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By Patrick O’Heffernan, Host, Music FridayLive!

 Matt Jaffe brought his high energy rock band The Distractions to North Hollywood’s Federal last night, energizing a respectable audience and demonstrating that he can play in larger venues in Los Angeles, the nation’s music capital.  This was a return trip for the young new wave band, having previously opened for bands at The Central in Santa Monica and the venerable, if smaller, The Mint.

The young (he just finished his first year at Yale) northern California-raised guitarist and his band mates drummer Alex Coltharp and bassist Sammie Fischer have mastered the high-spirited sound that he shifted to when he exchanged the acoustic music of his high school days for an electric guitar.  With songwriting that shimmers with the best of the hard rock groups in the Southland clubs these days, Matt led his bandmates in nine new songs that showed how he has moved far beyond the slick blend-into-the-background pop music that surrounds us. And his lyrics always give us something to think about.

I suspect the audience would have been much larger if the Federal had been an all-ages club – no one Matt’s age was allowed in, although some tried.  The set was more geared to a young audience, almost exclusively featuring high energy new wave rock and rambunctious stage dancing, leaving out some of the group’s more complex songs and the exquisite guitar solos that Matt is capable of.

Matt Jaffe and the Distractions - Sweetwater - 3/9/13

However, the major appeal of  The Distractions may be Matt himself: “He’s so cute!” exclaimed a barely 21-year old  tattooed Latina sitting with her head-bobbing friends in a booth as the group rocked through “Overboard”.  But his charm is far more than cute;  his voice is distinctive – there is nothing like it in the hard rock world.  And his guitar-playing is superb – grounded in years of classical training that makes the instrument an extension of his body and his mind. That was evident to ex-Talking Head member Jerry Harrison who was so impressed with Jaffe’s guitar playing and overall talent at a local open mic evening that he offered to produce Matt’s music.

Matt’s set list at The Federal was a wise choice – new songs.  While regular fans may have missed his standards “Backs of our Eyelids”,  “Armistice Day” and “New Continent”, he chose to play his latest works.  He was likely testing them before going into the studio in Berkeley next week with Jerry Harrison who has drafted  Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty) on drums and Nathan East on bass to produce Matt’s first full album.   Although new, each song was tight, from the kick off songs like “Write and Song “ and “Summer”  to the wrap up tunes “No Hesitation” and “Chore”.  Each was structured around Matt’s penetrating song-writing and the impressive choreography of the band – never missing a beat either in the music or in their stage presence.

While the family home is in Marin country, north of the Golden Gate, and Matt is currently based at Yale University where he juggles studies and music – with music being his self-proclaimed first priority.  He is wise to build an audience in Southern California where clubs proliferate and opportunities to grow abound.  This will serve him well when he releases his debut album – as yet untitled. What else will serve his well is the large inventory of songs he has built up in the few short years he has been playing rock. Last night we heard nine new songs – enough for an album if he wanted to stop there.  But he won’t.  In addition to the songs in his inventory like “Stoned on Easter”, “England Prevails”, “My Avalanche” and of course “Backs of Our Eyelids”,  which have helped build his career, Matt Jaffe has an arsenal of tunes to choose from for the album and the strategic smarts to carefully ration out the best so we will want more. And we will.

Patrick O’Heffernan, Host, Music FridayLive!

Matt Jaffe and The Distractions



Just last we told you about the amazing set that Eddie Money performed at the Thunder Valley Resort for their summer concert series. You can read that earlier post here: Thunder Valley Resort. When we were there, we had the opportunity to talk with guitarist/multi instrumentalist, Tommy Girvin. Last year, we told you about the great work Tommy was doing in keeping music education alive with children. You can read more from that post here: Tommy Girvin Interview.

Prior to the Eddie Money set in the 100 + deg temps at Thunder Valley, we were able to chat more with Tommy Girvin and get an update from him about his children’s music program.  It was exciting to hear about Mr. Tommy’s Mobile Music Bus and all the fun things he is working on. We are pleased to bring you that interview here:


It is wonderful to see how Tommy is inspiring young children to fall in love with music and I am sure we will be seeing many of his students one day on the big stage. We can’t wait  to see what else Tommy has in store for us. Make sure to check out his pages on Facebook and visit the tour pages on to check when he might be coming to your town to play! Also you can listen to all of his music through his   website.

~ Enjoy, Marisol

Tommy Bus

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I am so glad I decided to join the unusually large crowd Sunday night to see Mary Scholz at the Hotel Café.  I had heard her single, “Bridges We Burn”,  and knew she had released a new album, The Girl You thought You Knew, but otherwise I did not know her music.  Her clear, bell-like voice, her confidence on stage, her honest lyrics and  her intimate introspection all combined to make her performance a joy.

No artifice, no nervousness, no hesitation – Mary Scholz is in her element on stage  When she turns that wicked-brilliant smile on  the room, framed by her trademark long feather earrings, she can make you and each person in the audience,  whether friend or soon-to-be-friend, relax into what seems like a personal relationship.  Hotel Café Sunday night felt like I was at a house concert at my house and I was  lucky enough to have a dark-haired,  ringlet-crowned angel singing in my  living room.

Best of all, this angel gifted us with 11 songs, many from her new album, starting with the eerily beautiful “A Mournful Noise” which set the stage – her fans knew they would not be disappointed. She continued to fulfill her promise by belting out “The Girl You Thought You Knew”,  the title track of the new album, giving it all she had.

Moving through “I Can’t Tell You Why”, Mary paused, gave us a chance to catch our emotional breath and then broke our hearts with “Bridges We Burn”.  No matter how many times I hear them, the lines Where is my life /Tell me where did it go /I saw for a moment the way it could shine /Then I lost all control  will always bring back memories and put a lump in my throat. Mary’s vocals which can range from soft and plaintive to powerful and urgent moved from a loving massage to an emotional hypodermic.  But, regardless of the key or the volume or the range when she sang, it is always simply herself – honest and  just there.  It was remarkable.


She broke the  “Bridges” spell and brought us back to the Hotel Cafe with banter – stories from the road and a grateful thank you to everyone who had shared their homes with her on her recent tour, and then  picked us up with the high tempo  “Run Baby Run”.  But the short break was over as she melted into the so potent, so personal “Someone Else’s Wife”  and then the deep imagery of “In My Bed”.

The room went quiet when she dropped  her amazing voice an octave to slide into “Bed”, seducing us to listen and visualize.  As her  smoky voice rose with yearning, singing I wanna know the way you whisper /And the way that you move /I wanna feel you inside /I wanna know that it’s not just /Inside of my mind, a palpable eroticism drifted like tendrils of fog through the room

 For “Leave Some Light”,  she put down the guitar and sat quietly on center stage with her partner on the guitar.  He started the song and sang the chorus while Mary exploded into the verses with a powerful, soaring voice pitched to the upper range.   While we caught our breath, she  quietly moved to the piano and performed what I think was the best song of the night, “One More Day”.


With vocal control so precise a listener would  not be aware of it, she begged us toGive me one more day/Give me one more way to feel the pain I’m in/Then you’re free to walk away . The power and emotion Mary pulled out of the piano and the lyrics, born of 7 years of touring and writing, held us spellbound.  We could have stopped there.

But Mary wasn’t done with us. Her friend and traveling partner, Sara Ault, took Mary’s place at the piano,  a contrast in a blood-red full length gown to Mary’s simple short black dress and black textured stockings, and launched into the high-energy “Radioactive” to the delight of the crowd. Mary then wrapped the night with the ambiguously introspective “Carry On”, telling us But that just keeps me hanging on /And keeps me singing another song.  We hope so.

Patrick O’Heffernan, Host Music FridayLive!



Mary Scholz


Photo Credit: Tnah Louise

Photo Credit: Tnah Louise

Earlier this year, we told you about an amazing new artist that from the first moment I heard his voice, I was held captive by his sweet passionate voice. The man behind that voice….Roméo Testa. His voice was magical, filled with such passion and yet maintains a serene vulnerability. You can’t help be mesmerized by him and you are fully engaged as his words touch your heart and his song dances around you. Roméo Testa began his passion in music at the young age of 7 when he took up the violin and the guitar at age 8. He then went on to learn other instruments, and over the years began his incredible journey into  singing and songwriting. His style can be classified as acoustic rock or folk rock, but is definitely not limited to there.

His songwriting skills are brilliant, as he is in the caliber of such great musicians like Ray LaMontagne, John Mayer or Jason Mraz. Yes, he is just that talented, give him a listen and you will soon agree. Check out his song, With You:


We had the opportunity to chat with Roméo and are pleased to bring that interview to you here:

 * * * * * * * * * * * *

Music Junkie Press: First Roméo, we must congratulate you on the your song Light It Up as it is now featured in 7 UP commercial and everyone is getting hooked on it, perfect summer song! How did that come about for you?

Roméo: Thank you!! I’m really stoked on it! The label brought it to the table a couple months ago, and it just came to fruition. I was super lucky for this opportunity ’cause most of the time newer artists aren’t used for big tv spots like this.

Music Junkie Press: How has it been to see your song featured on the commercial and literally become the soundtrack of so many people’s summer this year?

Roméo:  It incredible. I never thought I’d be in this place, so everything that’s happening is a total trip.


Music Junkie Press: Your EP The End has been getting a lot of attention and your song With You is really one of my favorites. You capture emotion in your words and translate it so well through your songs. Can you tell me more about the inspiration behind With You?

Roméo:  The story behind “With You” is actually my favorite to tell. Basically I was in London one day and was staying right by Hyde Park. I took the wrong bus and ended up on the complete opposite side of the park – no phone, no money – so I just walked. My girlfriend’s dad is from the UK, and she has lived in London on a few different occasions, and I was there seeing all of these things that reminded me so much of her. So I pretty much started with a hum, and by the time I got back to my apartment, there I had half the song. After that I took it to one of my co-writers, Eg White, and we finished it an hour later!

Music Junkie Press: That is an amazing story and you do a beautiful job at bringing that to life in your song. Also, do you have a particular songwriting process?

Roméo:  Not really. All that matters to me is that there are strong melodies and good lyrical content, so I just write till the song feels right to me!

Music Junkie Press: What are you currently working on?

Roméo: I’m working on my full length album right now, just trying to write the last of the songs.

Music Junkie Press: We know you play shows in Southern California and we are hoping to get out there soon but do you have any NorCal shows planned soon or a tour?

Roméo:  Not yet! I do hope to get on a tour soon, and it’d be great to just tour the whole west coast!

Music Junkie Press: We will be patiently waiting and excited for you to head out on tour. If we could peak into your Ipod, what artist or song might we be most surprised at finding in there?

Roméo:  Ha, oh god! I listen to a lot of random things. I got a lot of Big Pun which probably sounds random for the type of artist I am, Die Antwoord, Sinatra, but I think the song on my ipod that is the most random Burning Up by The Jonas Brothers…but that’s a story for another day.

Music Junkie Press: When you aren’t writing or performing, what do you like to do in your off time?

Roméo:  Music and reading. I’m really boring but, I’m lucky because my job is also my hobby, so music is just my 24/7 thing.

Music Junkie Press: If you could collaborate with any one on a song, who might it be?

Roméo:  I’d love to sing with Lauryn Hill. I think she is one of the greatest songwriters ever.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

We really look forward to what Roméo has in store for us. This talented young musician has quite a career ahead of him. Make sure to visit his social media sites so you can stay up to date on his latest news.

~ Marisol

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One of my absolute FAVORITE bands is set to release their new album in less than 2 weeks! I am talking about The Quireboys (aka London Quireboys) and their new album Black Eyed Sons which will be available on June 16th.  I have been so excited for this release and am ready to rock out to it!


This year The Quireboys are celebrating 30 years of Rockin and there is no letting up from them. In addition to the new album, they will be heading out on a tour. If I wasn’t excited enough about the album, imagine the screams that ensued as I saw a California show planned on the dates! YES!!!!! I am ready. Now to get you all excited for the new album, how about the following video of The Quireboys performing one of their tracks off the forthcoming album. The video is taken off their new LIVE DVD recorded at the O2 Academy, Islington in October 2013. Definitely a must have DVD. Check out This is Rock n Roll:

It just has me in awe of how awesome they sound and I really can’t wait for them to come to the Whisky a GoGo on August 6th. I hope you will join us as we cover the show or check the dates below and get yourself to one of their concerts:

  •            Jun 13  Le Forum        Vaureal, France
  •             Jun 14 70’s Rock Night           Troyes, France
  •             Jul 05   Clusone Rocks Festival           Bergamo, Italy
  •             Jul 19   Rock, Blues, Jazz & Beer Festival      Lewes, United Kingdom
  •             Aug 01 Skogsrojet Festival     Rejmyre, Sweden
  •             Aug 02  Million in 10 Rally at Calstock 2014Devon, United Kingdom
  •             Aug 06  Whisky A Go Go       West Hollywood, CA
  •             Aug 08  Count’s Vamp’d         Las Vegas, NV
  •             Aug 09  The Marquee TheaterTempe, AZ
  •             Aug 13  The Buffalo Rose       Golden, CO
  •             Aug 15  The Double Door       Chicago, IL
  •             Aug 16  Goodfellas     Pekin, IL
  •             Aug 17  The FirehouseRichmond, IN
  •             Aug 19  The Rutledge TheatreNashville, TN
  •             Aug 21  Trees w/ L.A. Guns Dallas, TX
  •             Aug 22   Acadia Bar and Grill  Houston, TX
  •             Aug 23  The Chameleon Room           Oklahoma City, OK
  •             Aug 24   Mexicali LiveTeaneck, NJ
  •             Aug 26   The Deadhorse Music Hall    Pittsburgh, PA
  •             Aug 27    Revolution Bar & Music Hall            Amityville, NY
  •             Aug 28    Blackthorn51Elmhurst, NY
  •             Aug 29    Braun’s Concert Cove            Akron, NY
  •             Aug 30   The Rockpile  Toronto, Canada
  •             Sep 01II     Montore      Montreal, Canada
  •             Sep 03  Obsessions Live        Ottawa, Canada
  •             Sep 05  Holmfirth Picturedrome         Holmfirth, United Kingdom
  •             Sep 06  Silloth Beer Festival   Wigton, United Kingdom
  •             Sep 07  Holmfirth Picturedrome         Holmfirth, United Kingdom
  •             Sep 24  Black Carpet  Stockholm, Sweden
  •             Sep 25  TBA   Norrkoping, Sweden
  •             Sep 26  TBA   Ängelholm, Sweden
  •             Sep 27  Societen         Varberg, Sweden
  •             Sep 30  tba      Örebro, Sweden
  •             Oct 02  OLSEN PA BRYN   Oslo, Norway
  •             Oct 03  Blue Box        Grimstad, Norway
  •             Oct 04  Uptown          Farsund, Norway
  •             Oct 17  Legends of Rock       Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom
  •             Nov 15 Tivoli  Buckley, United Kingdom
  •             Nov 16  Manchester Academy 3         Manchester, United Kingdom
  •             Nov 20  Glasgow Garage        Glasgow, United Kingdom
  •             Nov 21  The Limelight 2          Belfast, United Kingdom
  •             Nov 23  Think Tank at Riverside         Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  •             Nov 26  O2 Academy Islington          London, United Kingdom
  •             Nov 28  Rescue Rooms           Nottingham, United Kingdom
  •             Nov 29  Corporation    Sheffield, United Kingdom
  •             Nov 30  TheklaBristol, United Kingdom

Make sure to pick up Black Eyed Sons on June 16th or head to Amazon now and pre-order it  Visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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To continue our coverage from Diamond Lane‘s CD Release Party from Saturday night….. As I mentioned it was a night full of awesome music. We told you earlier about The Book of Curtis and Diamond Lane, now let us tell you about another highlight of the evening; Love and a .38. There must have been some magic in the air because I could never imagine Love and a .38 to top their last performance that I saw of theirs back in March at the Troubadour. Well, they certainly did just that. It was a set filled with some old Love and a .38 tricks as well as some new ones up their sleeves. They came out full 150% adrenaline running through their veins and they had one thing on their mind…. To blow our minds with their show.

Ryan was as charismatic as ever and had the crowd under his rock and roll spell with his powerful vocals and seductive style. At one moment, I felt like Ryan was channeling Jim Morrison and was as engaging as a young Robert Plant. It was truly magical. Domo was a madman as he yielding out his thundering riffs and sweet solos as he jumped up on the customized light box.  Justin was charged up and ready to go as he was having his way with Aurora (his bass) and he was lit up on his lightbox. He was fierce as he pounced across the stage with the prowess like a panther as he surveyed the crowd. Danny on drums was like a powerhouse of energy as he pounded out his drums and crashing the cymbals, while still putting on a show with his sticks. These gives were on fire and another highlight was when Ryan and Justin came down and joined the crowd as they didn’t miss a beat of their playing/singing. They also treated us to their FANTASTIC cover of Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart.   Check out the slide show of Rockin Ryan’s photos here:

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Love and a .38 are currently working on their new album and this was going to be the last show for a while. They really sent off us off begging for more as we anxiously await their new album later this year and we can’t wait until the next time we can catch them live!  Love and a .38 have a very dedicated fan base and they enjoy being actively involved through their social media sites, so go head over, follow them and send them some love.  We will leave you with our interview with  Justin, who ran into at this year’s NAMM Convention as his bass, Aurora was featured at the Hipshot booth. Make sure you read all our coverage on the bands;  The Book of CurtisDiamond Lane,  Delta Rose and Bad Romantics.

~ Marisol


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What a weekend it has been! We went down to Southern California to cover the CD Release show of hard rockers, Diamond Lane. What an amazing night it was, all the bands were exceptional and it was a complete night of Rock n Roll. Make sure to check out our features on all the bands;  Love and a .38, The Book of Curtis,  Bad Romantics and Delta Rose.The event was held at the Troubadour and was put on by Lara Gladstone Presents and Diamond Lane were releasing their new CD, Terrorizer. They performed a KICK ASS, balls to the wall, straight up rock n roll show! It was intense.

Diamond Lane is 

  • Brandon Baumann – Lead Vocals
  • Jarret Reis -Lead Guitar
  • Ray Zhang – Lead Bass
  • Frankie Lindia – Lead Guitar Dos
  • Dave Vandigitty –  Lead Drums

This was the first time I had the opportunity to catch Diamond Lane, live and I have been looking forward to it for a while now and knew it was going to be a great show. They exceeded my expectations and delivered a high energetic, adrenaline fueled set. The stage presence of each member is truly a treat to see. Each one feeding off the energy of the crowd as they continued to fire up the room with their intense sound. Brandon on vocals was powerful and is the perfect frontman. He engages the audience and captivates them as he belts out Sebastian Bach-esque rock screams. They have such a great sound, it is the perfect mix of heavy metal and hard rock. They remind me of a young Skid Row/Slaughter combination but not in a dated sound, much more fresh and new. Exactly, the perfect blend to get your fix of music!

You can check out Rockin Ryan’s photos of their set here:


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Also make sure to pick up their new CD, Terrorizer which is available everywhere now!  We played it 4 times on our drive back from Los Angeles and by the time we got home we were singing along to The Enemy, Slow Destruction, Drift, Kiss The Ring and many more. We will be bringing you a complete album review later this week. So head over to iTunes and pick up yours today! Also, Diamond Lane will be playing at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Saturday, May 24th! We hope to see you all THERE!!! Visit their Facebook page for more details.


Check out the video for their track The Enemy which is off Terrorizer.

~ Marisol

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Diamond Lane

Diamond Lane March 2014 Press Photo #1


Just last month we told you about an amazing hard rock band from Los Angeles, Diamond Lane.This bad ass band delivers a blend of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock with a modernized style. Diamond Lane is 

  • Brandon Baumann – Lead Vocals
  • Jarret Reis -Lead Guitar
  • Ray Zhang – Lead Bass
  • Frankie Lindia – Lead Guitar Dos
  • Dave Vandigitty –  Lead Drums


They have a new full length album, Terrorizer and is set to release this Saturday, May 10th.  The band will be performing at their album release party this Saturday at The Troubadour in Hollywood. We will be heading down there to bring you full coverage of this exciting show. Make sure to pick up your tickets and join us at the show.  You can also head over to iTunes and pre-order the album. To get you ready for the new album, take a look at their newly released video for their track The Enemy which is off Terrorizer.


So make sure to visit Diamond Lane on their social media sites and mark May 10th on your calendar!

~ Marisol

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Diamond Lane


Our favorite local band, Faith and Bullets tore up the stage as they made their Sunset Strip debut at The Whisky a GoGo this past Friday night. We were there for the show and wouldn’t have missed it. We first featured Faith and Bullets on our Thirsty Thursdays a feature about bands who are thirsty for ROCK and the power to make it happen! This band is definitely dedicated and one of the hardest working band out here in the area.  All that hard work has paid off for them as they made down to their first of what I am sure to be, shows in Hollywood.  Here is our interview with Faith and Bullets from the Whisky a Go Go:


Faith and Bullets have a sound that blends old 80′s rock  like Motley Crue, Kiss, Poison, and Dokken with what I call “80′s on replay rock” like Crashdiet, Black Veil Brides, and Reckless Love. You have Stevie Mayhem on vocals who not only delivers incredible 80’s inspired vocals but has an amazing stage presence as well.  Rikk Alexander on lead guitar is fierce on his Ibanez guitar and and smokes away the solos! Across the stage you have Cody Sparkz wielding his guitar in the air as he plays rhythm. You are then treated to the infectious bass groove that Abel Lynch delivers. Wrapping it all up and completing the perfect sound is Ryan McKinley on drums as he smiles away with his precision drumming. These five young guys gave the crowd at the Whisky what they have been searching for….. Straight up Rock n Roll from start to finish. These guys not only have the talent but also the rock and roll look and to top it all off, they each have charismatic personalities.  Definitely the whole package!

They engaged the crowd as they played their original songs and a few covers. It was awesome to see not only the crowd but the staff and crew rockin out as well. They started off their set with the perfect song, Darker Side of Me. It has a suspenseful build-up intro that is perfect as Stevie stepped out of the shadows on the stairs into the spotlight at The Whisky. The song is an energetic and intense rock song! They also did a great job playing Motley Crue’s Looks That Kill and then had everyone singing along to Poison’s Talk Dirty to Me. They performed two new songs in their set, Can’t Stop Me Now and  Revolution. Can’t Stop Me Now is a true rock and roll anthem and after talking with the band, their pursuit of rock and roll is the inspiration behind the track. They also performed another great track, Better Off Alone.  Revolution is a song to call all rock and rollers to join the cause and keep Rock Alive!! With a band like Faith and Bullets, there is no shortage of great rock music. Check out the slideshow of Rockin Ryan’s photos from the night here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is definitely a band that you are going to be hearing a lot more from. We will be bringing you another interview from The Whisky as well as videos so stay tuned! They are also working on many more shows for the Summer so get ready to ROCK with Faith and Bullets.  For all of our Faith and Bullets coverage including videos, photos, interviews and more visit

~ Marisol  and Rockin Ryan


Darker Side of Me Live at Whisky a GoGo


Looks That Kill Live at Whisky a GoGo


Can’t Stop Me Now Live at Whisky a GoGo


Talk Dirty to Me at Whisky a GoGo


Revolution at Whisky a GoGo



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Diamond Lane

I love all styles of music but sometimes something new comes along and I just have to secretly scream inside because I am truly excited! That is exactly what happened when I found, or should I say, they found me, with Diamond Lane. Diamond Lane is a bad ass band from Los Angeles and you can describe them as a blend of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock with a modernized style. Diamond Lane is 

  • Brandon Baumann – Lead Vocals
  • Jarret Reis -Lead Guitar
  • Ray Zhang – Lead Bass
  • Frankie Lindia – Lead Guitar Dos
  • Dave Vandigitty –  Lead Drums


They have a new full length album coming out called Terrorizer set to release in May and it is fierce from start to finish! You are going to LOVE THIS! The first song I played was The Enemy and it just came in strong and full of energy. Brandon’s vocals remind me of early Sebastian Bach amid blazing guitars that feed your need for shred and riffs, and top it off with sweet basslines. The precision drumming is prominent without being overbearing, just the perfect amount of everything to come together and deliver their Hard Rock Edge.

The album continues on with smoking song after song. It is hard to pick a standout one since they each are just as incredible. Kiss the Ring highlights Dave’s drumming on the intro and then takes you into a cool backing vocal chant that will have you with your fist in the air, then you get a steamy guitar solo. Definitely one of my favorites!

Hopeless Romantic teases you with a ballad intro and then raises the bar into heavy Alice in Chains vibe and powerful vocals grab a hold of you, then you are fully engulfed into a guitar frenzy of shred and riffs once again. It is magnificently done. The last song is Drift and it is the perfect ending to this musical treasure. It is as if you are saying goodbye to your good friend after an incredible night of partying and you each take your different paths to maybe once meet again. You trek off on into that journey and just as you are slowly walking away, you get that rush, or flood of intensity to remind you. It picks right back up and is the ideal closure to the album.

This album is going to be a must have and is set to release on May 10th. If you are in the Southern California area, I hope you join us as we head down for their CD Release Show at The Troubadour. You will be able to pick up your new copy of “Terrorizer” and then you can crank it up loud! Set to also play that evening are some of our other favorite bands like Delta Rose, Love and a .38 and Bad Romantics. Definitely a night of KILLER MUSIC and one NOT TO MISS! We will see if we can bring you an interview with Diamond Lane and of course a full recap of the show.

So make sure to visit Diamond Lane on their social media sites and mark May 10th on your calendar! I will leave you with a couple videos from Diamond Lane‘s Saphire EP.

~ Marisol

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