Crucified Barbara release new beer and check out their new single, The Ghost Inside

Posted: November 14, 2014 in Band, Entertainment, Hard Rock, music, New Music, rock, Video
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The all-female rock/metal band, Crucified Barbara from Sweden have been quite busy. They have collaborated with Heavy Metale Brewery AB,to launch the band’s own beer. The first one is a cocky and loud Red Ale, inspired by the band’s new and acclaimed album In the Red. The beer will be available early next year in Sweden’s Systembolagen.  “A really fun collaboration,” said Per Johansson, master brewer at Heavy Metale. “I, together with Ida Evileye, who is the beerqueen in the band, discussed beer back and forth. We were inside the Bitter and Brown Ale, but felt for a Red Ale. Red Ale reminiscent of both the bitter and Brown Ale. It allows the malt to take up more space and reduces the amount of hops which gives a comfortable, slightly dry and karamellig character with a hint of bitterness to rounding.

We have longed for to make a really good beer, and now we got that opportunity in the collaboration with Heavy Metale,” said Crucified Barbara. “We have had the idea and the vision to create a ‘drink friendly’ and especially good beer for everyone and everything. Just like our music!


In addition to releasing their new beer, they have released a new single, The Ghost Inside which is off their latest album, In The Red. Check out what they have to say about the song:

“‘The Ghost Inside’ is one of our favorite songs on the new album,” said guitarist/vocalist, Mia Coldheart. “Not just because it is fun to play, but also because it is about something that most people at some time wrestle with – the inner voice that says you are not good enough or fit in. The community is flooded with messages screaming at us that we must be good looking, skinny, rich and popular to be happy. And many times it is unfortunately one’s own inner voice that ultimately confirms all that, and pushes away the last bit into the darkness. The text was written as a pep [talk] to those in touch and tell us that our songs have helped them through tough periods in their lives, but I’ve subsequently realized that I wrote this as much for myself.”

You can check out the song by heading over to Spotify here:

We had the chance to catch Crucified Barbara when they came to San Francisco with CrashDiet and performed at the DNA Lounge. What an awesome show they put on with intense energy from start to finish. We look forward to their return.  Check out their video for their song,  I Sell My Kids for Rock n Roll. 



Crucified Barbara is:

  • Mia Coldheart – Vocals, guitar
  • Ida Evileye – Bass
  • Klara Force – Guitar, backing vocals
  • Nicki Wicked – Drums, backing vocals

You can pick up their album, In The Red on iTunes here. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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Photos from Crucified Barbara set at DNA Lounge in SF March 2013:

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