sound sculpturing that you could never do in the past. The stuff in the past is a little more organic and natural feeling and you can’t, you have 16 or 24 tracks or later in the analog world, you could have 48 tracks and that is not a lot of tracks. Most of my stuff, even though it doesn’t sound like it, there is over a 100 tracks on almost all my songs. So, it is, and they are all stereo tracks, you have a click track and an authentic track which uses up two tracks and so there is pros and cons. You kind of lose that kind of natural organic thing, which there is a lot of bands out there kind of getting back into that. Jack White is doing a lot of that stuff. So it is nice to hear that all that is not going away. But it has really given me a way to kind of really express myself. I was a Music Theory Major in College so I understand all the aspects about tones and structured scales and all that stuff. So it works out for me.

Music Junkie Press:  It is nice to see that you bring out the honesty in the music. It seems that it has made it simple for people, it is so easy for anyone with a computer can make music or put a song together but honestly, they are missing something. They can make it, make a song but they can’t bring across that emotion through their music.

Michael:  You are absolutely correct and that is the problem with people that are making music. A lot of people, you know they are trying to catch on to that thing that everyone wants to hear now.  It is like Mumford & Sons, Oh My God how many Mumford & Sons bands are out there. They are everywhere and nobody can think for themselves and that is what keeps it for me because I do my music and you may not like my style of music or you may, or you may not like the sound of my voice or you might, or whatever but it is truly mine and it doesn’t sound like anyone else. I own it, come good or bad, it is mine and a lot of people don’t look at it like that. They try to jump on the hot bandwagon and try to coattail someone’s success.

Music Junkie Press:  So true. Exacty, the uniqueness is gone and it is the thumbprint identity is missing from it all. Now, with the music so emotionally filled with layers, have you been performing it live or can you perform it live?

Michael:  Well, funny you should ask. I just got back from LA and did a week of rehearsals and you know to try and see if I could put this thing together and actually do some live shows and naa, it didn’t go so well. It is hard, you have to understand my music and kind of believe in that stuff. You can‘t just hire a really good sessions player and go, “ok man, this is it, here it is, now go figure this out and play”. I mean they chart it all up and they are playing these parts and it just doesn’t sound right.

Music Junkie Press:  Exactly, I can’t imagine how they can replicate it. Because your music is so wrapped in your passion and emotion and I don’t know how they can capture that as well as you do. That is why the people enjoy the albums so much because you get so much out of it and your mind takes you to wherever you need to go when you listen to it.

Michael:  See, and that is exactly what I hope to achieve. It is people like yourself that really know how to listen to music, it truly is an art to know how to listen to music, to be able to listen to something without judging it and just let it take you where the music goes. You just find yourself going to the places that you never thought were there.

Music Junkie Press:  That is so true. I thank you for the great music! Are you currently working on any videos for the music?

Michael:  There is the On and On single, and we have a video out for that. I don’t know if you checked that out other than they lyric video. We have that out. That is the video for this album and the guy that did is a movie director and the video just came out great. It should be when you go to A Bad Think, it should be on that channel and be the first one that comes up.


Music Junkie Press:  How about if you could go back to your 14 year old self, what advice would you give to yourself at 14?

Michael:  Well, I would tell myself to not deviate from what you really believe in musically. Because when I started playing and started playing in bars at 14 and we were writing music, and we were doing songs that were 20 minutes long that had all these passages and we had all this theatrical stuff going on and it was truly  an experience. Then you kind of, like the band breaks up or something, then you get hired to go and do this other band and you just kind of start band hopping, and you start working your way kind of up the charts and then you find yourself playing Foreigner or Journey songs to make a buck. And you kind of write music that is kind of the music that people are signing so to do exactly what we talked about earlier, to really stay true to yourself musically, because nobody, everyone is unique and every musician has something to say and don’t be afraid of saying what you have to say. Whether people like it or if it fails or not, it is yours and there is no excuse.

Music Junkie Press: Just own it and be honest. So true and great advice. We have to get a lot more of today’s youth into that belief and not follow the cookie cutter bands and such. Then you see a select few who are doing exactly what they want to do and making their own sound, doing what they like, doing what they want. You stick with them for a while and you follow them and then people will find the beauty in it.

Michael:   Plus, even if you don’t like them, but have respect for a band that is not trying to make a buck, they are making the art that they truly believe in. I am not kind of into Country, or that is not kind of my big genre but I really respect those artists, that, that aren’t just trying to cry in my beer with another bad lyric song but are actually taking it seriously and not trying to make a buck but trying to express what they really have to say and I respect that in every genre.

Music Junkie Press: I love it! I like trying to get people to listen to a variety of genres. It has become a checkbox of genres, even sub-genres created but it is neat to see some youth, I know in our area, where they are listening to a variety of styles and not labeling it, or classifying themselves by the genre they listen to. To just listen and it could be many moods you have throughout the day and to listen to a variety of music that encompasses all those moods or emotions and to be open to music.

Michael:  What a nice trend. I could only hope it keeps going in that direction.

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, is there anything that you would like to share with our audience and your fans?

Michael:  I would just like to thank them for listening to my music. I mean that is really the only thing that I can really say, to thank them for listening. I don’t know what else to say. Anyone that listens to my music, I know everyone’s minutes on this Earth is valuable and to spend it listening to what I have to say is really important to me and it really means a lot to me.

Music Junkie Press: We thank you for your gift of music and for Sleep. It is definitely the zen inducing musical gem that everyone should listen to.

Michael: Thank you so much and I really enjoyed speaking with you.

* * * * * *

I truly hope you head on over to his social media sites and check out his work. If you don’t already have it, head on over to iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play and pick up your copy.

~ Marisol

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