Light Up the Town from Austria release lyric video for Dance

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We recently told you about an awesome band from Austria, Light Up The Town which really have caught our attention.

Who is Light Up The Town? Check out their members and brief self description of each:

  • Jakob Schied (Jake) Guitar/backing Vocals – The ,,son of the darkness”. His word is law!
  • Thomas Kern (Kerni)- Bass The band always keeps making bass jokes at his charge- but we all know that he’s the best man for this job! (He’s the guy, whos hairstyle always fit!)
  • Thomas Meier (Meier)- Guitar The sunny boy of the band- and the youngest member. Always prepared for a good joke as well ^^
  • Leo (Letschi) Seewald- Drums The god on the Drumset! good mood of the band and our personal producer aswell 😉
  • Esther Hütter (Estherhasi)-Vocals Jokes about small people, dwarves or gnomes? she probably already heard all of them 😉
    the only hen at a men party ^^

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Light Up The Town have released another lyric video, this time it is for their first song, Dance which was released in 2013. Check it out here:

I really love the music of this band and I am hoping we get them out here next year for Warped Tour. They would just really grab everyone’s attention. In case you missed our recent interview with them, we are pleased to repost it here:

* * * * *

Music Junkie Press: Thank you very much for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press! Tell us about Light Up The Town was formed?

Light Up The Town: First Esther and Jake met at a party and spoke about making music together. So they met and decided to found a band.  After a short time they met Thomas Kern and at the same evening, we could gain Thomas Meier over to join us. Last but not least our drummer Leo entered the band and we were complete!

Music Junkie Press: You are a very young band but yet so talented at your ages. At what age did you all start performing and do you remember what was the first song you ever learned in its entirety?

Thomas Kern: My first, ”performance’’ in front of an audience was, when I was 5 years old and I had a music lesson in front of other pupils with my violin (laughs). The first song that I knew by heard…puh…I’m sorry I really can’t remember!

Esther: My first performance was when I was 5 and I played the flute. I’ve been so nervous!  Well the question about the song is a bit embarrassing…it was ,,I can’t help myself’’ from the Kelly Family.

Jake: I am actually not sure about my first performance. I guess I was 9 or 10 years old and it was in front of my elementary class with my keyboard, which I started to play back then.

Thomas Meier: The first performance I had was when I was about 15 with my ex band.

 Leo: Guess that must have been the music lesson from studio percussion in “Moxx’’ Graz. I’ve been 9 years old!

Music Junkie Press: Wow you all started so young, no wonder you all are already so talented! We love the lyric video for your song, Tonight, can you tell us more about the inspiration behind that song?

Jake: Everybody knows this kind of situation when you feel more for somebody than friendship. This song is all about telling a person what you are actually feeling for her/him because sometimes friendship isn’t enough. It’s a song about the edge between friendship to relationship.

Music Junkie Press:  A lot of our audience did not know that you are form Austria, can you tell us how the music scene is out there today and do have any favorite venues nearby?

Thomas Kern: Hard. Being a musician in Austria is a hard way to earn ones living!

One of our favorite venues is the big stage of ppc Graz (where we supported Bam Margera). The civic center would also be a great place , but that is yet a long way for us to have a gig there.

Music Junkie Press: What are three things that you wish everyone knew about your hometown or county?

Esther: Well first, Austria is not Australia and we do not have any kangaroos 😉

We do not wear our garb, such as Lederhosen or Dirdl every daytime and we do not yodel all the day (laughs)

But Austria is a very beautiful country with lots of mountains and snow, rivers and stuff like that. And come to Graz! Even though it’s a tiny city if you compare it to cities from the UK, there is always a spot to party at (:

Music Junkie Press: You are so funny because I bet many people have got Australia and Austria mixed up!!! Who are some of the most influential artists for you all?

Light Up The Town: Paramore, All time low, The All American- Rejects…that’s where we got our sound from!

Music Junkie Press: If Light Up The Town were to become a comic book, what would each of your superhero names and super powers be?

Jake: My name would be “beercules” and my superpower would be the ability to create ice-cold beer out of nothing. So the enemies would get drunk and we could eliminate them.

Leo: Maybe I could let my heart beat as fast as I want because I could program my heart in bpm!^^ My name would be MR. METRONOMO! That would make me very fast.

Esther: My name would be THE DWARFINATOR! I could grow as tall as a tree and shrink as tiny as a flea! And shoot with lasers coming out of a strawberry look-a-like gun!

Thomas Meier: My name would be Superbunny! I would have the power to distribute eggs of love, so the bad boys would come to the good side!

Thomas Kern: I could catch villains with my stretchy hair flip! It would wrap itself around the bad guys and capture them in an undestroyable prison of hair! My superhero name is then THE HAIRHUNTER!!

Music Junkie Press: Now that is one comic book that I want to see happen! We understand that Light Up The Town recently opened for Bam Margera, how was that for you all?

Jake: The experience, playing as support for a world-famous musician and entertainer, was really, really great and a big chance for us.  We had a lot of fun and we made a lot of new experiences.

Music Junkie Press: What are you currently working on?

Esther: We are working on an album which we try to release in the springtime next year! Soon there will be a new song coming out called ,,it’s enough’’. It’s about breaking out from the everyday routine and to be in control of ones own destiny.  There will be a lyric video of the song as well.

Music Junkie Press: Esther, you have amazing vocals that capture the listener. Were you professionally trained or how did you get into singing?

Esther: I’ve never had a professional trainer or vocal coaches. I started singing when I was a little child, my mother used to sing kids songs with me (and sometimes I tried to sing with the music on the radio) 😉  Sometimes people came over to me and told me that they liked my voice and that they would like to listen to me playing the guitar or piano and singing some songs.  So I kept on singing and that’s what came out years later!

Music Junkie Press: If Light Up The Town could put together their dream lineup, what three other bands would you love to tour with?

 Light Up The Town: Asking Alexandria, All time low, Escape the fate, Falling in reverse,…There are so many, we guess that 3 wouldn’t be enough! (:


Music Junkie Press: That woud be an awesome lineup! Are there any plans on coming to the US?

Light Up The Town: We would love to come to the US! But it’s too expensive for now. But maybe we can get that famous to one time have a gig in the USA.

Music Junkie Press: We hope you guys make it out here, I think you would blow everyone away at Warped Tour! If we could peak into your Ipod, what artist or song might we be most surprised at finding in there?

Esther: I have a lot of Lindsey Styrling on there! My favorite is her version of the phantom of the opera.

Thomas Kern: Left boy! I’ve already seen him on a festival in Austria.

Leo: the entire discography of lamb of god or maybe dope d.o.d!

Thomas Meier: Well I’ve got the soundtrack of sailor moon and Pokémon on there!

Jake: I must confess that a lot of my friends do not touch my Ipod because of their words: “girly music” 😉 Most surprising is I guess Avril Lavigne, Miranda Cosgrove and something like that.

Music Junkie Press: Those are some diverse styles of music there, I love that! Here at Music Junkie Press, we are strong believers how music can help, heal, inspire. Can you share a particular time in your life where music was most there for you?

Esther: I had a hard time when I was between 15 and 16. My parents split up and one of my friends died because of a car accident. In this time I wrote lots of songs and listened to loads of music.

Music Junkie Press: Music truly does help and thank you for sharing that story with us Esther. Lastly, is there anything else that Light Up The Town would like to share with our audience and your fans?

Light Up The Town:  First: THANKS to all of you who have supported us yet that much! Don’t forget to come to our concerts and buy our band merch in the future 😉  Every concert, there are more and more people listening to us and that’s a great feeling!  And also thanks to Music Junkie Press for making this interview!


* * * * *

We are really looking forward to their new music and hope you all visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.This is definitely a band to watch out for!

~ Marisol

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