Nasty Habit release new music video for Don’t Bring Me Down

Posted: November 12, 2014 in '80s Rock, Bands, New Music, rock
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Nasty Habit Poster

The bad ass rockers from New York, Nasty Habit that has released a music video for their song, Don’t Bring Me Down. These gusy have a rock and roll passion that is non stop. They have a high energy ’80s style rock sound that you will grab you when you first listen to their songs like Heart Breakin, Hip Shakin, Saturday Night, and Tripped.  Nasty Habit has Tommy Ende on lead vocals, Kenny Ende on guitar, David Jordan on drums, and Frankie Wheeler on bass. Check out the video here: 

When I first heard Nasty Habit, they completely renewed my faith in the younger generation to keep true rock and roll alive. Nasty Habit will make sure that Rock and Roll is here to stay! We will see if we can bring you another interview with them and find out more about what is in store for Nasty Habit in 2015! In case you missed our interview with them from last year, you can check it out here: Nasty Habit.

If you are in the New York area, make sure to not miss their show on December 12th at The Webster Hall. They will be opening for another of our favorite bands, Santa Cruz. For tickets and details visit here.

~ Crank it up, Marisol

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