The Eeries Break The Barricade in NYC! Yes, You Read That Correctly. Contributed by Allison Socol

Posted: November 11, 2014 in Band, Concerts
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If by any chance you were wondering which band got the honored opportunity to tour with THE. ONE. AND. ONLY- “Uncle Jiggy” (A true MCR fan will understand who) on his ‘First’ new solo tour…

Then you’ll be pleased to know it was a band called The Eeries. I was fortunate to see these guys in action at Webster Hall, NYC. And I think four words can sum up their performance: They. Broke. The. Barricade.

No Joke! These guys had the crowd jumping up and down, dancing to the beat, and drooling over them. ( I mean who wouldn’t…they have beards! and long hair! :O)

The crowd was going so hard in the pit, that when lead singer Isaiah Silva stage dived into the crowd, everyone was pushing against the barricade too hard and it started closing in on all the photographers in the pit. Not to mention the floor almost split into two from everyone jumping!

But the moment these fans saw that Gerard Way walked on to the stage with these guys.....that was it for that barricade. Unfortunately everyone and everyTHING has its breaking point. And that was it. It started closing in on me and it was either stay where I was and be decapitated between the stage and the barricade – or jump on to the stage with your hands in surrender. As if saying “I swear! I am not going to touch this really famous person. I just would like to keep my head connected to my body.”.  Thankfully no security came after me, and I walked past him to safety.

But man was that the most intense concert…and it wasn’t even hard core music! so you are all welcomed to join me in my confusion.

So I think its more than safe to say that you should DEFINITELY check these guys out!

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Moral of me telling you all of this:
Be safe around good music. You never know if it will lead you to jumping on the stage with Gerard Way. (Your inner 12 yearold self would be beyond proud if it did though  at least mine was lol)
Enjoy! and Happy Listening 🙂 

~ Allison Socol,


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